Golf Shorts & Golf Skorts

Golf Shorts & Golf Skorts

Golf Shorts and Skorts 2023

Women looking to play golf need lightweight shorts and skirts that wick sweat away and resist wrinkles - these fabrics should also provide added breathability during a round.

This lightweight breathable skort features pleated tennis style with mini bike shorts underneath for a sophisticated country club aesthetic. Ideal for wear with either an untucked or tucked shirt, and featuring zippered side pockets.

Asymmetrical Box Pleat Skirt

Golf skirts are both fashionable and functional additions to any woman's wardrobe. Most come equipped with an internal liner and hem, and come in various lengths for you to find one that best suits you body type. Some also feature pockets or belt loops for additional convenience, so choose one to go with your golf shoe selection for an coordinated look or add flair by picking one with fun details like printed fabric or puffy sleeves for creative expression.

Asymmetrical box pleats add a feminine flair to this classic golf skirt, creating an effortless asymmetrical pleat design with flowing effects instead of traditional pleats formed of straight folds. As a result, this style allows more freedom when moving while playing golf; plus its ease of construction makes this style suitable for a range of fabrics and materials.

This asymmetrical pleated midi skirt boasts an eye-catching colorblock pattern and thick elastic waistband for ultimate comfort and versatility. Ideal for golf essentials like glove and scorecard storage, its two front zippered pockets or buttoned back pocket are both zippered. Plus its wrinkle resistant liner keeps skin cool and dry during play!

Golf may not be one of the more physically strenuous sports, but you're still bound to work up a sweat when playing on a hot day. Fortunately, most golf skirts feature breathable and sweat-wicking materials designed to keep you cool and dry during your round. When selecting lightweight yet stretchy fabrics that won't restrict movement while offering UV sun protection - UPF sun protection fabrics provide optimal UV defense from harmful rays of the sun!

Famara's stylish asymmetrical midi skirt is crafted from soft, breathable cotton material for optimal comfort in hotter climates. Perfect for warm-weather golf outings or warm-weather yoga class sessions, its flattering asymmetrical design makes this piece flattering on all body types while its side pockets and zippered back pocket add versatility and flexibility. For an evening event you could pair this piece with a button-up polo shirt and polished flat shoes!

Midi Skirt with Built-In Shorts

This golf skirt was designed to offer both coverage and comfort, featuring inner shorts with pockets that prevent chafing as well as breathable fabric that helps you remain cool during play. Flat seams keep it from riding up while front pockets and back pockets offer secure storage space for tees, balls and personal items. An elastic waistband looks great whether worn tucked-in or untucked while its lightweight fabric stretches with you for full mobility.

Rohnisch's most-popular style, this skort, is easy to see why. Perfect for women looking to extend the versatility of their wardrobe, its lightweight micro interlock fabric provides some compression while remaining comfortable enough for movement - its high waistband also sits high and is flattering on stomachs while its length doesn't limit movements while playing golf!

Golf skorts make an excellent alternative to shorts when hitting the links, as well as stylish street clothes or outfits for sightseeing day trips. It is wise to have at least a few in your wardrobe; some are even designed for other sports such as tennis or running while others can be styled for everyday wear.

With so many choices available to you, finding the ideal skort should be simple. Just read reviews carefully to determine the one with features best tailored to your needs, and then you're off the golf course in style! Srijani is a freelance writer and fashion enthusiast who conducts extensive research to make sure her readers receive only high-quality products. Her work has been published by Dotdash Meredith brands such as Byrdie and Real Simple; though her love of shopping and beauty remains undeniable.

Sweat-Wicking Midi Skirt

From playing golf to relaxing at the 19th hole, this golf skirt with built-in shorts will come in handy. Its 16.5-inch hem and four-way stretch fabric allow for an unrestricted backswing and follow through, keeping you cool even as the sun heats up. Plus, its stylish asymmetrical box pleat hem adds an eye-catching feature; front pockets, side pockets, zippered back pocket, and built-in liner ensure all of your gear remains in its place!

This Old Navy skort comes in both pink and camo prints to add a dash of fun to any golf ensemble. Crafted with the "Breathe On" jersey fabric and Go-Dry technology - two innovative solutions designed to keep moisture at bay and make you comfortable all day on the course - you'll remain comfortable from start to finish! For added casual wearability, pair this piece with any casual top such as tee or button-down shirt, or just tuck into jeans as needed!

Golf can make you sweat, especially on hot summer days. That's why finding a skort that wicks moisture away quickly so you can keep playing comfortably is essential; this one does all this and even uses recycled materials! This golf skort meets those criteria!

Not every skort needs to be limited to the golf course or tennis court - this one can easily become your daily go-to skirt! With its classic a-line silhouette featuring elastic waistband and small pleats, this one flatters every figure and is made of moisture-wicking polyester fabric made with recycled fabrics and eco-friendly dyes so you'll be doing good both environmentally and personally when purchasing this skort.

Adidas offers this skort as an option that's versatile enough to wear both on and off the golf course, providing a relaxed athletic appearance suitable for playing golf. Its bike shorts and lined skirt give it an athletic appeal, and its compression fit helps maintain form while its built-in shorts feature a zippered pocket big enough for scorecard storage. Added convenience includes wrinkle-resistance; meaning this skirt won't crumple when packed into your suitcase on your golf getaway trip!

Asymmetrical Midi Skirt

Asymmetrical skirts are an excellent way to add some variety and flair to any golf outfit. This midi skirt features an eye-catching handkerchief hemline and contrast color block design for an eye-catching fashion-forward look, as well as front zip pocket, loops for belt wearing, no roll waistband that stays put without rolling up, wide no roll waistband that keeps its place without rolling up, quick drying wrinkle-resistant fabric with soft feel which will ensure comfort throughout a full round of golf!

This skort is ideal for golfing and brunching with your besties. Crafted of lightweight lace fabric, its chic appearance flatters any body type while remaining lightweight enough for all-year wear. Plus, its eye-catching cascading hemline makes this skirt stand out. Pair it with matching crop top, tan mules and tote bag to complete the look!

The Rohnisch Seon Skort elevates the classic golf skort look with lightweight, breathable fabric and an innovative design. Built-in shorts provide full range of motion when playing golf or other sports; and an elastic waistband looks good whether tucked or untucked. Two side pockets and back zipper pockets hold enough scorecards.

On the golf course, having an attractive yet comfortable skort is paramount to your performance. PRIO offers this style with built-in shorts and front pockets for a sleek design with 16.5-inch hem length for increased backswing security while its four-way stretch fabric ensures peak performance.

KINONA golf skorts stand out from other options on the market by being specifically designed to improve performance. Their moisture wicking, sun protection and body slimming fabrics enable you to perform at your best while on the course.

Selecting the ideal golf skort can be challenging due to all of its options available to you, but finding your dream skirt should be straightforward once you know what you want in it. Consider factors like fuller pleated look versus slimmer pencil silhouette; type and quantity of pockets desired and length requirements before making your purchase decision. Once your preferences have been defined, making a decision should become much simpler.

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