Mizuno Golf Irons

Mizuno Golf Irons

Mizuno irons have quickly become one of the most sought-after brands on the PGA Tour due to their exceptional feel and consistency from club to club.

Their assortment of models offers something to meet the needs of different players - especially lower handicappers who desire distance without compromising accuracy.

1. JPX 923 Hot Metal

Mizuno's JPX 923 Hot Metal irons represent their latest iron offering and offer unparalleled ball speed, strong forgiveness and numerous game enhancement features that make them the ideal solution for every golfer.

Mizuno has designed their JPX 923 Irons from 4335 nickel chromoly, which is 35% stronger than 4140 material used in previous Hot Metal models, enabling Mizuno to reduce face thickness by 8% for improved club speed and consistency.

JPX 923 Hot Metal models all utilize this new material, providing faster club speeds and increasing consistency across sets.

JPX 923 Irons offer players of all abilities an easier time achieving the speed they desire without making any modifications to their swing speed or distance. Crafted from 4335 Nickel Chromoly material, these clubs also weigh approximately four grams less than prior models to help increase club head speed without compromising distance.

At Ahead Golf we carry an array of iron sizes to meet the needs of all players. The 7-irons in this line have lower center of gravity to maximize distance and control, while our higher launching HL model is tailored specifically for slower swing speed players who desire higher ball flight.

Hot Metal's most favored model, this lofted iron features a thinner topline while still being forgiving on mishits, making it a go-to choice among low handicappers looking for traditional lofted irons with ample forgiveness on mishits.

These irons feature an eye-catching modern design with a White Satin Brush finish that looks incredible from every angle. Their blade profile provides a clean look, helping players feel as though they're hitting with an actual blade while the cup face construction provides solid shot shaping abilities.

This iron is an essential addition to any player's arsenal and can be personalized using one of our many shaft options. Our True Spec Master fitting professionals will assist in finding you the ideal irons and shafts to optimize results.

2. JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro

Mizuno Golf Irons 2023 are designed to help improve game, featuring cutting-edge technologies to deliver elite ball speeds, distance and forgiveness. Ideal for better mid-handicappers or any low handicapper needing help with distance or forgiveness issues, these clubs will continue to age beautifully as your confidence in shooting improves.

Mizuno has designed their JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro driver with an all-new 4335 Nickel Chromoly construction that provides thinner faces and improved explosive performance, thanks to an all-new 4335 Nickel Chromoly that is 35% stronger than previous Chromoly models used. Furthermore, this material allows Mizuno to create more compact clubheads with minimal offset while providing increased ball speed across its entirety.

Mizuno's V-Chassis delivers consistent vibration patterns to ensure even thinner clubfaces can be felt, and when combined with seamless cup face construction to lower CG for greater launch height and more precise landing angles. This produces explosive performance from this club!

Mizuno's X-Face technology also expands the face opening to produce an expanded sweet spot and more consistent strikes across its entirety, leading to higher ball speeds across its face and increased distance and turf interaction - making the JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro an excellent choice for golfers who desire a compact clubhead without compromising speed or feel.

While many high-speed clubs can struggle with sound and feel, the JPX 923 Hot Metal utilizes the Grain Flow Chromoly HD forging process to provide high-quality feedback from all parts of its face, as well as reduce chances of thin faces producing unreliable cast feels.

Increased thickness can also boost speed, and the JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro takes this strategy one step further by widening its thinnest part 18% wider than on standard models. This increases ball speed across the face while its non-reflective, chrome-plated finish decreases glare for players who wish to look their best when carrying their clubs.

3. JPX 923 Tour

Mizuno's JPX 923 Tour iron has been designed to appeal to the game's top ball-strikers, and features an attractive combination of compact profile, workability, soft feel, excellent shot shaping ability and exceptional distance.

Mizuno's JPX 923 Tour irons feature Mizuno's Grain Flow Forged HD process from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel, combined with a microlayer of copper for an unparalleled soft feel.

These clubs are tailored for professional-level players who seek soft feel and maximum control, including V-Chassis design to generate muscleback-type vibrations in a cavity back design with thinner toplines. As an added player enhancement, these clubs deliver soft yet precise feedback from mishits while remaining soft on impact.

Compared to the other JPX 923 models, the Tour version stands out with its narrower top line and sole, as well as more rounded trailing edges for improved turf interaction. Furthermore, its tour-inspired design includes additional bounce for enhanced playability without digging.

White Satin Brush finishes are designed to minimize glare, so golfers can more clearly see their club heads regardless of lighting conditions. This enables golfers to better focus their eye on seeing where the ball lies on the course.

In addition, the Tour has been designed to respond better to tour feedback - its topline is thin while its trailing edge has been ground to be more acute and its trailing edge rounded to improve sole slipping for smoother grassy and rough areas.

Pro-level players adore this softer-feeling construction of this iron. Its combination of softness, sound and feel are unsurpassed in the industry.

The JPX 923 Tour is an excellent option for any golfer who wishes to improve their game with high-quality equipment. Ideal for college students, professional golfers and those wanting extra distance out of their irons.

4. JPX 923 Hot Metal HL

Mizuno has created the JPX 923 Hot Metal HL for golfers with moderate swing speeds who want a higher-launching cavity back iron. The JPX 923 Hot Metal HL features all of the same characteristics of its standard counterpart but with longer blade, higher offset and thicker sole.

The Hot Metal stands apart from its competitors with its V-Chassis design, offering superior feel and sound. This subtle change reinforces clubhead geometry to help reduce vibrations at impact for an improved feel and sound from impact to the clubface.

Like its standard JPX 923 counterpart, the Hot Metal HL features an innovative Nickel Chromoly material which is 35% stronger than its predecessor and allows Mizuno to reduce face thickness by 8% for greater ball speed.

Additionally, it helps create a thinner topline, providing more speed and consistency when hitting off of the center of the face. All this is completed with seamless cup face construction that moves the center of gravity lower in your head for higher launch and increased stopping power.

As well, the 923 HL has a slightly bigger clubhead which will appeal to players with larger hands who prefer long and straight irons that are still manageable and relatively workable. Furthermore, this model was specifically created for players with higher handicaps so as to provide additional forgiveness than its counterpart while maintaining distance focus and performance characteristics.

For golfers who need less forgiveness in their irons, the JPX 923 Hot Metal X may be an attractive choice. It features shorter blade width and compact dimensions - something which may help those struggling with larger head sizes.

Mizuno's expertise lies in designing clubs to fit a range of golfers' needs, and the JPX 923 lineup is no different - featuring three models sure to deliver reliable performance for golfers of all skill levels.

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