Pro-Tekt Golf Putters

Pro-Tekt Golf Putters

Pro-Tekt Golf Putters provide all of the performance needed in a design that inspires confidence, making them perfect for low handicappers. Their wide array of styles is sure to meet all needs!

Putters are an integral component of golf, yet selecting one can be challenging. To make things simpler for you, we've curated our picks for the top putters on the market.


One of the easiest ways to improve your putting game is to find a putter with plenty of forgiveness. Forgiveness allows you to hit good shots even when hitting it off of an off-center spot on the club face, enhancing your success when taking shots off line.

This is especially helpful for players who struggle to make consistent putts. More forgiving putters typically contain additional weight at the perimeter of the club-face that can redistribute throughout its club-head in order to provide greater stroke stability and control.

There are a variety of putters that provide forgiveness: blade putters, mallet putters and hybrid putters. Of these types, mallet putters tend to be more forgiving due to distributing more weight to its extremities - helping golfers hit more straight shots with squared-off shots and strikes more frequently through the ball.

Pro-Tekt Right Hand Putter 1 Black Steel Shaft V Slot Alignment Putter is an excellent option for golfers who desire a forgiving putter. Equipped with a clear alignment tool at its back to help achieve proper alignment every time and featuring a T-shaped aluminum body to strike more squarely against the ball, it offers golfers an ideal way to practice putt.

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Pro-Tekt Golf Putters are stylish, easy to align putters available in several different styles. Each model boasts a Tour velvet style black pistol grip and top sight line to help align each putt easily.

Putting is a fun sport that requires much concentration, precision, and accuracy when handling the ball. Selecting an appropriate putter for your game is key to its success; with so many available on the market today it may prove challenging to select just one!

The Pro-Tekt White Hot OG Nano #7 putter is an modern classic, combining Odyssey #7 shape with an insert offering plenty of forgiveness. Perfect for golfers seeking extra forgiving options without breaking their budget, this putter makes an excellent addition to your game.

Criss-cross face pattern ensures consistent initial velocity across its face for easy control and rolling of the ball, while its high MOI design offers additional forgiveness on miscues.

Pro-Tekt has once again created an outstanding design with their TESTIFY mallet putter, featuring a two-tone alignment tray that sits high on the face for easier optics, along with three alignment lines to help ensure proper address alignment.

Golfers of all abilities need this essential accessory if they want to putt effortlessly! Not only will it simplify putting, but its red and blue lines also make drawing alignment lines much simpler than it otherwise would be! Plus having them printed onto the putter makes alignment even simpler; an invaluable alternative to drawing your own lines!

All of these putters come with excellent warranties and are very budget-friendly. Shop them today from GolfGear4Less for great value for money purchase - free delivery in 164 countries makes shopping even easier!

Easy to Align

Line up the putter correctly is key to consistent putting, one of the cornerstones of golfer's games and many ways can help improve it. A high quality putter will not only make your stroke more consistent but can give a boost of confidence when standing over the ball.

Pro-Tekt putters come in four modern and stylish styles that allow for easy alignment. Each has a V groove back for easier putt alignment while top sight lines help find targets more quickly.

These modern putters feature sleek black steel shafts to minimize glare, as well as tour velvet style Pro-Tekt black pistol grips for a sleek appearance.

If you're on the lookout for a new putter to test out, these are your top options. Available in various shapes and sizes to meet every golfer's needs, these models have something suitable for every taste.

There are many outstanding putting putters available, so the key to selecting one that is suitable for you lies in finding one you enjoy using. Finding your ideal putter may simply require finding one with aesthetic appeal that feels good in your hands; or it could involve researching which alignment features will best serve your game.

Before making your final choice, it's a good idea to browse a few models before making your final selection. Beginners might benefit from selecting a mallet putter with easy alignment lines.

Alternately, try switching up to a blade putter - these tend to be easier to align due to their wider top line and may also provide greater forgivingness.

The Pro-Tekt ENDURE features two unique alignment aids on its topline and an internal pocket to assist golfers with pinpointing where they want their putt to land. These features are rarely found on blade putters and help golfers pinpoint exactly where their target lies.


Pro-Tekt Golf Putters offer an economical way to enhance your game. Easy and lightweight to use, these putters come in various styles making them suitable for beginners as well as high handicappers alike.

These golf covers offer excellent value and should be included in every player's bag. Constructed of tough yet stretchable Neoprene material that protects clubs from the elements, and featuring an integrated magnetic "pick-up" tab enabling easy retrieval by club head.

Putters are an essential component of your club bag and can make a dramatic difference to your scores. A quality putter will increase accuracy while decreasing three-putts during your round.

There are a range of putters available on the market, designed for every possible swing shape and goal type. Finding your ideal putter depends on both your putting stroke type and goals as a player.

As a starting point, face-balanced putters are an excellent option for players with either an arcing or straight putting stroke. This puts more of the ball weight directly in the center of your clubhead for increased control and accuracy around greens.

This model also comes equipped with a small hosel, creating 15 degrees of toe hang for greater stability and putting performance. Furthermore, there's a subtle alignment line in its crown which helps ensure square shots at targets.

Choose from various hosel options to find one that best matches your swing style. The SR 595 putter is an excellent option for beginners, higher handicappers or anyone in search of an inexpensive but reliable putter with ample forgiveness.

This putter features an outstanding milling pattern to easily control miss-hits and shots gone astray, while its face-balanced clubhead makes it suitable for use by beginners and high handicappers alike. Furthermore, its slightly elevated sweet spot increases your chances of making more putts while simultaneously decreasing three-putts during rounds.

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