Zebra Golf Putters

Zebra Golf Putters

Zebra Golf Putters 2023

Zebra Golf Putters 2023 offer putters designed to increase consistency during every stroke, boasting technologies which help increase accuracy and balance.

This putter line is ideal for the serious putter player looking to improve their consistency and accuracy, offering numerous customization options including head weight adjustment and grip upgrades.


Ping has introduced an impressive selection of putters to meet the needs of golfers seeking an alternative look or feel. Their 2023 line comprises 4 models, each designed for specific stroke types.

The 2023 collection boasts an assortment of head shapes and sizes in black nickel AIT models. Furthermore, modern designs such as face grooves are included to improve stability and consistency across this line of golf clubs.

Each model is equipped with a soft, responsive face insert constructed from dual-durometer Pebax material for accuracy on must-make putts and distance control, along with face grooves and weighting in the toe and heel areas to increase forgiveness, helping golfers increase MOI while simultaneously decreasing face twist on off-center putts.

Putters come equipped with nine interchangeable alignment plate options for even further personalization, which can be easily changed by a qualified fitter to find the optimal putter fit for you and your stroke. This makes finding your ideal putter easy if you're new to using putters.

A professional fitter should be able to identify what kind of putter will suit both your stroke type and eye, and provide guidance as to which putter would best meet these criteria. You could also consult a local PGA pro on their recommendations when purchasing new putters; or request an evaluation session from them so you can select the ideal putter option for your game.


Zebra's 2023 putter collection features 4 head shapes to meet your putting needs, each built using dual-durometer face inserts, tungsten weights in the toe and heel areas and face grooves for more consistent putting strokes. In addition, several putters come equipped with multi-material construction featuring aluminum, tungsten, SIK Face Technology for even better balance between stability and roll accuracy for more consistent putts every time you putt.

One feature that caught testers' eyes when reviewing this putter line was its alignment-line plate, an interchangeable system with nine possible top lines designed to help improve aim and reduce off-center putts. This odd piece of metal features an eye-catching curve which creates an arresting look on the putter face. Contrary to traditional alignment aids, which require you to square the putter at address for it to work effectively, this system allows you to tailor its weights and toe hang according to your stroke type. Design features that most players will appreciate include adjustable weight kits that allow you to tailor it specifically to your swing speed, making this device highly customisable. When purchasing this design from your PGA professional you should get some tips on how to maximize its usefulness even further. Additionally, each model comes equipped with its own adjustable weight kit allowing further personalization.


The 2023 putter collection includes 4 head models, each with a face design to increase MOI and minimize off-center putt twisting. There are also dual-durometer inserts with one layer providing precision for short must-make putts while another layer provides feedback and distance control necessary for longer, accurate putts.

These putters offer a range of looks in black nickel finishes, with both blade and half moon styles available, along with the brand new dual line putter for improved aiming. A dual line alignment aid helps ensure squareness at address while adjustable weight options help fine-tune putting stroke.

Putters boast one of the most attractive features: an interchangeable alignment plate. This convenient design enables you to adapt alignment aids according to your swing speed, so that the putter always delivers optimal feel and performance. This feature makes upgrading putters easy without breaking the bank! It is an invaluable asset for golfers seeking an upgrade without spending a fortune for new equipment.

With an array of designs to choose from, the 2023 putter collection offers something suitable for most golfers' tastes and stroke types. There are more traditional shapes like Blade and Mallet.


Zebra's latest line of putters represents an enormous advancement over their previous incarnations in terms of both performance and feel, featuring dual-durometer face inserts for increased speed consistency, face grooves for speed consistency, tungsten nickel weights in heel/toe sections of top models for increased forgiveness, as well as multi-line alignment systems to help get you square to the hole. No matter if it's for yourself or as a gift there's sure to be something suitable in this dazzling collection of all things new/old!

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