TaylorMade Golf Balls

TaylorMade Golf Balls

TaylorMade Golf Balls has experienced phenomenal growth over recent years. As part of their latest line-up, they've introduced several technological innovations - like their Tour Flight Dimple Pattern that offers advanced aerodynamics for maximum carry distance.

Tour Response's three-piece Tour Response features this innovative technology for the first time ever, featuring its dual-radius dimple shape that decouples volume from depth for improved airflow during flight. In addition, TP5/TP5x inspiration also comes equipped with Speedmantle featuring High Flex Modulus (HFM), providing maximum energy transfer on impacts with its firm second layer surrounding low compression core for maximum energy transfer upon impact.

Soft Response

TaylorMade Golf Balls 2023's Soft Response Tour Response ball offers tour-calibre performance at an economical price, featuring an Extended Flight Dimple Pattern designed to reduce drag and optimize lift for longer, more consistent shots. It comes complete with 100% cast urethane cover to minimize drag, and reduce lift for increased distance with longer shots that become more consistent over time.

This ball features a soft feel from cover to core and is tailored for moderate swing speeds. Its new softer core and re-engineered ionomer cover increase greenside spin while its three-piece construction, complete with SpeedMantle layer, allows efficient energy transfer at impact to help maintain distance and ball speed.

As an added benefit, the new urethane cover is 12% softer and 36% more flexible than its predecessor and features crosslinking chemical reactions which boost durability and shear resistance.

Its 70-compression rating makes this club suitable for average swing speed golfers who struggle to get their ball airborne. Furthermore, its Extended Flight Dimple Pattern features shallow U-shaped dimples which promote lower spin to keep it aloft longer and increase chances of finding greens.

This ball is ideal for higher swing speed golfers seeking to maximize their potential from the fairway, thanks to its Hi-Spring core which helps transfer energy efficiently and a thinner HMFq Speedmantle that facilitates enhanced ball speed.

360deg ClearPath Alignment, which wraps around the center of the golf ball and helps golfers aim putts more quickly and accurately, provides another fantastic feature. A lime yellow finish also improves visibility.

These balls offer high performance at an attractive price, making them a fantastic option for beginner or mid-level players who can spend around PS30 per dozen.

If you're still uncertain of which golf ball best fits your needs, here are a few points to keep in mind:

The ideal golf balls will depend on both your current skill level and budget. While it might be tempting to purchase premium balls thinking they will suit your game better, if this proves untrue you could end up wasting money which could have been put to better use elsewhere.

TP5 and Tour Response

The TaylorMade Tour Response golf ball is an ideal solution for average swing speed club golfers who require the performance of a tour ball without spending an exorbitant sum of money. Utilizing similar core technology as seen in TP5x balls but featuring lower compression for improved feel, distance, and spin around greens at a reduced price point.

TaylorMade engineers designed the Tour Response golf ball to offer optimal performance at an exceptional value for money. Utilizing HFM casing found on both TP5 and TP5x models, it uses spring-like compression on impact to more efficiently transfer energy transference.

Tour Flight dimple pattern delivers next-level aerodynamics that create maximum carry distance. Similar to its counterparts TP5 and TP5x, Tour Response's dimples feature shallower depth and steeper side walls in order to maximize lift from launch.

TaylorMade research and development engineer Chris Raymond notes that these modifications make it easier for the ball to take flight quickly off of its tee, as well as providing it with more speed options than traditional spherical dimple patterns, which can create increased turbulence and drag on its flight path.

Tour Response's technology delivers a consistent, high-launch, long distance trajectory that can be controlled more accurately. Furthermore, this helps the ball roll consistently and increase greenside spin.

Tour Response's 360deg ClearPath Alignment aid allows golfers to aim putts more accurately and consistently, with immediate feedback provided directly to them by this unique feature. It will certainly assist many club golfers in honing their putting skills.

The Tour Response also boasts a cast urethane cover for soft feel and maximum greenside spin, along with multiple color choices like white and yellow.

As well as offering performance benefits, this ball features a new stripe design to provide visual cues for golfers. The stripes can easily be followed in flight and provide useful guidance when aligning golf balls on greens or monitoring their roll.

Distance Plus

Finding a ball that suits your game is key to having an enjoyable golf round. A quality ball will make all the difference when it comes to distance, accuracy, workability, greenside spin or soft feel are what's required - get one today and start seeing results!

TaylorMade Golf Balls 2023 Distance Plus Golf Ball is designed to maximize distance off of the tee with its REACT Speed Core and low-drag aerodynamics, combined with 342 aerodynamic dimple patters for increased distance without compromising speed or feel.

Distance Plus features two-piece construction with 77 compression and ultra-soft feel for consistent trajectory off the tee. Plus Alignment Aid on one side ensures square hitting for more putts made.

Additionally, the REACT Speed Core increases energy transfer between your club and ball while improving performance on all shots. Furthermore, an ionomer cover helps minimize scuff marks while overall durability increases while an alignment stamp aids with alignment.

Softer golf balls like the Distance Plus may travel further off the tee than harder balls when used by slower swing speeds, yet may generate excessive compression at impact and sky shots that result in distance losses.

Higher compression balls offer several distinct advantages over their low compression counterparts: They generate fast contact speeds at contact, leading to powerful launches that deliver consistent yardage in long games and reduce backspin rpm to increase forward roll and enhance pace on every shot.

When searching for high-performance tour-caliber golf balls, options like the Titleist Pro V1 or Bridgestone e6 should be carefully considered. Both options offer consistent distance with soft feel at an economical price point.

Callaway Warbird offers a high-speed ionomer cover to reduce scuff marks and enhance durability, its Hex aerodynamics pattern minimizing drag while increasing flight duration, while its durable cover reduces spin for maximum yardage on long game shots.

Though two-piece balls may be your budget option of choice, consider upgrading to tour-grade balls for optimal performance on your round. Tour quality balls typically feature urethane coating; however, other materials and constructions exist. No matter your preference, always test a few before purchasing to gain insight into which ones suit you best.

RBZ Soft

Distance can be one of the greatest challenges of golf for both casual and experienced golfers alike, and selecting an appropriate ball can make all the difference in terms of how far your shots travel.

There are a wide variety of golf balls on the market, each designed for specific purposes. Some are tailored for speed while others allow more distance on approach shots.

TaylorMade's RBZ Soft Response Tour Response club is an excellent option for golfers who wish to add distance without compromising feel or control. It features two-piece construction with compression of 60 for moderate firmness levels that facilitate slower swing speeds while offering short game playability.

TaylorMade golf balls feature 322 dimple patterns to increase consistency of ball flight and help it go directly where desired with every shot. These dimples allow the ball to fly straighter, helping it go exactly where you intend.

It features a high-energy reaction core that unleashes more power and speed, while its thin ionomer cover helps promote greenside spins. RBZ Soft Response is an economical ball designed for golfers who desire increased distance without giving up control or feel on the course.

These balls come in three packs containing one, two and three dozen balls at an affordable per dozen price, making them a good option for players who don't require the highest priced balls in their arsenal.

The RBZ Soft is equipped with an ionomer cover that's thin and soft for improved feel on approach shots; however, you won't get as much spin from drives or long irons.

These balls boast more speed than some of the more affordable options on this list; however, you won't get as much spin due to a lack of high-energy reaction core found in more costly options.

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