TaylorMade Golf Irons

TaylorMade Golf Irons

TaylorMade is one of the world's premier golf brands, offering an extensive selection of irons suitable for players at all skill levels and preferences. Each set will perform differently; as such, make sure that you select one which best matches up with your skillset and preferences.

TaylorMade provides irons specifically tailored to accommodate avid players - Game Improvement irons - which prioritize distance and forgiveness, making them suitable for beginners as well as high handicappers.


The TaylorMade P7TW Irons were developed in collaboration with Tiger Woods. Boasting TaylorMade's Milled Grind soles and tungsten weighting, these irons provide superior ball flight and precision shot shaping for players who excel at ballstriking.

These irons feature not only sole grinds but also progressive face height and thin top lines to help ensure consistent shot shapes and distances on every swing. These features ensure that club faces always align perfectly for consistent shot shapes and distances on every stroke.

These irons are made of 1025 carbon steel and feature a 2000 ton press for optimal forgivingness. Their short blade length and thin top line make them suitable for those with lower handicaps.

These soft, more forgiving balls than P7MB models provide greater spin control, helping players add extra twist to their shots and hit straighter. Their gentle feel also benefits players who struggle with off-center shots.

Muscle cavities on these irons allow them to distribute some of their weight lower down and make for more forgiving irons. Furthermore, this feature helps create more even weight distribution throughout the iron so you're likely to keep the ball in play even when mishitting shots.

TaylorMade P7TW irons are one of the most acclaimed models in their lineup and are sure to prove popular among a variety of golfers. Not only can these premium irons meet beginner players' needs but they are ideal for experienced golfers looking for premium set of irons with no restrictions for use at any level of play.


TaylorMade's P7MB irons feature TaylorMade's latest Tour-inspired design to meet the demands of advanced ball strikers. Their features include thin top lines, narrow soles and progressive offset for ultimate workability.

These irons were created using a 5-stage forging process with a 2,000 ton press, for maximum durability and soft, buttery feel. Plus, the aggressive MX9 score line geometry offers precision when making shots.

P7MB's tour-inspired shape and input from tour players offer skilled ball strikers an ideal ball striking experience. The muscle cavity and perimeter weighting deliver precise CG placement to control trajectory with every shot for optimal performance.

It features a narrow sole and tight leading edge to promote uniformity over the turf, and an elegant muscle back design with classic performance combined with modern aesthetics.

TaylorMade's Compact Grain Forging process employs 2,000 tons of pressure to forge tighter grain structures with fewer defects, providing precision and performance unrivaled by any other company. Furthermore, this process also allows TaylorMade to machine mill aggressive grooves for enhanced spin control for your ideal shape and trajectory.

The P7MB features a narrow sole that's one millimeter narrower than its predecessor, and engineers added additional bounce to the leading edge for an entirely different feel through the turf. Furthermore, its progressive offset allows more control on greens, while its symmetrical back bar completes this new design.

Select an iron set with an excellent feel to ensure an easier time hitting the green and make every shot count. Also look for one equipped with long-hitting technology so you can maximize distance on drives while making every swing count.


P7MC irons were developed with input from tour players and expert ball strikers, providing an elegant look and feel while offering some forgiveness. Their features include thin toplines, progressive offset and narrow sole width.

TaylorMade clubs are constructed from 1025 carbon steel forged using their compact Grain Forging process. Under up to 2,000 tons of pressure, five times of pressing is performed to produce tighter grain structures with reduced defects.

Precision milled faces and grooves on this clubhead's forged face and grooves allow it to make precise shots, while its muscle cavity on its backside adds extra performance when contact occurs off center.

The P7MC irons are tailored towards strong ball strikers with low handicaps who wish to more precisely shape their shots than they can using traditional long irons. Furthermore, these clubs will assist players who struggle finding the center of the face with finding it back into play more quickly.


TaylorMade's P770 irons provide classic players' silhouette with modern technology performance for accomplished golfers looking for traditional looks without compromising forgiveness and distance. They make an ideal choice.

A forged hollowed-body construction and ultra-thin face are designed to maximize feel, distance, and forgiveness. Plus, its combination of Thru-Slot Speed Pocket and Progressive Inverted Cone Technology protects ball speed across its face - improving playability while heightening accuracy with every shot taken.

FLTD CG(tm)'s intuitive design places its center of gravity (CG) lower in long irons, and gradually shifts higher throughout the set, to optimize launch, playability, trajectory and spin in scoring clubs, providing optimal launch, playability and trajectory control - providing a superior iron set suitable for players of all skill levels.

FLTD CG is an innovative and time-tested technology that delivers golfers better launch, playability, and spin with their long irons while increasing scoring clubs' spin rates by up to 46g of tungsten weight. FLTD CG was also designed to improve overall performance and forgiveness regardless of swing speed.

Intelligent Sweet Spot - TaylorMade stands apart from its competitors by being able to strategically reposition weight within each club head for added forgiveness and an intelligent sweet spot. SpeedFoam Air's 69% reduced density makes the thinnest P*770 ever possible while redistributing mass in key locations for optimal playability.

Revamp of Forged Performance and Advanced Technology

A soft hollowed body construction combined with an extremely thin forged 4140 steel face provides a fast, responsive feel and more distance than you might expect from such a compact head shape. Furthermore, a patented Thru-Slot Speed Pocket works to keep the ball's spin down for optimal distance while an intelligent Optimal Launch System automatically adjusts weight and face angle on off-center hits to maximize clubhead speed - these all ensure peak performance!

Stealth 2

TaylorMade's Stealth 2 line strives to strike a balance between speed and forgiveness, using various technologies. These include their 60-layer carbon face which now features Advanced Inverted Cone Technology to increase ball speeds when off-center hits are made.

Stealth 2's body construction is another key innovation. The frame now utilizes a lighter carbon composite ring for additional weight savings, while its sole has also been upgraded with an ultra lightweight full carbon composite plate sole plate.

TaylorMade's weight reduction makes the club easier and forgiving to hit, while enabling them to relocate the Inertia Generator in a more forgiving position, thus improving stability on off-center strikes.

Stealth 2 features an innovative new face design to increase ball speeds across its entire face. Utilizing both Inverted Cone Technology and an increased COR area, this face optimizes energy transfer for faster ball speeds.

Thicker edges and thinner centers help increase speed all around, which is particularly helpful when making off-center hits.

The Stealth 2 club is designed for players with moderate swing speeds who require assistance in keeping the ball airborne for an extended period. As a result, its low profile head and step down sole are designed to launch it higher and faster.

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