TaylorMade Golf Accessories

TaylorMade Golf Accessories

These bags are chosen by world-class players for good reason - they provide protection, storage and accessibility of gear for easy playing experience and confidence-inducing play.

TP5 golf balls now come equipped with the Tour Flight Dimple Pattern that offers exceptional aerodynamics and carry distance, not to mention excellent feel and control for golfers of all skill levels.

Tour Staff Bag

TaylorMade golf bags are not only functional, they're stylish too! This company makes models to suit every budget and personal taste - you can find brightly-hued bags or ones that blend into the greens more subtly - plus you should take into account size, weight and color preferences when choosing one - find your ideal match and make your game better from tee to green with one!

TaylorMade prides itself on producing golf balls with cutting-edge technologies that promote distance and accuracy. For instance, their 2022 version of the TP5 features an improved Tour Flight Dimple Pattern that decouples dimple volume from depth in order to enhance aerodynamics and boost ball speed, an incredible upgrade over previous generation balls which utilized shallower patterns.

TP5 is TaylorMade's premium ball and is favored by top golfers such as Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Tommy Fleetwood and Collin Morikawa. It features a high-performance core designed to maximize long game length while decreasing wedge spin. Furthermore, its REACT Speed Core was engineered specifically for ease of compression by players with slower swing speeds.

The TaylorMade TP5x golf ball is an ideal choice for players with moderate to high swing speeds, featuring similar performance as its sister ball the TP5. Engineered to deliver more spin and control around greens for easier scoring, its soft REACT Speed Core combined with durable ionomer cover combines to produce mid-to-high launch with consistent flight.

Both the TP5 and TP5x models come equipped with Rickie Fowler's pix ball alignment system to aid golfers' alignment on the putting green, as well as measure its quality through how its roll. This series of 12 evenly spaced graphics assists golfers with their alignment on the green while measuring how it rolls to evaluate quality putts.

TaylorMade also offers several specialty golf balls, such as the Penta TP that's tailored specifically to meet USGA's new groove rule. This ball features a softer core with larger, more forgiving shapes than standard TaylorMade golf balls; providing outstanding distance and consistency across all skill levels of play.


Headcovers not only protect clubs from chips and dents, they can also add an authentic golfing feel. TaylorMade headcovers are designed to look great in your bag while providing great protection for drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and putters alike. Easy to fit with their convenient clip design they are great way to replace lost covers or add something new and special to your bag!

TaylorMade Daphnes headcovers are an exciting way to add personality to any golf bag and come in over 175 unique designs ranging from Tiger and Cat images, through frogs and even more obscure subjects! Daphnes has been producing these high quality fun headcovers for four decades - their popularity among professional golfers including Tiger Woods has only added to their popularity! You are sure to add some zestful style into your bag when using Daphnes!

Titleist's PGA Tour towel is an indispensable must for any golfer, offering maximum absorption terry material that's great for getting clean after playing or cleaning clubs. Plus, its compact size means it doesn't take up much room in your bag while looking fantastic.

Iliac headcovers are another top choice among golfers, being hand made and custom tailored for each golfer - often seen on PGA Tour players like Hunter Mahan who use one. Not only are these covers durable but they look fantastic.

Bag Tags

Golf bag tags are a surefire way to set your bag apart from those around it, from simple stripes and intricate patterns, these plastic accessories come in various colors and designs for you to personalize your bag and display club or team badges and logos with pride.

As an avid golfer, it is crucial that all of your clubs remain organized in an effective way. This golf bag features 14 dividers, a towel rack, and cooler pocket to help make this task simpler than ever. Plus, this fantastic value at only $600.

Another option is the Par3 Sunday Golf Bag, designed for maximum storage space with special pockets to store golf clubs, wallets, towels and cell phones. Its lightweight construction and adjustable strap make it easy to transport around; plus its anti-split stand makes it highly durable!

Bag Straps

Golf bags may be underrated pieces of equipment, yet they play a critical role in helping golfers manage their clubs and accessories effectively. From protecting expensive clubs from damage to carrying multiple pairs of gloves and waterproofs with them to providing storage space for other items related to the game - among many other tasks! When selecting your bag it is essential that weight be considered; stand bags should be lightweight enough to be carried comfortably while cart models must also be light enough for easy transport from car to cart on courses or from cart to car.

If you're in search of an elegant bag to take out on the course, TaylorMade offers this stylish solution. Crafted for easy maneuvering with grab handles at both ends for simple lifting into car and onto trolley, a single comfortable strap offers additional carrying comfort when necessary and water resistant material provides extra peace of mind against accidental spillages.

With multiple convenient pockets - a large apparel pocket, suede-lined valuables pocket, and thermal cooler pocket - this bag makes the ideal companion for players carrying an abundance of gear onto the course. Padded straps ensure maximum comfort for carrying, while its self-adjusting design helps distribute weight more evenly across shoulders.

The Soft Response is an ideal option for senior golfers looking to maximize distance on their drives. Its low-compression core enhances energy transfer at impact to maximize power while its ionomer Speedmantle restricts spin for maximum distance; creating an easy-to-control ball with impressive carry distance.

The M5 Tour is a premium ball tailored to tour professionals. Its distinctive dimple pattern reduces drag, increasing ball speed and helping players gain more yards off the tee. Furthermore, its soft ionomer cover feels great in your hand and provides increased feedback during putting.

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