Spalding Golf Irons

Spalding Golf Irons

Spalding is one of America's oldest and most storied sporting goods companies, producing an assortment of balls, baseball bats and basketballs for various sports activities.

Spalding was the first American company to sell golf clubs commercially in 1905 and pioneered an assembly-line-like forging process that enabled mass production of clubs.


Hybrid golf clubs are an excellent option for beginner golfers who wish to improve their game without spending too much money. Offering distance, accuracy and forgiveness that resemble both fairway wood and iron clubs respectively. They come in various loft configurations so you can find one which best matches your swing.

Spalding offers a selection of hybrids in its Golf Irons 2023 line up, such as this model from Bowling Green, Kentucky-based company Spalding has been producing sports equipment for more than 100 years.

Spalding offers clubs designed for golfers of every skill level and is known for their top quality construction, whether you are new or experienced. Their diverse selection is sure to find something perfect.

Spalding Golf Irons 2023 Set is an excellent starting set of irons for budding golfers, featuring a driver, fairway wood and hybrid.

These hybrids feature shorter shafts than fairway woods, making them easier for novice golfers to hit and inspiring confidence in newcomers. Their slightly offset and heel weighting create soft draw ball flights suitable for all skill levels - ideal for novice players starting out.

These clubs feature enlarged clubheads to make it easier to frame the ball and feel confident at address, making these suitable for junior as well as female golfers. Right and left handed options are also available and suitable for junior golfers alike.

Rescue or utility irons are another popular hybrid type, being more user-friendly than long irons and coming in various loft options.

Spalding hybrid clubs provide beginners with an ideal combination of distance, control and forgiveness. Easy to swing, these hybrids can be used for every shot type from fairway to rough.

As opposed to many hybrids on the market, this one stands out for being lightweight yet still providing you with ample power - its thin face and sole help you maximize your swing and make playing fun!


Spalding Golf Irons 2023 are an ideal option for any golfer who's looking to improve their game. Offering consistent flight, durable materials, and great value for the money - plus offering plenty of models that fit seamlessly into any playing style or preference - Spalding's Golf Irons are a fantastic selection!

Spalding was the pioneer company that introduced golf clubs into America, and remains the market leader today in producing top-quality equipment for this sport. They offer an impressive variety of balls that are widely popular with golfers of all skill levels.

The Spalding Golf Ball was specifically created to help you generate more spin on your shots, with various sizes available to fit various swing types and its soft cover providing more forgiving swing action than harder-coated balls.

Spalding golf balls stand out from other brands by being constructed using high-grade materials that will last longer. Furthermore, these machine stitched balls feature additional durability and consistency of flight; plus you can use our ball selector tool to find one best suited to your swing and skills level.

Read customer reviews online to gain a sense of what other golfers have experienced with specific models, or visit your local store and try them on yourself to determine whether they work well for you.

As with other brands, Spalding provides an array of irons with distinct designs and features. Their M3 Irons are tailored toward mid-to-high handicappers while their P 700 series irons target better players.

Spalding offers a selection of irons tailored to lower-handicap golfers. Their M3 Irons have slightly stronger lofts than their M2 counterparts, providing distance on approach shots.

RibCOR technology on these M3 Irons gives them an added advantage over M2 Irons by increasing launch speeds and improving accuracy during shots. You'll get ball speed and accuracy that enable consistent hits to the green.

Fairway Woods

Spalding Golf Irons 2023 are an ideal starting set for those new to golf, featuring drivers, fairway woods and hybrids with graphite shafts that provide distance while helping develop proper swing mechanics.

Fairway woods and hybrids feature shallow profiles, low centers of gravity, wide soles for higher launch angles, and easy hitting from various lie angles in windy conditions. All these characteristics help make them easier for players of any ability.

Spalding Golf irons may not have the same power as some other sets, but they provide ample forgiveness when shots go awry. Their design also promotes high ball flights for added confidence on the course.

Another advantage of these irons is that they're shank proof, enabling larger face shots without fear of shanks occurring when new players try to gain distance with their irons. This feature helps prevent players from encountering unexpected shanks when trying for distance from their irons.

This iron features a patented shank-proof hosel, which moves weight behind the clubface to increase hitting surface area while decreasing the risk of shanks. Furthermore, its improved stability enables greater control when striking the ball.

Furthermore, this club head features a large sweet spot and low center of gravity which enable players to gain more distance with their irons - essential features for beginners looking to avoid missing shots.

These irons offer an exceptional range of lofts and swing weights, making them ideally suited to beginning golfers looking to explore multiple shots on the course. In addition, their large cavity back will aid with ball flight.

Beginners should definitely give this set a look as it offers great value and quality at an attractive price point. Not only can you expect a full bag with this set, but individual irons can also be purchased separately for $795 each.


Wedge wedges are essential tools for golfers, helping to shape and direct your shots while also eliminating sand traps and bunkers from your game. Plus, it helps control short pitches and chips around the green!

Spalding has long been known for crafting high-quality wedges that excel in golf. Some of their greatest wedges, like the Cleveland CBX ZipCore Full-Face 2 (opens in new tab), remain available today for purchase.

This new model boasts an attractive aesthetic and boasts an advanced stainless steel head to please players of all levels. Additionally, its wide sole is intended to increase spin and forgiveness, giving more control during chip and pitch shots around the green.

These wedges come with various lofts to suit players of different skill levels and boast multiple grind options so you can select one to best fit your playing style.

These wedges are an ideal option for any golfer looking to improve their game, as they're easy to hit and provide good control on all forms of sand and grassy areas across the green.

These putters come in various lofts and are constructed with tough urethane material to withstand daily usage on the course. Their face design also promotes good contact between ball and putter as well as solid feel when hit.

Some clubs in this set may be slightly forgiving than others, so be sure to test them at the practice range prior to playing a round. They're an ideal option for beginners looking for their first set of clubs but without spending too much.

This beginner golf set provides everything necessary for successful play - driver, fairway wood and hybrid clubs as well as putter are included - along with an elegant golf bag featuring plenty of pockets that is both stylish and easy to transport.

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