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GO Golf Wedges

Wedges can make all the difference for junior golfers, which is why they should be one of the first clubs children learn to swing. Striking them correctly early can help prevent costly errors while simultaneously helping develop good swing technique.

Precise offers an affordable and simple way for junior golfers to begin playing golf: their XD-J set features a driver, hybrid, two irons and blade-style putter that provide all they need to develop speed and accuracy in their swing.

RTX ZipCore 6

Are You Searching For Wedges That Will Take Control of Your Game? The RTX ZipCore 6 offers one of the top options available today - featuring three breakthrough advancements which unlock maximum spin performance regardless of lie.

These wedges not only allow you to maximize spin in any condition, but also come equipped with multiple grind options to match every shot on the course. Mid grind wedges are optimized for full swings while full sole grind wedges excel when playing shots from rough or sandy conditions.

RTX ZipCore wedges also include an innovative bounce chamber to increase bounce on full-face and short shots, giving you confidence when hitting shots that are targeted toward the green, which can make a significant difference when it comes to accurate shots.

RTX ZipCore wedges offer a range of lofts and bounces to meet everyone's individual game needs, including tour satin and black satin finishes for optimal selection.

RTX ZipCore grooves have been upgraded with deeper and sharper cutting action on the face for improved cutting action, helping you navigate tough lies more easily. Furthermore, they are closer together for increased contact consistency on all your shots.

The Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedges offer a weighting system to help you reach your ideal spin, loft and distance on all pitches and chips - no matter your handicap level or handicap range! They are sure to meet the demands of 2023 golfers alike.

HydraZip, one of the key innovations of RTX ZipCore wedges, allows golfers to maximize friction on shots even in wet conditions. This patented technology uses dynamic face blasts with laser lines to generate roughness on the clubface and increase friction created upon impact from golf ball hitting face of clubface; also, golfers will experience up to 43% more spin when hitting in wet conditions than previous generation wedges.


HydraZip technology uses dynamic face blasts and laser lines to maximize friction for consistent spin in dry and wet conditions, increasing spin consistency by 43 percent over its predecessor RTX 6 ZipCore wedge - giving golfers confidence they are hitting shots with increased penetrating speed and trajectory.

Cleveland's RTX wedge line is an excellent option for players seeking a premium club that can enhance their game from around the green, fairway or rough and sand. Available in different lofts with unique features to help advance your game, each model provides something extra to help make you more proficient at golf.

Cleveland RTX wedges feature one of the most innovative features, HydraZip. Utilizing dynamic face blasts and laser lines, HydraZip works to maximize spin in wet conditions with R&D testing showing 43% more spin in wet conditions with their successor RTX 6 wedges compared to their predecessors.

HydraZip technology also employs an additional laser milling pattern on the club face that's specifically designed to enhance friction and encourage water shedding, an important consideration when playing in wet conditions as grooves that don't disperse water can often result in spin loss, making it hard for golfers to reach close to their pin on wet shots.

Cleveland RTX wedges feature not only HydraZip technology but also a low-density core that expands sweet spot and increases MOI for every shot, providing maximum forgiveness with every swing. Furthermore, its placement ensures it remains directly behind impact zone to improve feel and stability.

UltiZip grooves, which are deeper and sharper than previous designs to more easily navigate debris-laden greens and deliver consistent results, are an additional key feature that are strategically positioned to optimize spin performance for each loft.

Cleveland RTX wedges are an excellent way to improve their game from both fairways and greens, and the latest iteration boasts innovative technologies that are more cutting-edge than ever. The RTX 6 wedges come equipped with an increased contact area of 13% which helps players hit open face shots over hazards or trees into bunker lips with ease.

UltiZip Grooves

Grooves on a wedge's club face act to grip and spin the ball at impact, providing guidance when played from greenside positions. Most often found on sole, however grooves may also exist on head of club.

Cleveland's UltiZip Groove technology has been extensively evaluated to find an optimal groove sequence for spin, bite and consistency. These new grooves feature sharper, deeper and closer together grooves designed to slice through debris more efficiently while biting harder for increased spin and control.

These grooves are also more efficient at channeling debris away and increasing overall friction on the club face, for increased shot strength and consistency no matter your lie or conditions. Plus, two additional grooves per face add greater contact across all three grooves for increased friction to produce spin on every shot!

RTX Zipcore wedges feature grooves for increased grip, as well as heat treatment to make them even more durable than ever. This process helps them last longer so you'll need fewer replacements over time.

RTX Full Face wedges are constructed of 8620 carbon steel for greater durability than previous Cleveland wedge models, and heat treated at temperatures exceeding 1,000degC to further strengthen and increase wear resistance.

With their combination of technologies, the RTX 6 Zipcore wedges give players more control and spin than ever in junior wedge play. Their Tour Satin finish, HydraZip laser edging and UltiZip grooves all work to set these wedges apart from competitors.

Are You Looking To Add Spin or Simply Improve Your Wedge Game? The RTX 6 Zipcore Wedges Are Perfect! They feature a large, high toe profile for added forgiveness around the green and have Tour Satin finishes which give an attractive appearance at address.


Wedge clubs are an indispensable piece of equipment for any golfer. Not only can they help navigate bunkers and rough terrain more effectively, they also allow golfers to produce consistent shot making around greens - giving players a distinct advantage in shotmaking consistency.

Selecting an ideal wedge depends on both your skill level and playing environment. Beginners might benefit from starting off with something with less loft to help get over any challenging obstacles, while more experienced golfers might require stronger clubs for long distance hitting.

Shaft length, lie angle and overall weight are three key measurements that influence how golfers strike the ball. Accurate measurements will allow a club to perform to its full potential every time out.

When using clubs with too long or short shafts, accuracy of shot becomes compromised; on the other hand, too lightweight clubs do not provide enough forgiveness and help players to generate the ball's flight trajectory correctly.

The RTX ZipCore 6 features an innovative weighting system which enables it to move its center of gravity and raise MOI for a more forgiving and easier-than-ever wedge experience. Furthermore, improved grooves are featured for optimal spin performance on both wet and dry surfaces.

When purchasing wedges, it is also essential that you find one with the ideal flex. This will enable you to maximize their use and ultimately improve your game.

RTX offers an extensive selection of wedges designed to meet various playing conditions and situations. Each model comes in multiple loft options so that you can find one suitable to your requirements.

These wedges are an ideal option for beginner and intermediate golfers seeking maximum control and forgiveness from their wedge. Being lightweight, these models can accommodate players with various swing speeds.

Go Golf offers an excellent junior set that can help your child build their skills and become an excellent golfer, suitable for children ages 4-7 who stand up to 4'6". Additionally, its matching carry bag serves both as push cart and walking cart so your child can practice golf anywhere!

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