ProQuip Golf Clothing

ProQuip Golf Clothing

Proquip Golf Clothing 2023

Golf weatherwear designed by one of the pioneers of lightweight apparel. We use only light, quiet and soft materials that won't hinder your swing - such as light fabric that provides warmth without hindering it.

This Castore colour block polo certainly stands out, and when combined with one of our top golf base layers (opens in new tab), it performs admirably too.

Stuburt Polo Shirt

When shopping for a polo shirt it is essential to consider both style and materials when making your selection. Gone are the days of strict cotton polos; today manufacturers prefer lightweight polyester fabrics designed to wick moisture away from your body quickly allowing you to remain cool during rounds.

Nike's Stuburt Polo Shirt (opens in new tab) is an excellent example, featuring highly breathable yet highly insulating fabric designed to ensure maximum comfort throughout an 18 hole round. Equipped with Dri-FIT ADV technology, it wicks sweat away from your body so you'll stay cool and dry during every hole, providing freshness without restricting movement. Furthermore, its fit is excellent, not restricting mobility but still being snug around the body - ideal.

Nike also makes another incredible polo shirt in their Heater series (opens in new tab). Utilizing similar materials as the Stuburt, but with short sleeve design. Perfect for hotter weather and featuring UPF 50+ sun protection and reflective logos to stay visible when playing in low light conditions. Fit is excellent; true-to-size without being restrictive while swinging the club freely.

If you're searching for something more distinct than your standard golf polo, look no further than Oscar Jacobson Wellington all over print polo (opens in new tab). With its striking design sure to get noticed on the course and unique Mizuno Breath Therm material which generates warmth while remaining lightweight and breathable - this striking shirt from Oscar Jacobson Wellington all over print will surely stand out.

This polo stands out due to being eco-friendly - made entirely from recycled plastics with each shirt sold planting trees! Available in 11 vibrant colors this piece will sure match up perfectly to any of Proquip's popular golf trousers or waterproof rain jackets (opens in new tab).

GML-03 Mid-Layer

The GML-03 is an exceptional mid layer designed with golfers in mind. Made of soft yet stretchy fabric that feels good against your skin, its nice fit won't restrict your swing - an important consideration if worn under an existing sweater (opens in new tab) or waterproof jacket (opens in new tab).

If you want to remain warm on the course without overheating, this lightweight layer could be worth exploring. Available in multiple colors - including Lilly Pad green! - it may fit snugly, so depending on your size you may require to size up or down depending on preference. Despite being restrictive this piece is extremely versatile as it can be worn under almost any golf sweater or rain jacket for optimal warmth on course.

Proquip offers another impressive layer with their GS-02 fleece garment, which is both comfortable and fashionable. Made of high-grade Microfleece material that provides temperature regulation.

This layer may be slightly more costly than others on our list, but its worth it if you take golf seriously. Crafted with durable material, this windproof and water-repellent layer is windproof as well as water repellent; additionally it is breathable as well as odour-resistant so your round can remain pleasant!

Proquip's NEV TEC waterproof trousers are an ideal way to stay dry during rainy games, offering lifetime waterproof guarantee protection and employing ProQuip's Swing Silent technology to reduce noise pollution while boasting four-way stretch fabric with softness that offers four-way flexibility and four-way stretch capabilities. Pair it with their NEV TEC jacket for full weather ensemble!

Are you in search of golf shorts that look as great off the golf course as on? Look no further than Castore Stretch Shorts (opens in new tab). Perfect for wearing under lightweight sweaters and waterproof jackets, they feature built-in UV protection against sunburn.

Pro-Flex Evo 2 Thermal Quilted Gilet

The Pro-Flex Evo 2 Thermal Quilted Gilet is an extremely soft and comfortable golf gilet designed to keep your body warm without allowing cold wind into or body heat out. Constructed with lightweight outer fabric padded with triple wadding to protect from rain, wind and cold; and featuring bamboo fibers which naturally absorb odours; plus it comes equipped with zipper pocket with Velcro closure, adjustable Velcro cuffs and side adjust tabs allowing a personalized fit; it has features such as zipper pocket with zipper closure, adjustable Velcro closure as well as zipper pocket with Velcro closure; adjustable Velcro closure cuffs cuffs and side adjust tabs so it fits comfortably against rain, wind and cold; plus it comes equipped with Teflon water repellent coating; has zipper pocket, adjustable Velcro closure cuffs with side adjust tabs; plus features include Teflon water repellent treatment to repel rainwater; while its inner lining acts like second skin by wicking moisture away from body to help regulate temperature as well. Plus it features Teflon treatment so water repellent qualities; zipper pocket, adjustable Velcro cuffs with Velcro tabs; plus has zipper pocket, Velcro closure tabs to provide custom fit!

ProQuip's NEV TEC range has been specially created by Scottish clothing manufacturer ProQuip to help golfers weather the elements and play at their peak performance. It includes golf waterproof jackets and trousers designed with their lightest fabrics, swing silent technology and tailored fits - everything needed to stay dry during inclement conditions.

ProQuip Golf clothing can now be found online and we offer FREE Click & Collect delivery on all purchases. Here, you'll find an impressive range of waterproof golf jackets and trousers, thermal sweaters & vests and hats from ProQuip so that you can stay out on the course even during rain or windstorms - discover what ProQuip can do for your game today by shopping our range!

Pro-Flex Evo 2 Long Sleeve Shirt

Proquip Evo 2 long sleeve golf shirt features moisture-wicking properties to keep wearers fresh, dry and comfortable on the course. Its soft athletic fit and stretch fabric gives freedom of movement on the course while its logo adds branding. Cuffs may be personalized with club or corporate logos for additional customization options.

ProQuip's Tour Lite golf rain jacket is their lightest waterproof model yet; 50 percent lighter than their previous model. Constructed from ultra-lightweight four way stretchable knitted outer fabric that protects from both wind and rain while allowing full range of movement during swing. Water repellent finish reduces noise pollution further making this an excellent option when playing in windy conditions.

ProQuip's NEV TEC golf trousers are specifically designed to help you perform at your best in all weather. Crafted with twill woven fabric with inner fleece to keep wearer warm while offering UV protection in sunny conditions, the NEV TEC trousers are sure to help improve your game on any golf course.

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