Clearance Golf Balls at Excellent prices at Aslan Golf

Clearance Golf Balls at Excellent Prices at Aslan Golf

If you’re looking for quality golf balls at excellent prices, then you’ve come to the right place. Aslan Golf stocks an extensive selection of used, recycled, brand new and clearance golf balls for all your golf needs. Check out our website to find your next ball! Buying clearance golf balls can save you a lot of money while still keeping your game in the best shape possible.

Used Golf Balls

If you have a lot of spare cash lying around, used golf balls are often an ideal way to stock up on your game. They can be bought at a fraction of the price of new ones and are generally much more durable than their plastic urethane covering counterparts.

However, you need to know exactly what to expect when you buy a used ball. Many retail stores have their own grading scales, which place used balls into a number of categories according to their overall quality. Usually the highest graded used golf balls are called "mint" and should, in all cosmetic aspects, be indistinguishable from a brand new ball.

The next step up in quality is "near mint" or even "good" and these tend to be slightly cheaper than "mint" but not by a great deal. A "near mint" ball may still bear some blemishes and imperfections, but these should be quite slight and are likely to be undetectable by the average player.

Another important consideration is the degree to which a used ball has been deteriorated by prolonged immersion in water. This is a very common reason for the sale of used balls at club and course pro shops, as well as at specialist used ball retailers.

If a ball is damaged by being submerged in water, it will be more difficult to play, especially for those who are not familiar with how to handle such a situation. But it should be pointed out that a reputable supplier should never offer a damaged ball for sale, no matter how minor the damage is.

Aslan Golf has a good selection of used balls, all at excellent prices. They offer a live chat option to help you choose the perfect used ball for your needs. They also have a useful selection of top brands like Titleist, Bridgestone, TaylorMade, Wilson and Srixon.