Mizuno Golf Wedges

Mizuno Golf Wedges

Mizuno Golf Wedges 2023 are designed to combine the precision and playing profile of a bladed wedge with aggressive performance from their toe-weighted design, offering both precision and aggressive playability for optimal playability. Furthermore, these wedges come equipped with partial heel-cavities and short hosels which centralise their sweet spots for enhanced sweet spot control.

Centralised position allows for consistent strikes and higher spin numbers. Mizuno Hydroflow Micro Grooves release moisture quickly while decreasing spin drop off. These clubs feature Quad Cut milled grooves for extreme backspin performance as well as laser etched Hydroflow Micro Grooves which have been developed specifically to release moisture quickly, further increasing spin.


Mizuno Golf's 2023 wedges are an excellent option for players looking to add more bite to their game. Their flexible loft and bounce options allow them to fit easily into any swing or course conditions, and provide the player with an optimal playing experience.

They feature an iconic one-piece Grain Flow Forged HD head forged at Hiroshima facility where forging irons since 1968 has taken place. 1025 carbon steel provides the optimal combination of strength and feel, creating optimal feedback and accuracy.

Another wonderful feature is its shorter hosel than previous models, saving weight in the heel area while decreasing natural inclinations of CG to settle towards heel side and thus creating more central sweet spot and improved spin and launch performance.

Mizuno's S23 wedges differ from more conventional wedges by featuring an intricate cavity which draws the center of gravity toward the face, making for greater stability and easier contact across more area of its face. Mizuno claims this makes their wedge more stable and easy to hit as more area can be utilized as contact.

The club features an innovative "Fitting by Sole" technology, which enables you to select a sole grind best tailored to your game. This process considers typical turf conditions, attack angle and divot taking depth for you so as to tailor a sole grind that will provide optimal combination of spin control and trajectory control.

These wedges feature Hydroflow micro grooves designed to release moisture quickly, helping reduce spin drop-off during wet conditions for consistent spinny performance and to lower scores over multiple rounds of golf. This technology ensures that your consistent spinny wedge will help lower scores!

These wedges come with durable copper cobalt or white satin brush chrome finishes to look their best on any golf course, yet may cost slightly more than other clubs available on the market. You will have to decide which option best meets your needs when choosing one of these wedges.

These wedges are one of the best-looking wedges available and highly recommended to all players - they have proven especially popular among pros like Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy.

Quad-Cut Grooves

Mizuno Golf Wedges 2023's wedge faces feature quad-cut grooves that are CNC milled for versatile loft/bounce options, along with Hydroflow Micro Grooves to increase moisture release and decrease spin loss when dewsweeping or playing in damp conditions.

Mizuno wedges feature grooves to provide a central location for their sweet spots, helping players strike more squarely and generate more spin than traditional heel-based wedges with similar sweet spots. Thanks to Mizuno's hollow design, which removes weight from the heel area to more central parts of the face thus creating a more centrally located center of gravity (CG) position, this gives players more precision with each shot they take and generates greater spin when hitting their shots more accurately and squarely than traditional wedges with heel-based sweet spots.

Simple concepts often result in incredible amounts of spin when hit off-center. Furthermore, this type of technique creates an enjoyable impact sensation and increases chances of generating additional spin on shots hit off the toe as well.

In addition to quad-cut grooves, the S23 wedge also boasts a back-cavity design which reallocates its center of gravity closer to the face and will thus produce more consistent and predictable spin.

ZipCore technology is also integrated into wedges to optimize mass placement and ensure an even distribution of center of gravity, which will not only increase MOI but also make off-center strikes more stable. This innovation can significantly decrease noise while improving stability - an especially helpful feature when striking off-center shots.

After using the S23 wedges for several rounds, we're truly impressed by their performance. Crafted from 1024 mild carbon steel with Boron infusion for increased lifespan, these durable wedges come with durable white satin brush chrome or glare resistant copper cobalt finishes to meet any of your golfing needs.

The S23 wedge offers six bounce/loft configurations to meet various playing requirements, from teardrop-shaped heads and S grinds featuring straighter trailing edges to teardrop shapes with teardrop heads and flattened faces and straighter trailing edges. Each configuration aims to help players achieve different types of shots such as full shots, square-faced pitch shots and bunker shots.

Hydroflow Micro Grooves

Mizuno wedges consistently impress us with their smooth feel and performance. Thanks to their one-piece Grain Flow Forged process, these exceptional clubs boast that "Nothing Feels Like a Mizuno" feeling and performance.

The S23 wedges elevate this concept further by combining the precision and playing profile of a bladed wedge with aggressive performance of a toe-weighted design. They're forged in Hiroshima, Japan with shorter hosels and heel-orientated cavities which allow greater mass to be pushed towards the toe of the club, creating a centralized sweet spot and longer impact times, less head deflection, and higher spin from both full shots and partial ones.

A major improvement over conventional wedges which tend to be heel-biased and can result in inconsistent performance when trying to hit a ball in the air or onto a green. A shorter hosel allows more visibility of its centred sweet spot as well as improved control.

These wedges come with various lofts and grinds to accommodate various ground conditions and swing types. For instance, the 56/12 is designed to skid rather than dig into turf; you can pair this wedge with either an S or D grind.

Each wedge boasts its own quad-cut grooves (Quad Cut) pattern that changes depending on loft and bounce. Pitching wedge and gap wedge lofts (44 to 53 degrees) feature narrower and deeper grooves while those found on sand and lob wedges feature wider and shallower ones to help channel away water and debris during shots played around the green.

HydroFlow micro grooves etched laser into the clubface are another distinguishing characteristic of S23 wedges, helping to release moisture from within and decrease spin drop-off during wet weather conditions.

As well as these precise grooves, the S23 wedges are constructed from one block of 1025 mild carbon steel infused with Boron for extra strength and durability. This means they will stand up well over time while still offering you sharpness and feel.

Grain Flow Forged

Mizuno Golf Wedges 2023 are precision and feel-oriented wedges, and have earned them an impeccable reputation among golfers for over fifty years due to the Grain Flow Forged process in their Hiroshima factory. Mizuno are known for consistently producing great products with distance control capabilities and incredible feedback features that ensure incredible play.

The S23 wedges offer golfers extreme backspin with a central sweet spot for maximum control over shots hit with their toe. Their short hosel and partial heel cavity push weight towards the toe area for an aggressive design; this helps move the center of gravity closer to the middle of the clubface and produce more satisfying impacts while increasing spin rates as well.

This allows the clubface to remain in contact longer for more consistent toe strikes - aiding quick ball up-and-down action - at lower lofts, helping produce squarer hits for consistent high spin numbers at higher lofts.

Mizuno wedges are handcrafted using 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel at their iconic facility in Hiroshima Japan where they have been crafting irons since 1968. This material allows for thinner top lines which impact less than four millimeters behind impact ensuring a soft yet firm feel when hitting.

Mizuno HydroFlow Micro Grooves feature laser-etched micro channels designed to release moisture quickly while also minimizing spin drop off, providing additional features of Mizuno's Tour-ready design.

These durable paint finishes include white satin brush chrome and copper cobalt. Both versions offer optimal wear resistance after multiple rounds of playing.

The S23 wedges are among the finest we have had the pleasure of experiencing, inspiring plenty of confidence with every stroke we hit behind the ball - especially while sitting behind it and providing great grip and feel. A must-have in any player's bag; available in multiple grinds and two finishes so you can choose what best fits you!

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