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Golf Socks

Golf Socks 2023

Comfortable feet are key to playing great golf. Avoid blisters and other foot issues by wearing socks designed specifically for golfing - look for moisture-wicking fabrics which move sweat away from your feet quickly.

Nike's Dri-Fit socks feature ribbed fabric that fits comfortably around the ankle while still offering breathability, with additional cushioning in key impact zones to shield feet from blisters or cuts. Furthermore, there is extra protection provided against heel slippage or high impact areas to shield feet against injuries caused by friction.

Nike Dri-Fit

Nike Dri-FIT technology works to quickly evaporate sweat off of athletes who sweat a lot by moving it away from their bodies onto fabric surfaces for easier evaporation, keeping wearers comfortable and dry. Cool air can then circulate through this fabric surface to keep wearers cool and dry - perfect for athletes. Furthermore, this technology helps reduce odor and prevent chafing - and is found across Nike sports apparel such as shirts, pants, shorts, hats, socks and UV protected tees offering UPF 30 sun protection!

Nike sportswear's Dri-FIT fabric is composed of interlock polyester microfibers. Although similar production processes apply, its distinguishing feature lies in having much thinner microfiber strands compared to silk, making this material lighter and more breathable than traditional cotton or synthetic materials. Furthermore, this stretchy threaded weave adds extra support during athletic movements.

Many may be confused about what Dri-FIT stands for; in actuality it refers to "functional innovative technology." Although it differs from Nike swooshes in appearance and function, Dri-FIT remains an integral component of their brand strategy. While other sportswear brands use them to advertise their products, Nike uses them as trademarks of quality fabrics such as Dri-FIT; its goal being for consumers to associate its sportswear with quality, performance, and style - making Nike Dri-FIT an excellent option for active individuals seeking comfort while playing sports; its technology has been upgraded so as to help athletes perform at their peak potential!

Under Armour

A good golf sock should be comfortable, lightweight, stretchy and moisture-wicking to keep feet cool and dry. In addition, the ideal socks provide arch support to eliminate foot fatigue as well as provide extra cushioning at pressure points; additionally they should dry quickly so as to not soak in water; anatomically-shaped for better fit with cushioned toe and heel areas to reduce abrasions are key elements as well as quick-dry properties to prevent soakings in liquid.

Under Armour is one of the premier golf sock manufacturers. Their range includes no show socks, ankle socks and crew socks with innovative features like mesh ventilation, dynamic arch support and comfort stretch for superior comfort. Furthermore, there are various colors and styles to choose from making these ideal for hot-weather golf!

Falke stands out among top-rated sock brands by producing golf socks that are both fashionable and functional. Their no-show socks provide extra cushioning in both toe and heel areas for optimal comfort, and are quick-drying so as to not soak through after playing golf. Falke also produces long crew socks and ankle socks.

FootJoy is well-known for their golf shoes and socks, but they also make some of the highest-quality socks on the market. ProDry socks from FootJoy are an outstanding option for both men and women that combine comfort, affordability, and performance in one package. Crafted using polyester, acrylic, and nylon materials that allow airflow while thickening in areas likely to rub during swinging, ProDry socks offer great value and performance at an excellent value point.

Ping SensorCool Golf Sock is another top choice, designed specifically for warm-weather golf. Breathable and moisture wicking capabilities help prevent sweaty feet, which could potentially lead to blisters. In addition, its anti-odor feature helps players extend their game and stay more comfortable over time.


SealSkinz has long been recognized for producing waterproof outdoor accessories, and this pair of socks by SealSkinz are no different. Utilizing their patented three-layer technology, these socks provide both waterproofing and breathability - so you can golf in wet conditions without fear of water seepage or sweaty feet! Their attention to detail and premium materials make these ideal choices for anyone wishing to play in rain or snow conditions.

These socks feature a PTFE membrane to provide high levels of waterproofness, and the inner lining features premium Merino wool to provide insulation and regulate temperature. Furthermore, these close fitting nylon/spandex socks offer optimal stretchability to help reduce blister risk while keeping them snug on your feet during walking or playing activities.

SealSkinz waterproof socks are essential for golfers playing in wet or damp weather, and have the ideal pair for every golfer. With their three-layer construction making these 100% waterproof and breathable as well as moisture wicking properties to pull sweat and vapor away from your feet to keep them feeling dry and comfortable, plus their enclosed toe seam that prevents the socks from rubbing against your shoes and potentially leading to blisters or abrasions, SealSkinz socks provide complete waterproof coverage while remaining comfortable to wear - perfect!

SealSkinz socks are unparalleled when it comes to hydrostatic head and Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR), making them perfect for golfers seeking protection against rain, wind and other harsh elements while playing on the course. In addition, this pair can also serve those hiking or cycling during rainstorms!

FootJoy ProDry Roll Tab socks are an economical two-pack that are an ideal choice for golfers in wet climates. Comfortable and providing superior support and moisture wicking properties, these socks have become one of the most popular choices among full leg lyrca wearers as well as those preferring shorter socks. Their variety of colors and patterns allows you to match them to your club attire perfectly!


Golfers often forget that socks are one of the most crucial elements in their attire - socks are crucial in creating an optimal golfing experience and choosing the appropriate socks can mean the difference between an uncomfortable round of golf or one in which you can focus solely on playing your game. When searching for socks that meet these criteria, soft fabric, comfort, and performance should all come into play - soft on your skin while providing your game with all it needs for optimal play.

FootJoy socks provide high-quality golf socks to make you feel great and perform better, offering durable yet breathable comfort with moisture control fibers for moisture management and keeping feet dry and comfortable. Their diverse array of colors and styles makes them the ideal addition to any golf wardrobe.

The best golf socks will keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable throughout an entire round. Additionally, they'll offer support for your arch and heel as well as compression to reduce blisters - not to mention sweat-stopping properties and anti-odor properties that keep them smelling fresh throughout.

Falke golf socks offer an extensive selection of no-show, mid-calf crew and no-show styles to meet every type of sock need. Their athletic-grade socks feature extra thick cushioning in areas most needed while quick drying properties will keep your feet feeling fresh throughout your round of golf.

Zmart offers some fantastic socks designed with golf enthusiasts in mind, featuring quarter-crew styles in various color combinations and featuring various sayings to let everyone on the course know you are an enthusiastic golfer.

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