Mizuno Golf Fairway Woods

Mizuno Golf Fairway Woods

No matter if you're hitting it off the tee or taking on a long par 5, having an effective 3 wood is essential in your golf bag. When combined with proper swing technique, this tool can be an invaluable asset on the course.

Mizuno Golf offers an impressive range of fairway woods for 2023 that will appeal to golfers of all abilities. We've put them through rigorous testing, finding which models perform best with various swing speeds.


Mizuno Golf Fairway Woods 2023 feature CORTECH Chamber technology to increase power at impact. This chamber encases a stainless steel weight with elastomeric TPU to reduce stress on the club face and create an additional energy source that accelerates ball speed. By positioning this chamber close to the face, spin rates are reduced and players experience a solid sensation upon impact.

The ST-Z 230 driver, ST-X 230 and ST-X PLTNM drivers all employ this technology in their design. A stainless steel weight enclosed within an elastomeric TPU casing is placed within a through slot behind the face to fill in and expand its COR zone.

This allows the face to flex more, increasing contact with the ball and producing more bounce. Furthermore, placing the CORTECH Chamber closer to the face reduces stress on the clubface and enhances ball speed production.

CORTECH Chamber can significantly boost ball speed by up to 10% - an innovation that could propel a brand into the upper echelons of their industry.

Over four years, Mizuno engineers set out to design the next generation of metal woods that would be faster off the face and spin less than ever before. After testing various designs, they discovered what had been missing from their clubs - an additional source of energy that would enable golfers to achieve higher ball speeds and longer drives off the tee.

CORTECH Chamber technology is now standard on ST-230 drivers, fairway woods and hybrids from the company. It has proven successful for players across all skill levels.

Luke Bryan, a highly accomplished player, uses the CORTECH Chamber on his drivers to enhance power from his tee shots even on mishits. It also helps him keep ball speeds high when making tight landings after missing his shot.

MAS1C Steel Face

Mizuno Golf's Fairway Woods 2023 are part of their brand-new line of metalwoods designed to support their game improvement strategy. This follows on the heels of Mizuno's JPX line of irons, which proved to many players that Mizuno is more than just an iron brand; rather, it's a brand aimed at better players.

The ST-Z 230 is the middle model in this new line and designed with Mizuno's tour advisors in mind. Featuring a high-energy MAS1C steel face enhanced with CORTECH Chamber technology, this mid-sized fairway wood offers excellent distance for players of all abilities.

The MAS1C face has a center diameter of 2.2 millimeters and perimeter thickness of 1.7mm, designed to increase ball speed when struck low on the clubface. Plus, with its TPU insert in the sole, this club also reduces spin by pulling down on center of gravity.

Another notable feature of the MAS1C face is CORTECH Chamber technology, which surrounds a stainless steel weight with elastomeric TPU. This allows the clubface to flex more than usual, decreasing stress on its edges and adding an additional source of energy for each shot.

This extra energy allows the clubface to work harder on low-center hits, creating a stronger sensation at impact. Furthermore, its Optimized Wave sole plate uses higher ball speeds from the turf--particularly beneficial if you tend to hit shots low on the clubface.

Mizuno has utilized an ultra-high strength MAS1C steel that's been age-hardened for tensile strength of over 1,960 N/mm2. They claim this steel can deliver high ball speeds while offering toughness.

Testing each club in your bag to see how well they perform at impact is a wise idea. This will give you an indication of which clubs are most suitable for you and your style of play.

If you would like to learn more about Mizuno Golf Fairway Woods and Hybrids, or find the optimal fit for your game and budget, get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping you find the ideal choice!

Lightweight Carbon Crown

Mizuno Golf Fairway Woods 2023 boast a variety of features that help them perform so well. Popular ones include a CORTECH Chamber, an MAS1C steel face and lightweight carbon crown - these technologies are essential to improving these clubs' performance for even experienced golfers.

Mizuno Golf Fairway Woods feature the MAS1C steel face designed to be fast from center of the face and spin less, while CORTECH Chamber increases ball speed while giving a solid feel. These technologies come together with Forged SAT 2041 Beta Ti faces for an incredibly forgiving club with great power output.

Mizuno Golf has also implemented a Lightweight Carbon Crown that extends around the edges, saving even more weight to lower the center of gravity for improved launch and enhanced energy transfer. This is especially helpful for players who struggle to hit balls straight off the tee.

This innovative design can be found in some of the top new fairway woods for 2023. The crown has been engineered to perfectly fit the head of the club, resulting in a smooth and consistent ball flight.

High handicappers will find this technology especially helpful, as the Stealth 2 series of fairway woods and hybrids use this new crown to lower their center of gravity and help the ball launch higher.

The Stealth 2 line offers a selection of models from easy-launching standard models to high forgiveness HD models that draw more targets, and better player's models with multiple adjustability and driver-like face options.

One of the most striking characteristics of this carbon crown is its thin thickness. This is achieved through "seamless composite construction", allowing it to be tailored perfectly to fit the head of your club perfectly.

For higher handicappers who struggle to launch the ball with their normal clubhead, the ST-Z 230 boasts a lighter carbon crown which helps deliver faster ball speed and spin rates than its competition, making it highly playable for most golfers.

High MOI

A high MOI is an ideal feature for a fairway wood that provides forgiveness. It stabilizes the clubface at impact and restricts twist during swing, providing consistent distance on off-center hits - particularly important for high handicap golfers looking to achieve consistency and reduce their score.

Mizuno Golf is renowned for creating some of the finest irons (opens in new tab) available, but they're now making an impact with metalwoods too. Their ST-Z 230 fairway wood serves as proof of this.

This club boasts a CORTECH face with multiple thicknesses that boost ball speed close to the legal limit across its face. Crafted with MAS1C maraging steel for increased strength, it also has an ultra-thin carbon crown designed to reduce weight for higher MOI.

The face is filled with elastomeric TPU material for additional flexibility and stress reduction during impact, producing an impressive feel at impact. Finally, the through slot contains steel weight to increase ball speed and spin reduction.

Mizuno's ST-Z 230 fairway wood is an exceptional offering, boasting incredible speed and a glossy black finish. It's the ideal club for players with mid to high handicaps looking to add more forgiveness into their game.

Mizuno set itself apart by designing their ST-Z 230 fairway wood with input from Tour advisors, creating a club with a low center of gravity (CG) position that could be hit easily even by golfers with slower swing speeds.

This design also features a CORTECH Chamber on the sole, which helps boost ball speed and provide a solid feeling at impact. This technology is featured on other models in the line as well.

High MOI fairway woods with higher head sizes are difficult to come by and often the missing piece for average-to-better players who aim for longer distances off the tee or simply need a backup option when their driver needs replacing. They provide more confidence at address with larger head sizes than compact better player models, creating a larger strike zone for more accurate shots.

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