Golf Base Layers

Golf Base Layers

Golf Base Layers 2023

Golf can be an physically taxing sport. Tight base layers may restrict body movement and negatively affect swing performance, limiting how your swing develops and improving efficiency.

Galvin Green thermal base layer features a mock neck design and utilizes SKINTIGHT fresh fabric to regulate temperature, wick away moisture and provide UV protection. Perfect for wear under polo shirts or as an additional layer during colder weather months!

Stuburt Urban

Base layers are essential when out on the golf course in winter weather conditions, regulating body temperature while working as part of an integrated system that includes inner fleece layers, mid layer clothing designed to heat up when temperatures increase and outer windproof and waterproof clothing - these pieces of apparel should form an integral part of every winter golfer's wardrobe! They should not be missed if spending most of your time out there playing your favourite game during this period!

One of the top base layers available right now is the Stuburt Urban Mock Neck Base Layer, featuring warmCELL fabric to retain heat close to your body while its stretch element allows it not to restrict any movements on the golf course. Furthermore, this garment features flatlock seams for reduced abrasion and discomfort as well as fast drying properties and flatlock stitching for quick drying times.

This golf base layer is the ideal garment to keep you dry and cool on the course, while giving it an attractive soft touch feel. Perfect for layering underneath polo shirts, jumpers, or golf jackets to suit the conditions, the Stuburt Urban has an innovative brushed interior which helps wick moisture away from the skin to provide comfort while giving a great overall garment feel and appearance.

As well as providing excellent thermal protection, this golf base layer also features UV 50+ protection - essential features for any serious golfer. Utilizing SKINTIGHT fresh technology, this garment helps shield skin from harmful sun rays.

If you're in search of high performing golf shoes that won't break the bank this summer, consider the new Stuburt Urban Flow spikeless golf shoes. Retailing at between PS30-PS40 per pair these lightweight yet highly durable shoes should keep your feet nice and comfy on the course without any issue whatsoever.

FootJoy ThermoSeries

Golfers of a certain persuasion don't let cold or snow stop them from playing - and not just snowbirds who live year-round in warmer climates. We refer to those players that eschew indoor putting mats or practice nets for outdoor play and instead drive out regardless of weather. This group needs an outer or inner base layer to stay warm without restricting movement during their swing - such as FootJoy ThermoSeries base layers!

The ThermoSeries top is constructed of soft and lightweight fabric designed to add warmth without adding too much bulk. Highly breathable and equipped with anti-odor technology, it helps the wearer remain fresh and dry throughout a round of golf. Plus, its sleeveless design makes it great for layering underneath other garments such as jackets or polo shirts while stretchable fabric ensures it moves with your body!

This top features a hood for added protection on windy days, as well as a full zip closure to facilitate airflow when necessary. In addition, ThermoSeries collection also includes pants that perform like an insulated rain pant but with added DWR technology to repel light rain showers or mist.

The bottom half of ThermoSeries collection consists of pants that feature an elastic waistband with belt loops to allow for both traditional and flexible adjustments, while DWR finish on pant legs offers rain protection. Just like their top counterpart, these lightweight yet highly breathable trousers stretch with you during every swing to keep up warmth without adding bulkiness or weight to bulk up a golfer's profile.

Oscar Jacobson Hamilton

As winter approaches, golfers need the appropriate gear in order to perform at their full potential on the course. A base layer garment should be one of your top priorities as they provide moisture management while simultaneously offering thermal protection against cold.

Oscar Jacobson Hamilton base layer provides excellent thermal protection with quick moisture wicking capabilities to maintain optimal body temperature regulation. Made from lightweight polyester blend fabric that features generous levels of stretch for ease of movement while the soft inner fabric ensures next-to-skin comfort.

This thermal top can be worn alone during warmer conditions or as part of a layering system for colder ones. Crafted with 85% polyester/15% elastane fabric for an optimal fit without restricting movement and featuring an attractive turtle mock neck to keep neck warm - the Hamilton is an essential addition to any golfer's wardrobe this year!

Inesis Embrace

Galvin Green offers high-performance golf thermal base layers made with their exclusive SKINTIGHT technology to keep you warm and cozy whatever the temperature outside may be. Their soft fabric, stretchiness, breathability, thermal insulation provided by two types of polyester yarns combined to form built-in air chambers warmed by your body heat, easy care maintenance will allow these garments to maintain their shape even after numerous washings.

One of the key advantages of Inesis Embrace is its environmental friendliness; it uses recycled and sustainable fabrics in its construction as part of its overall commitment to taking a holistic approach to sustainability and minimizing both social and environmental impact. Furthermore, this brand stands by fair pricing practices so you can expect transparency when pricing its products.

This base layer is designed to be worn next-to-skin and provide warmth when necessary without overheating you. Featuring a mock turtleneck design to protect you from the elements and is the ideal piece of winter golf clothing. Made from soft yet stretchy fabric that moves with your body as you swing the club, its highly breathable design means sweat won't accumulate as you play golf.

Inesis offers another impressive option in this long-sleeved crew neck sweater from their Inesis range: its high performance fabric is soft, stretchy and highly breathable; knitted from two different types of polyester yarns which creates an airy garment to keep you warm and cozy on the course. Furthermore, its antimicrobial finish will help ensure it won't trap sweat as you play! Its antiodor properties mean it won't trap sweaty smelly spots as you go.

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