Mizuno Golf Hybrids

Mizuno Golf Hybrids

The 2023 Mizuno Golf Hybrids are ideal for high handicappers looking for hybrid clubs to cover distance gaps between their longest iron and shortest fairway wood. Furthermore, these hybrids have an adjustable hosel that offers +/- 1.5o of loft flexibility for added forgivingness.

Mizuno's ST-Z 230 hybrid club features its CORETECH Chamber for maximum ball speed enhancement, along with 1.9mm thick MAS1C steel face material and Quick Switch Hosel technology, to deliver an extremely solid yet powerful feel on impact.

ST-Z 230 Hybrid

Mizuno's ST-Z 230 Hybrid 2023 is an outstanding hybrid offering excellent distance potential and exceptional versatility.

The 230 Series includes three models, the standard ST-Z 230 offering straight bias with increased forgiveness; and an ST-X 230 model offering draw bias with adjustable features for more draw bias while remaining adjustable. These clubs provide mid to high handicap players with extra distance while still offering solid feel and sound at impact.

Mizuno's ST-Z and ST-X 230 models both use high-energy MAS1C steel faces with CORTECH Chamber technology to lower spin rates, increase ball speed and deliver a solid feeling at impact. The CORTECH Chamber features near the face that encases stainless steel weights with TPU material to reduce spin while increasing energy.

This unique design reduces stress on the face to make it more resilient than traditional 6-4 titanium clubs, helping maintain ball speed and create a powerful, solid sensation at impact. Furthermore, it enhances club's center-of-gravity (CG), increases stability on mis-hits and produces excellent sound/feel characteristics.

One of the most striking features on this hybrid is its eye-catching bright blue hue that easily distinguishes it as a Mizuno golf club and draws attention to CORTECH Chamber technology found throughout their ST-Z 230 drivers, fairways and hybrids.

With four degrees of loft adjustability, this club is tailored to produce various looks and trajectory windows tailored specifically for each player's game. This feature is particularly beneficial when trying to achieve specific yardage targets or target particular shot shapes.

These clubs were developed in consultation with tour advisors and feature slightly larger heads than previous ST-Z hybrids for all skill levels and mid-to-low spin production with a high launch angle.

To achieve these results, Mizuno's ST-Z 230 hybrids have been engineered to feature a low sweet spot and deep center of gravity to promote stable launch and efficient spin rates. Furthermore, these clubs come equipped with multi-thickness face support via its CORTECH chamber technology.

This cavity-back design incorporates a through slot that provides additional COR area by way of sole flex filled with TPU material for stress reduction and increased energy transfer. As a result, its increased energy transfer enables its face to be constructed using stronger and more resilient materials than commonly employed 6-4 titanium alloy.

The ST-Z 230 hybrid features both the CORTECH Chamber and high-energy MAS1C face to provide maximum versatility on the golf course, being suitable for hitting from virtually any lie on any terrain and targeting various target areas such as greens, sand and rough. Furthermore, thanks to its low center of gravity and high MOI rating it makes off-center hits easier to control thanks to easy tracking capabilities.

JPX923 Fli-Hi

Mizuno's JPX923 Fli-Hi long iron hybrid range offers something for players of all skill levels; designed to deliver reliable distance gapping performance. Loft options range from 20 degrees up to 29 degrees.

The clubface is made from 17-4 stainless steel, while the 431 SS body comes equipped with an adjustable bendable hosel to allow for convenient lie angle changes. A 21-gram tungsten weight helps provide increased ball speed and consistent flight path.

These clubs feature a newly designed Wave Soleplate that expands the effective high ball speed area of the clubface for consistent ball speeds, as well as a lighter crown to increase ball flight. Furthermore, Mizuno MAS1C fairway woods use this same design feature for even more ball speed for powerful distance.

Overall, the JPX Fli-Hi is an ideal option for players looking to replace stronger lofted irons with something that provides greater forgiveness and consistency than what stronger irons can offer. While not likely to win any awards for distance alone, it makes an ideal club for those needing additional forgiveness from stronger irons.

For those new to hybrid clubs, the JPX Fli-Hi might initially appear intimidating; however, many players find it an excellent solution. With less effort required than using long irons but providing plenty of forgiveness and consistent distance gaps.

As with other Mizuno hybrids, the JPX Fli-Hi features a gently tapering profile resembling that of a fairway wood and gradually strengthening as lofts increase, to help ensure seamless integration into its hot metal iron counterparts while maintaining distance gaps between them.

Mizuno has responded to customer demand for more reliable and consistent distance gaps at the longer end of the bag by creating this new model of clubs designed specifically to correspond to each of the irons they replace and with gradual profiles from fairway wood to hybrid; their 20-degree hybrid model having an even wider profile than 4-irons.

Higher-lofted hybrid models offer even closer matches to their replacement irons, boasting tighter profiles with deeper faces and an enhanced center of gravity that helps launch balls higher while offering predictable launch and spin rates, leading to more reliable distance gaps between clubs.

JPX Fli-Hi hybrids are an excellent solution for golfers seeking to replace their longest irons, and I have tested some excellent alternatives like this JPX Fli-Hi. With its re-engineered MAS1C steel face and light crown construction allowing for powerful flight while maintaining feel and control so essential in a good iron swing, this club is truly impressive.

Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi

Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi is a long iron replacement created with ball speed in mind. Comprised of a 431 SS body, MAS1C face and 21g weighting for optimal ball flight, its innovative Harmonic Impact Technology sound vibration system produces satisfying impact noises for an immersive playing experience.

Pro Fli-Hi irons are often forgotten about, yet can make an excellent replacement long iron choice for those in search of more reliable long irons. Offering more forgiveness than MP-22 models yet providing accurate shots with straighter hitting, it offers plenty of accuracy while being easier on your swing.

Mizuno have strived to make the Pro Fli-Hi an all-purpose utility iron that caters for golfers of all abilities and levels of play. Boasting slightly longer head length, extra offset and wider sole dimensions than Pro 225 long irons, its higher launch angle offers greater forgiveness while being easier and quicker to hit than its counterpart.

Redesigned face features a 1st MAS1C Steel Face typically found on fairway woods to produce greater ball speed, 431 SS body and 21g Tungsten weighting for increased ball speed at impact and launch at impact.

Another key feature of this hybrid is its Wave Sole plate, designed to add speed to mishits that land low on the clubface. Furthermore, its expandable clubface area creates more effective high ball speed zones and thus increases ball speed and consistency.

The JPX923 Fli-Hi is one of the finest iron replacement hybrids on the market, designed to directly replace your least reliable long or mid irons while providing predictable distance gaps. Featuring 17-4 stainless steel face material and 431 SS body construction for optimal durability. Furthermore, its flexible hosel allows you to customize lie angle adjustments. Furthermore, there is an assortment of loft options to fit any player's swing pattern.

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