Champ Golf Spikes

Champ Golf Spikes

There are many different types of golf spikes available in the market today. The different types that you can choose from include the Helix, SLIM-LOK, PiViX and Softspikes. Each type has its own benefits and disadvantages.


The PiViX Golf Spikes are designed to offer a high degree of grip traction on a wide range of surfaces, with rotational elements and flex elements. This allows you to achieve maximum traction through the entire swing. They are available in two different models, Slim-LOK and PiviX, and are specifically made for shoes that utilize the Slim-LOK fastening system.

The Slim-LOK Golf Spikes feature a low profile, which provides ample traction, and an advanced flex element that delivers optimum grip traction throughout the swing. Whether you are playing on a course with a rough surface or turf, the spring flex rotational grip will provide the ultimate traction.

The PiviX Golf Spikes, on the other hand, are lightweight and low-profile. They come in a variety of colors, and feature reactive web geometry that provides an enhanced energy return. These cleats fit the PINS system used on Nike, Callaway, and FootJoy golf shoes. Their spring-flex legs are designed to recoil to return to their original shape for added strength.

Aside from their durability, the Champ Stinger Golf Spikes are also green-friendly, providing the ultimate in comfort and performance. Its patented "C" wear indicator turns solid when the spikes need replacing. In addition, their green-friendly design pairs well with many golf shoes. Using the Fast Twist 3.0 system, these cleats are durable and lightweight, and provide an extremely stable platform for the player.

If you want to improve your game, make sure to invest in quality spikes. Not only will they help you play better, but they can also be removed and replaced easily. The Softspikes Pivix and Pulsar cleats, for example, are lightweight and durable, and provide a wide range of color choices.


CHAMP Zarma Tour SLIM-LOK Golf Spikes feature revolutionary technology and a patented "C" visible indicator. The combination of a traction layer and 6 flexible anti-clogging legs provides ideal traction for any turf condition. These green-friendly cleats are also accompanied by a pair of under armour replacement spikes.

Probably the best thing about the CHAMP Zarma Tour SLIM-LOK golf spike is the traction it provides. Thanks to a unique attachment system, these spikes are quick and easy to affix. The traction-enhancing traction layers are designed to improve performance and reduce wear and tear. In addition to the aforementioned traction, these clumps are also complemented by a low-profile design. Also, the Zarma SLIM-LOK is a Tour-Lock compatible model. This means that you can keep your foot out of the mud and avoid over rotation during the swing. Moreover, the aforementioned traction layer is also reinforced to enhance durability and provide a longer lasting product.

Another nifty little item from CHAMP is the SLIM-LOK, a patented technology that allows for an easy to use and replace process. In addition, this slick accessory is green friendly, and offers the same level of performance as the regular SLIM-LOK model. All in all, the SLIM-LOK is a tad more expensive than its barebones counterpart, but if you're looking for an affordable pair of replacement spikes that can deliver the ultimate in traction, look no further.


Champ Golf Softspikes are among the most popular golf spikes on the market. These cleats offer maximum comfort and traction. They are also extremely durable. For an added convenience, they have an easy-to-use, ratcheting wrench that makes replacing the spikes simple.

These cleats are designed with a counter-rotational design that keeps the spikes from shifting during play. The cleats are also made of a soft, pliable material that minimizes the amount of marks on the green.

You can choose from several different styles of these cleats. Choose between the Pulsar or the Pivix models. Both of these cleats have reactive web geometry that provides a better grip and enhances comfort. All these cleats use the Fast Twist 3.0 system.

Another great option is the CHAMP Helix cleats. This cleat offers a unique leg design that is Tour inspired. It also features a signature "C" wear indicator. Combined with the high-tech material, the spikes provide maximum durability and traction. Additionally, the cleats have six spikes per shoe, giving you ample options to choose from. Unlike other cleats, these cleats come with reinforced wrench holes for a solid hold.

In addition, the soft durometer TPU material used in these cleats will not clog, making them a good choice for players with sensitive feet. Finally, the reactive web geometry helps to enhance energy return. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, you are sure to find a pair of these cleats to suit your needs.

Whether you are new to the game of golf or an expert, you can always benefit from the cleats from Champ. Besides, the company is the largest golf cleats retailer in the world.

Maxpro Wrench

A spruced up version of the standard spike ratchet, the Champ MaxPro Wrench is a worthy addition to any toolbox. The tool is a cinch to assemble and features a three-position ratchet that will take you from a bare club to a full set in no time. With a selection of drill compatible bits and a smattering of gizmos, it's the only wrench you'll need to get a golf game on. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, you'll be able to get a handle on your golf game in no time. And the best part is, you'll have a smile on your face while doing it.