GO Golf Putters

GO Golf Putters

Junior golf clubs are tailored to make the game of golf more enjoyable for young aspiring golfers, while also helping children develop proper swing mechanics to become successful competitive golfers in due time.

Junior golf sets generally consist of five to ten clubs including a putter. These sets generally begin with a driver, followed by fairway wood, irons and finally the putter.


Putters make an ideal first choice for junior golfers as their initial club of choice, since they're easy to hold, swing and aim with. Plus, it's an affordable solution if you want to introduce them quickly.

One of the key considerations when purchasing a putter for junior golfers is length. A too short putter could make it more difficult for them to remain still during putting, which leads to increased wrist action that leads to poor stroke quality.

Another aspect to keep in mind when purchasing a junior club is the width. A larger width puts more pressure on their arms, which may cause them to hunch over and lose rhythm.

Go Golf offers an excellent set of Junior Putters suitable for children ages 5-7 who stand 3'2"-3'10", featuring lightweight graphite shafts and forgiving club heads with large sweet spots. Each putter also comes complete with matching stand bags featuring four-way dividers and rain hoods as well as dual straps - ideal for developing young golfers!

These clubs come in both pink and black versions - great value! This set will look good while on the course.

This set is recommended for children ages 7-10 (or up to 4'6"). They offer graphite clubs with Mallet style putters that provide forgiving strokes and pink stand bags; as well as irons featuring cavity back designs of 7 and 9 irons for older kids.

They also produce pink versions of their clubs designed specifically to appeal to younger girls, including putters with high MOI and alignment aids, small hand clubs sized specifically to meet your hands, deluxe lightweight stand bags with dual strap carrying capabilities for easy transport and an accompanying carry case with two straps for convenient carrying capabilities.


Go Golf Junior Putters come in many different sizes and weights, from the X tamer with 6 ounces to its smaller sibling, measuring 4 ounces. But perhaps most important of all is that Go tamer - an effective way of starting lifelong golfing habits among friends of any age! Plus you can purchase one for under $100 so there's no excuse not to start teaching your kid golfing right now!


Flex of the shaft is one of the key considerations in selecting golf clubs. A flexible shaft allows you to make accurate strikes with maximum power; on the other hand, too rigid of a flex could hinder accuracy and make low slices difficult to hit accurately.

Shaft flex is also determined by your swing speed and tempo as well as distance you typically carry the ball. Stiff-flex shafts tend to be best suited for taller golfers or those who swing at speeds exceeding 95 miles per hour while regular-flex shafts are suitable for players with slower tempos and lower swing speeds.

Golfers looking for the optimal combination may opt for multi-material shafts to ensure the greatest ball speed while increasing control of their swing. Shafts with this flex feature are commonly found in hybrids and irons to maximize both power and accuracy in shots made.

Most quality junior clubs use lightweight graphite shafts designed specifically to match your child's swing speeds and tempo, such as those featuring "soft step" design to reduce vibration while offering additional flex.

Young golfers starting to develop their swing can benefit from using lighter shafts, as it will allow more frequent impact with the ball and help increase swing power and consistency over time. A stiffer-flex shaft might even slow their progress down compared to this lighter option.

Apart from shaft flex, other factors should also be taken into account when choosing junior golf clubs. Grip size should also be an important consideration, since juniors must be able to grip the club with minimal effort while still making an effective swing.

Go Golf offers an assortment of junior golf clubs to meet every age and ability level. Their Confidence Golf Junior set is an excellent option for young children aged 4-7 years. Each iron features lightweight graphite shafts with forgiving club heads that have large sweet spots; and there's even an alignment aid built into the mallet putter's mallet putter head! All this comes complete with a pink stand bag to keep everything organized!


Go Golf Junior Putters feature shafts made of flexible fiberglass composite, providing more pliable putts. These flexible shafts make the Go Golf Junior Putters perfect for younger juniors who require lighter handles to get the ball airborne quickly.

These clubs are specifically tailored for kids ages 7-12 (or up to 4'6" tall) and feature a high MOI mallet putter, wide sole irons, and a matching stand bag with four-way dividers to keep everything organized. Furthermore, it comes equipped with rain hood and dual strap carry bag so they are lightweight and convenient.

Early on in their golfing careers, providing your child with a putter they enjoy is key for developing good stroke technique and motivation to enhance their game. A quality putter that they enjoy using will serve them well!

Confidence Golf's set for children aged 4-7 (up to 4'6") is perfect for beginners aged 4-6 or taller than 4'6", featuring an aerodynamic driver/hybrid which will help get their ball airborne, wide soled irons that give more bounce from ground or tee, and a mallet style putter to ensure more consistency on greens.

Your child can purchase this club set in both right-handed and left-handed models, along with a package set containing driver and 9-iron models for an affordable start to golfing. It provides the ideal starting point for your child's golfing journey!

This package set offers much more than a putting wedge and putter; in addition to providing junior golfers with both, this package set also comes equipped with a fairway wood with low center of gravity (CG) that allows for greater distance off both tee and greens. All drivers, fairway woods and hybrids feature premium Callaway technologies designed to give junior golfers confidence when hitting long drives off tee and accurate shots into greens.

Manufacturers have recently undertaken more research to create grips tailored to junior golfers' flex requirements, offering smaller butt diameters that complement what is being sold to ensure an ideal fit for junior players.

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