Axis1 Golf Putters

Axis1 Golf Putters

Axis1 Golf Putters represent one of the most advanced innovations available today. These putters boast a revolutionary counterweighted hosel that centers the center of gravity perfectly over the face and aligns perfectly with shaft's axis.

These putters are one of the world's first perfectly balanced putters and help golfers maintain a straighter stroke.

Perfectly Balanced

Axis1 Golf Putters have earned worldwide renown due to their revolutionary putter designs. Available models include Eagle, Umbra, Joey and Joey-C models.

Luis Pedraza, an internationally acclaimed industrial designer with more than two dozen patents, founded this company. His invention: heel counterweight - which moves the center of gravity directly above and in line with shaft and center of face sweet spot for easier putting - made possible through patent.

By aligning the center of gravity with the face center, putting you are guaranteed a sweet feel and beautiful roll that no other putter on the market can match. This improvement alone could make an incredible difference, particularly if you are struggling to putt with another putter.

Another wonderful feature of this putter is that it provides very tactile impact feedback when hitting the sweet spot, almost like hitting an aluminum baseball bat's center of its face with your ball - giving you immediate confirmation of when you have hit that important sweet spot without doing anything extra to achieve success.

At first, this putter may feel unusual; but once you start using it and practicing with it, you will quickly realize its value for improving your stroke.

Luis Pedraza's Axis1 Rose putter is one of its kind, having been designed and patented over 20 years. The Eagle, Umbra and Joey models by Luis are all iconic examples from his designs that boast unique appearances.

Through our testing, we discovered that the Axis1 Rose was very accurate at controlling distance. Furthermore, its forgiving nature allows for easier putting.

This new style of putter offers many advantages over the classic toe hang and face balance putters most players have been using for many years, eliminating most worries regarding off-center putts that lead to wasted time and money over time.

Innovative Design

Axis1 Golf putters feature an innovative design unlike anything else available. Their patented heel counterweight sticks out from ahead of the face and is perfectly balanced, keeping its center of gravity directly in the middle of the clubface for consistent impact and decreased misses and increases directional consistency.

Luis Pedraza, an internationally-recognized industrial designer who holds over two dozen patents, founded the company in 2006. Over his long and illustrious career he has distinguished himself by designing products with complex ergonomic requirements.

Erich recognized an inherent flaw in modern putters: most are out of balance and do not open when hit by players, creating an issue he was able to remedy through innovation - producing an original design which is now sold worldwide.

Centering their centre of gravity over the putter face makes the Axis1 putters extremely enjoyable to feel and roll, and helps players achieve more consistent results compared to most putters on the market.

In addition to being perfectly balanced, Axis1 putters are designed to be torque-free. This means there will be no twisting whatsoever which makes them easier to keep square while producing a larger sweet spot on their putter faces that makes putts harder to miss.

Innovation was at the core of the company's global recognition in 2019. After working closely with them for several months, PGA Tour star Justin Rose finally started using one of their putters and saw his greens statistics improve dramatically.

Since switching to Axis1, Rose has seen his overall putting statistics drop from 122nd in strokes gained to 21st, as well as setting career-bests in strokes gained, one-putt percentage and three-putt avoidance.

Axis1 Golf putters come in many styles and models, including Rose's favorite Axis1 Rose model that was introduced into his arsenal early this year. While highly technical in terms of design, this putter offers an effortless user experience and delivers sweeter feel than most putters on the market - perfect for beginner or improving players alike.

Innovative Technology

Axis1 Golf putters are unlike any others on the market. Their innovative approach to putting is sure to improve your game and help you win more tournaments.

Axis1 is the first company to use patented technology to craft perfectly balanced putters. Their heel counterweight places the center of gravity directly over the club's striking face and on line with its shaft's axis for optimum head positioning and consistency.

It's essential that putters contain the proper design features in order to prevent their heads from opening upon impact, which is an extremely common problem among amateurs and professionals alike, leading to missed putts.

After months of research and testing, the Axis1 team realized that by aligning the center of gravity of their club with both its striking face and shaft's axis simultaneously, it would make an immense difference to putter performance. Doing this allows it to remain square at impact while eliminating issues caused by loose wrists when relaxing them during putts.

Rose used this highly technical putter design to set career highs in Total Putting (13th), Average Putting (5th), Overall Putting Avg (3rd), One Putt Pct (3rd), and 3-Putting Avoidance (8th).

Since Axis1 Rose Proto's retail debut last year, its popularity has skyrocketed. Retailers can purchase the exact same putter used by professionals at professional tournaments for recreational golfers at retail; thus boosting brand recognition even further through appearances at several prominent tournaments.

Many top players on the PGA Tour make use of Axis1 products and enjoy strong relationships with them, like Justin Rose who recently signed a two-year agreement to utilize both its putter as well as Honma gear from Axis1.

Axis1 currently offers three putters equipped with their proprietary technology: Joey, Eagle and Umbra. Each has their own distinct look and features. For instance, Joey features more traditional styling while Eagle and Umbra have more of a mallet-like feel.


There are many factors to take into account when purchasing a putter, including head shape, material and shaft type. One of the most crucial considerations should be finding something that matches your stroke and feels comfortable to you; this will enable you to hole more putts and ultimately achieve lower scores.

Putters on the market are an array of models. There are mallet putters and blade putters available, each offering different lengths and weights to meet individual preferences.

These putters come equipped with various features designed to help improve your putting experience, such as alignment tools and low centers of gravity. Furthermore, they're lightweight and easy to roll for added mobility.

Luis Pedraza, an industrial designer and avid golfer, created Axis1 as part of his belief that exceptional putters must be perfectly balanced. He implemented this idea using a patented heel counterweight system which ensures its center of gravity sits centered over the club face and aligns perfectly with the shaft axis.

This allows the putter to remain balanced during its putting stroke, making it less likely to open and close as you swing it. This is important because it prevents clubface twisting which could misalign the ball and create an unbalanced stroke.

An additional feature that helps keep the putter balanced is a recessed line across the club face that helps minimize twisting during your putting stroke. Furthermore, this line is intended to increase consistency of stroke and help frame putts more effectively.

Axis1 is an ideal option for golfers searching for a high-performance putter with exceptional forgiveness and feel of clubface. Crafted with milled 303 stainless steel that creates a satisfying impact feel and featuring three lines on either wing that make alignment of clubface easier, Axis1 delivers all that and more!

Axis1 provides an affordable alternative to premium brands like TaylorMade and Titleist, making them an excellent choice for players seeking to improve their putting game. Headquartered in the US and working alongside major companies like TaylorMade to design high-quality premium putters

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