Callaway Great Big Bertha Irons Review

Callaway Great Big Bertha Irons

Callaway Great Big Bertha Irons are a new addition to their product line and they've been quite a hit with many golfers. They've got a premium build quality, a flash face that's artificially intelligently designed to help you hit the ball better and 133 percent more tungsten than the Rogue ST Max.

Titanium face and body

The Great Big Bertha line is a new collection of golf clubs from Callaway. It is built to maximize forgiveness and carry distance. They use premium materials, such as titanium and tungsten, in order to achieve game-changing performance. Designed with the help of an industry-leading R&D team, the clubs feature advanced construction and high-caliber materials.

Callaway's first multi-piece titanium iron delivers driver-like power and spin consistency. Its thinner face allows it to transfer more energy to the ball, which helps increase ball speed. Also, the tungsten weight on the sole of the club adds to the ball launch and ease of hitting.

In addition to its titanium body and face, the Great Big Bertha line also includes a fairway wood. Fairway woods feature a Forged Carbon Sole and Jailbreak with Batwing Technology.

The line also features a driver and a hybrid. Both drivers are loaded with technology. While the driver uses a lightweight forged composite, the hybrid features a forged carbon crown and a forged titanium face cup.

The driver also uses a unique forged carbon sole plate, which increases rigidity and increases its durability. Also, the club head is able to flex more at impact.

Compared to its predecessor, the Epic Max Star family, the Great Big Bertha line is 56 percent lighter. This includes the weight of the tungsten back, which is 50% of the overall weight.

Another innovative aspect of the line is the new Tungsten Speed Cartridge. This feature improves feel, dampens the sound of impact and creates a faster, more powerful rebound.

Callaway's Great Big Bertha line is a great choice for those looking for an ultra-premium iron set. The irons will be available for pre-sale on November 4, and will be available for fitting on November 11.

133 percent more tungsten than the Rogue ST Max

There is plenty to like about the Callaway Great Big Bertha iron. It is fast, has good feel, and can be used to improve your game. Using a multi-material head, the iron is made from titanium, steel, and urethane microspheres.

The new line of irons includes four separate models. Two are designed for faster swing speeds, while the other two are for slower swingers. They are also the longest irons that Callaway has ever made.

While the Rogue ST has a sexy look, it also comes with a significant amount of tungsten. High density tungsten weighting helps manufacturers create a streamlined and optimised club head. This lets them concentrate mass in the right places, which allows for greater forgiveness and increased launch.

Compared to the aforementioned Rogue ST Max, the Big Bertha iron uses a larger amount of tungsten, resulting in a higher launching distance. Another advantage is the forged carbon sole, which makes it ideal for low to moderate swing speeds.

The Great Big Bertha iron does not have the cheapest price tag, but it's certainly the most impressive. The urethane microspheres in the head are not only clever, but also make the iron sound good and reduce vibration.

On the other hand, the Rogue ST isn't the first iron to have a 450-stainless-steel Face Cup. However, it is the first to have one in a hollow-body construction.

For golfers looking for the best in distance and accuracy, the Callaway Rogue ST is a worthy contender. The Pro model offers a thinner topline and the AI-built Flash Face. Also, you can buy it with a stock True Temper Elevate MPH shaft. You'll also have the opportunity to upgrade to the 95-gram model, which is also the longest stock shaft in the industry.

Artificial intelligence-designed Flash Face

The new Flash Face on Callaway Great Big Bertha irons was designed using Artificial Intelligence. This technology optimises the shape of the face to produce high ball speeds across a large area. It also promotes consistent spin.

Unlike conventional driver faces that sag near the edge of the club, the Flash Face is thin throughout the center of the head. This provides greater speed, a smoother turf interaction, and a straighter flight.

The design also has an offset for reducing slices. In addition, the center of gravity is slightly elevated to increase distance. Combined with dual MIM'ed Tungsten weights, the design enhances launch and spin.

While the new Flash Face is ultra-thin, it is stronger and lighter than conventional titanium. For maximum performance, the club features internal Jailbreak bars that connect the crown and sole to help stiffen the sole at impact. At the same time, the crown and sole work together to place more impact load on the face.

The callaway Big Bertha family includes an innovative Driver, Irons, and Fairway Woods. Each has a unique combination of high launch, forgiveness, and feel. They're marketed as a total ball speed package.

To create the new Epic Flash, Callaway Golf Company used Artificial Intelligence to design the entire club. Their new super computer had to learn and crunch millions of designs. Once the machine had completed its first cycle of 15,000 iterations, it was ready to go.

When Callaway's new super computer finished its iterations, it was ready to make the hottest driver face in the world. It took four weeks to complete the design. A modern laptop would take 34 years to build and run that many iterations.

Premium construction

The Great Big Bertha line is returning with a premium construction. With a new body made of commercially pure (CP) titanium, a thinner face, and a tungsten back, the 2023 irons offer excellent forgiveness and ball speed. They're available for pre-order now. A full set is priced at $599 to $999.

Callaway's R&D team is putting together the best materials and design to create a new generation of irons. Their goal is to maximize carry distance, forgiveness, and pocket return.

These irons combine an CP4 titanium body, a forged titanium face, and up to 145 grams of tungsten. Unlike traditional graphite laminates, the CP4 flexes more at impact. This leads to more consistent ball speed and a higher launch angle.

For the first time, Callaway is offering multi-piece, ultra-premium titanium irons. Featuring a CP4 titanium body, up to 145 grams of tungsten, and a forged titanium face, the new irons are designed for high performance.

Great Big Bertha is a lightweight iron line from Callaway. It includes an easy-launch, driver-like design that offers a hefty payoff. The irons will be available in a 4-iron through a sand wedge. Designed to provide the right combination of forgiveness and carry distance, the new irons are a great choice for moderate swing speeds.

Callaway's new 2023 Great Big Bertha Irons are available for pre-order now. Expect them to be released in November. Featuring a forged titanium and tungsten body, a thinner face, and an artificial intelligence-designed Flash Face, they promise to deliver driver-like power.

The company claims that the face of these new irons is the thinnest of any Callaway iron. Because of its design, the face flexes more at impact, transferring more energy to the ball.

Longer than the River Styx

Callaway is a big name in the golf business. Known for their quality and performance, they have remained at the forefront of club making technology. With their Great Big Bertha irons, they have taken a step in a new direction.

The Great Big Bertha line of irons is built from the ground up. They feature non-jacked lofts, wide soles, and a smoked PVD finish.

They are available in both S and R flex. They have a large sweet spot that can help you stop the ball quickly.

They also use Urethane Microspheres, a patented compound that absorbs vibration. It gives them great feel and plenty of ball speed. These irons are lightweight, too.

They are aimed at mid to high handicap golfers. They have a blade-like appearance, and are made of cast iron. You can pick up a set of Mavrik Pro, Apex 19, or Apex MB for less than $1,000.

The Big Bertha B21 iron is long and forgiving. The irons have a Flash Cup Face, which helps optimize your spin and ball speed. The low CG also increases launch. But, this doesn't mean you'll get a huge amount of spin.

The Great Big Bertha irons are the first to use a Nippon product. Beres and XXIO are the shaft manufacturers.

There is a stock graphite option, and the UST Helium Nanocore is available in a 60-gram flex. In addition, these irons are available in a 50-gram flex for women.

The Mavrik Max is targeted at high handicappers. It has a large sweet spot and a higher launch than the standard Mavrik. This allows for greater distance and forgiveness.

Another iron released in recent years is the Rogue. These are strong lofted irons that are designed to help high handicappers.