Adidas Footwear


What are the advantages of adidas Footwear?


Having the right footwear in any sport is essential. The more comfortable the shoes are for you, the better your performance on the green.

adidas Footwear provides golfers with highly specialised and comfortable golfing shoes which enhances your game. The shoes have been tested by professional golfers to raise performance and is widely used by golfing professionals all around the world. adidas Footwear has been engineered to help you in every aspect of the game. We believe it is extremely important that as having a natural golfing talent, the equipment and accessories you purchase should also be of top quality. That is why we at Aslan Golf, provide some of the best adidas Footwear that will help you enhance your golfing game.

Some of the footwear that is out there on the market this present day are some of the best footwear that you can purchase, and of top quality. And what's even better is that we provide them at great prices! A must-have for all golfers.

The adidas Tour360 Boost and Adicross V are a combination of products from adidas Footwear designed to exceed the style and performance demands of a golfer whilst looking exquisite.


adidas Golf Footwear 2017


The adidas Tour360 Boost Golf Shoes are designed with materials that are lightweight, durable and extremely comfortable


adidas Tour360 Boost Golf Shoes

The adidas range for 2017 uses a multitude of pateneted tecnologies, such as FitFoam Sockliners for comfort, SprintWeb, SprintFrame and SprintSkin technologies for stability and comfort during the swing and of course the Thintech Spike system for improves traction and stability.

As you can see from these two images, the adidas Footwear we provide to you are of top quality, and meet the needs of any golfer out there. To view more of these great products, click on the adidas brand page.