TaylorMade Golf Putters

TaylorMade Golf Putters

TaylorMade Golf putters are designed with players at all skill levels in mind, helping them strike the ball confidently on greens. Their balance and stability help players putt with precision.

There are three families of putters to consider; Spider mallets, the TP Patina Collection and Truss putters each target forgiveness and stability; but which will best suit your stroke?

Pure Roll2 Face Insert

TaylorMade's Pure Roll2 Face Insert is an innovative design to improve roll when striking a putter, and includes soft material and grooves to increase topspin and ensure a smooth roll with every putt.

The patented design enhances any putter face to help golfers consistently hit the desired line and reduce risks of off-center or mishit putts, creating more sound and feel at impact with better ball contact quality and feedback from their putter.

Since its debut, both pros and amateurs alike have been extolling its virtues; many even claim it has made them more consistent on the green. The Pure Roll2 Face Insert's 45 degree-angled grooves enhance roll characteristics.

TaylorMade's Pure Roll insert makes this putter stand out, offering more distance, consistency and forgiveness both at address and throughout your putting stroke. Boasting an asymmetrical face design combined with high MOI for stability that performs like pure strike! Suitable for players seeking stable putter heads that offer pure strike performance on all Tours.

As with other Pure Roll putters, this insert features a short slant hosel and double wing design with 32 degrees of toe hang for players with moderate face rotation during their putting stroke. In addition, extreme perimeter weighting pushes 82 percent of its weight towards its perimeter for stability on off-centre strikes.

TaylorMade offers another impressive design in their Spider SR mallet Spider that combines premium materials and extreme perimeter weighting for increased forgiveness and stability at address. Featuring a lightweight aluminium body with two 86g dual-tungsten weights at either heel and toe positions for a powerful putting feel, this mid-size mallet Spider comes equipped with extreme perimeter weighting for increased forgiveness and stability when hitting shots off targets at address.

TaylorMade's Spider GT putter has long been a mainstay in their putter lineup and continues to set standards in innovation and customization, featuring three hosel options and interchangeable weights for greater player control over swing weight, face angle and swing weight adjustments. Players are free to create the ideal putter stroke by customizing swing weight, hosel and face angle settings to meet individual putting stroke requirements.

Fluted Feel(tm) Shaft

Fluted Feel(tm) putter shaft is a tour-proven putter shaft designed to increase stability and produce more topspin, providing golfers with superior sound, feel, and forgiveness than traditional putters.

It features a wider hosel which increases support to the face, helping reduce face twisting at impact for more confident shots.

TaylorMade is known for making some of the world's most advanced putters, and they now provide a selection of models tailored specifically to both professional and beginner golfers alike. From traditional blade, mid-mallet and mallet designs with cutting edge features designed to guarantee accuracy and forgiveness when it comes to putting, TaylorMade provides putters to suit both advanced players as well as beginners looking for their first putter.

TaylorMade putters are notable for their True Path alignment system, first introduced with the Spider X. This helps ensure accuracy by easily tracking an arrow-shaped rear edge that displays visually aligning the putter to your stroke, enabling you to visualize your putting stroke more precisely and ensure its execution without issue.

TaylorMade putters feature the True Path design on several models within their putter range, such as the Spider GT Splitback and Max putters, featuring a white section, black sightline, and an arrow-shaped rear edge that helps golfers visualize their stroke and ball path more easily.

Featuring an arrow-shaped rear edge, the putter remains aligned at address and throughout its putting stroke. A white channel running through the center of its face frames the ball for easy aiming of target lines while maintaining focus on your ball.

TaylorMade putters come equipped with the Pure Roll(tm) insert, a firmer co-molded insert made of black TPU urethane with silver aluminum beams at 45-degree angles designed to maximize topspin across the face for more distance and improved putting speed. This co-molded feature can help improve topspin generation across your putt face for increased distance and speed of play.

Truss Hosel

Since 2010, TaylorMade putters have featured the Truss Hosel to aid strike stability on off-center hits. This feature can be found across their entire putter lineup.

The putter head is constructed of stainless steel to maintain stability of its hosel, and features a customizable tungsten backbar that can be adjusted depending on length of putter to match personal swing weight preferences and playing styles.

One of the unique characteristics of Truss Hosel putters is their anchorage closer to the heel, giving a slight toe hang for those with an arcing stroke. TM1 is one of three putters included in this series designed specifically to increase stability during strokes.

TaylorMade's Spider putter line has just been upgraded with the exciting and sleek Mallet Spider putters that will surely help many golfers improve their putting ability. Boasting sci-fi design features that stand out on the greens, these Mallet Spider putters offer incredible performance characteristics and will stand out among their competition on any course they visit.

Truss hosels have been shown to increase putter stability, reduce impact deflection on off-center hits and help you hit more consistent putts with improved scores. Plus, their engineering minimizes twisting for more putts that travel along their intended target lines!

These putters feature Cobalt Blue Pure Roll(tm) inserts designed to produce improved sound, feel and roll characteristics. Their grooved insert improves topspin while increasing forward roll - helping your ball start and remain in its intended path.

Truss hosels come in four distinct models, including blade putters TB1 and TB2, mallets, and putter blades.

These putters feature putter heads fashioned to look like traditional blade or mallet putters, making them suitable for players of all skill levels. Their triangular-shaped hosels come equipped with nickel-cobalt finishes designed to reduce green-side glare; additionally they come in several sizes to meet most players' needs perfectly.

Dual Tungsten Weights

TaylorMade's Spider putter line has long been one of the most beloved putter sets available on the market, used by high handicappers, world-class players, and beginners to lower scores and lower their handicap. Now in 2023, they are unveiling several new models which feature even more cosmetic options and improved technology.

First up is the Spider GTX, boasting a fresh new design and increased adjustability. Two 40g tungsten weights can be set into three separate locations along its heel and toe fangs for customized placement according to golfer's stroke and increasing accuracy around greens.

Position 1 (forward) promotes a more closed face angle at impact, while Position 2 (neutral) helps maintain an open face angle and promotes more consistent misses. Furthermore, player testing was done to assess how different weight positions affected putting performance and they found that players with their weights in front had more consistency while those in back had greater variance.

Spider GT Max features a sliding tungsten sole plate that allows golfers to adjust the weights up or down depending on their stroke. According to the brand, doing this allows golfers to achieve greater consistency and an increased putting average.

Spider line offers an assortment of head shapes and shaft configurations designed to cater to a wide variety of stroke types. In addition to its classic spud neck model, there is now also an arcing stroke-specific slant neck available that offers slightly increased toe flow for increased toe flow and added toe flow arcing stroke players.

All of these putters come in various colors and feature True Path(tm) technology to give them a premium appearance at address. Furthermore, there is a selection of hosel configurations, such as short slant and single bend options, along with multiple toe hang designs to give golfers maximum customization for their individual putting stroke.

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