GO Golf Fairway Woods

GO Golf Fairway Woods

The Go Golf Junior Fairway Woods 2023 are an excellent choice for young players looking to hone their game. This driver is easy to hit, helping promote longer drives with straighter ball flight.

The driver is designed with advanced technology that gives more surface area in contact with the ball during impact, enabling it to accelerate faster through air currents and turf interaction, propelling it farther than ever before.

This driver is designed with Artificial Intelligence, making it capable of matching the face of the driver to the swing of the player, thus producing more distance on every drive. This makes the driver highly efficient and powerful - making it one of the top options available on the market today.

Beginners will find this product useful, as it helps them become acquainted with ball flight. Furthermore, its adjustable hosel allows users to alter the trajectory of the ball, giving them greater control over their shot.

Furthermore, its strong cup face helps boost energy transfer to the ball during flight. This construction allows it to launch and fly balls higher while decreasing spin rate for improved distance.

If you're on the hunt for a great deal, the Cleveland Golf Launcher is an ideal option as it can help improve your game. This high-performance driver will give you confidence on any course no matter how difficult it may be to hit the ball.

Fairway Wood

Fairway woods can be an invaluable addition to your bag if you struggle with driving and require something to help keep the ball from approaching hazardous areas or landing outside of specific yardages. They also make for perfect approach shots into long par 4s or par 5s as well as for use around greens.

Fairway woods are generally designed to be more forgiving than drivers and hybrids, making them an excellent option for golfers who tend to slice the ball or struggle with their strike. Most brands produce multiple fairway wood models to meet different needs; many even feature adjustable hosels so you can find one tailored to your swing.

The best fairway woods are engineered to promote distance, with industry-leading technologies that increase speed across the face for easier tee shots. One such fairway wood is Callaway Epic Flash's (opens in new tab), designed specifically to give more distance on every shot thanks to features such as Flash Face SS21 which enables faster speeds across more of its face area; Jailbreak Technology stiffens club body increasing impact load for quicker ball speeds;

Ping's G430 fairway wood (opens in new tab) features an elegant matte black finish, which pairs beautifully with its white detailing on sole plate and heel to give an air of premium appeal. Furthermore, Ping redesigned this club with an innovative Carbonfly Wrap which saves 10g in weight while simultaneously lowering center of gravity for increased launch and ball speed - not to mention being low-spinning, forgiving and looks smart in your bag.


The Go Golf Junior Fairway Woods 2023 is a hybrid club designed to help you hit the ball farther. It's ideal for beginners and those with slower swing speeds, plus hybrids offer some distance without using a driver if you don't want to use one.

Hybrids offer more forgiveness and power when striking than drivers, making them the go-to choice for many golfers. Plus, their larger sweet spot makes them easier to control the ball's trajectory compared to drivers.

When looking for a hybrid golf club, there are plenty of options available. Every club has its own advantages and drawbacks; whether you're just starting out or an experienced player, matching your swing with the correct club can make all the difference in performance.

When selecting a golf club, it's important to consider your budget. A budget-friendly hybrid may save money in the long run if your aim is to enhance your game.

PXG's 0211 fairway woods are an ideal alternative to a driver, thanks to their lightweight construction and Rebound Frame technology that makes them more responsive than traditional clubs. These clubs boast a stainless-steel clubhead, hybrid crown, honeycomb TPE insert and adjustable hosel for optimal control.

This fairway wood's head is deep, helping it distribute weight more evenly and make it easier to hit long-launching shots. Plus, its face is more forgiving than traditional fairway woods - helping you make fewer errors on mishits.

The PWR-COR internal weighting system is a formidable force, positioning the weight low and forward to create low spin, high launch ball flight. Other features include Tour Edge's Diamond Face 2.0 for improved ballspeed across more points on the clubface; fixed heel weighting to combat slicing; and lightweight carbon crown.


Go Golf Junior Fairway Woods 2023 are ideal for junior golfers, featuring cutting-edge technology and an elegant design. This set comes complete with a lightweight stand bag, 460cc driver, three irons and putter as well as the putter.

Irons are forged, or stamped into shape using high-pressure metalworking presses instead of being molded from solid materials. This compresses and aligns the grain of metal more closely, enabling it to perform better.

Irons come in a range of materials, the most common being stainless steel. This metal offers great balance and flexibility at address while allowing clubmakers to add more mass behind the ball for greater forgiveness.

Wilson designed this set of irons with 20 grams of tungsten in the toe sections for improved forgiveness and a higher launch angle. They also forged the blades for greater rigidity and control, improving feel at impact.

Miura MB-101 mixed cavity irons are made with S20C soft carbon and feature a longer blade length and wider sole than their true blade offerings, providing more forgiveness when striking the set.

These irons feature a progressive sole design that lowers the center of gravity for improved ball striking. They come in both standard and one-length versions with a tunable weight port in the toe that can be customized according to individual swingweight requirements.

These irons, forged from 1025 carbon steel using a 2,000-ton forging press, offer an exceptional soft and solid feel. These irons make an ideal choice for players who require high performance in all conditions.


Fairway woods are long clubs designed for use off of the tee. Available in different lofts and some as 3 wood models, fairway woods provide you with both distance and help get out of trouble in long par 5s. They're especially effective at providing distance while helping players find their way out of rough.

Fairway woods typically feature longer shafts and larger heads than hybrids, providing more distance when hitting fairway shots. Furthermore, high handicappers will benefit from fairway woods that boast lower centers of gravity (COG).

Fairway woods offer multiple advantages over hybrids, including being more versatile in that they can be used to hit shorter drives off the tee and being less costly than their hybrid counterparts. A fairway wood can help players struggling to hit straight shots take control of their game more easily and often boast lower price tags than hybrids.

Ping's G430 Max line was created to be an easy choice for players of all levels. All models in this series feature Carbonfly Wrap technology which positions the center of gravity closer to the force line for increased ball speed while its Tungsten Backweight expands perimeter weighting for increased forgiveness.

JGR fairway woods are another popular choice, featuring stainless steel instead of titanium to give players more speed from miss-hits while increasing COR and distance. Their flexible crown and stiff sole help users achieve more speed from mis-hits while multiple power slits in both clubface and crown help increase COR and distance.

The Exotics EXS fairway wood is an excellent choice for mid-handicappers looking for a forgiving fairway wood without advanced features, yet don't possess enough skill to use one of those more complex fairway woods. This model boasts numerous technologies to help players achieve desired results, including its Carpenter steel Cup Face with variable thickness variable carbon fiber sections and adjustable weights - plus its wavy SlipStream sole, which reduces turf friction for penetrating flights.

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