Pro-Tekt Golf Wedges

Pro-Tekt Golf Wedges

Pro-Tekt Wedges can be used for numerous shots in golf and many players carry multiple wedges in their bag. When selecting wedges for use in your game, it's crucial to choose ones with optimal characteristics that best meet your requirements.

Bounce is an important consideration when selecting the appropriate wedge. Low bounce wedges tend to perform better on hard fairways with tight lies while higher-bounce options work better in soft conditions.

Ping Glide 4.0

The Ping Glide 4.0 premium wedge has been specifically engineered to give you the performance needed for successful shots around the greens and improve your game. Offering 17 loft, bounce, and grind combinations - you have everything you need to find your ideal setup!

This full service range of wedges uses a revolutionary face story and milling process to increase spin, increasing friction at impact. Low-loft wedges (46 to 52 degrees) feature steeper sidewalls for improved full shot performance while higher loft wedges (54 to 62 degrees) employ an angled wall that offers greater control on partial shots.

It also features a new, softer elastomer insert that increases contact time and provides a more forgiving and responsive feel. Constructed of 8620 carbon steel, its softness allows for 36% more contact time than before - leading to increased confidence and accuracy on greens.

PING offers four distinctive sole grind options, which offer meaningful variations without being overwhelming: S Grind for most golfers with its rounded lead edge, trailing edge and heel relief; W Grind as wide sole with more resistance to digging; T Grind as thin sole with extreme heel relief, as well as E-Grind inspired by Eye2 for players who like its look.

The S Grind meets nearly every player's needs with its rounded lead edge, ample bounce, and trailing edge/heel relief features. Meanwhile, W Grind offers more resistance against digging while performing better in sand conditions, and Eye2-inspired E-Grind brings back memories of PING Eye2 wedges.

Another major improvement to the Glide 4.0 is its compact head shape, which is smaller and more rounded compared to previous models from Ping, thus saving weight off of its hosel.

Lower loft wedges feature steeper grooves to channel away debris at impact, while higher loft models use more angled ones for increased control and feel on partial shots. Furthermore, each face also comes equipped with an emery blast that adds texture for greater spin at impact.

Vokey RTX Full Face

The Vokey RTX Full Face wedge is an impressive high-performing wedge, boasting features designed to improve accuracy and control. Its compact shape and minimal head size make it suitable for an array of shots around the green.

The Cleveland RTX Full Face features a high-toe profile to provide extra surface area, which will help boost spin on open-faced shots without compromising forgiveness. In addition, its lightweight hollow core utilizes Cleveland's ZipCore technology for increased MOI and increased spin.

It offers multiple bounce options, such as 8 deg Low+ for its 54-degree heads. Furthermore, its C-shaped relief on heel and toe promotes versatility around greens while its Tour Satin finish gives it a classy appearance at address.

Like its original RTX ZipCore version, the Full Face version features UltiZip grooves to boost performance. Drilled directly into its face, these grooves allow for increased friction and thus speed.

These grooves not only reduce the likelihood of thin or fat shots, but they also allow more of the face to be used when controlling and manipulating the ball - improving your odds for a successful shot.

Cleveland's Zipcore technology can also be found in this wedge, placing a low-density core house within its hosel to reposition discretionary weight and move its center of gravity closer to the sweet spot for improved forgiveness and distance control. This results in more distance and consistency on every shot taken with it.

RTX Full Face's outstanding features come at an unbeatably reasonable price point, making these wedges an exceptional value. These PS129 wedges come with both black and satin finishes, making them a fantastic upgrade option for existing sets.

The Vokey RTX Full Face wedge is one of the most widely-used wedges on the market, but its performance can often go overlooked by golfers unfamiliar with it. Furthermore, this versatile club makes an excellent addition to a set of wedges designed to handle different shots types.

TaylorMade MG3

The MG3 wedges offer an outstanding combination of elite spin, great sole options, amazing feel and aesthetic beauty that are sure to please seasoned pros as well as amateur golfers.

TaylorMade's third generation Milled Grind wedge line, the MG3, represents its latest evolution within this category. Based on feedback from Tour Professionals, they listened and integrated it into this new wedge design.

Tech - The MG3 wedges feature RAW Face Micro-Ribs to increase face texture for enhanced spin and performance around the greens. The raised micro-ribs are strategically positioned between full grooves for maximum frictional increase that leads to more spin and creates increased spin potential.

These wedges also incorporate Zipcore technology, making them not only extremely forgiving but also offering plenty of feel on greenside shots. Furthermore, "Ultizip" grooves help add even more control and spin to each shot.

The MG3 is available in every loft and bounce combination except 46 degrees, and comes in both Chrome and Black finishes. Both finishes are constructed from 8620 carbon steel - an exceptional material used to craft cast irons and wedges with superior feel and durability.

Forged from 8620 carbon steel, the MG3 wedges feature exceptional feel at impact and centering. We thoroughly enjoyed playing them in 2023 and found them very forgiving on greenside shots.

Variable Thick-Thin Head Design can optimize CG position and ball flight characteristics for each loft, helping maximize performance and confidence on any golf course.

MG3 wedges feature an innovative Raw face design, which will rust with use to maintain spin. This innovative feature stands out in a market full of wedges and will appeal to players seeking improved performance in wet conditions.

The TaylorMade MG3 wedge stands out as our top choice on the market in 2023 and will quickly become a favorite for both experienced players and novices. Offering various sole options from HB to SB, this wedge delivers elite spin with exceptional feel for your swing.

Mizuno T22

Mizuno T22 wedge is one of its top performers and features numerous exceptional qualities that should appeal to golfers of all skill levels. First and foremost, its construction incorporates Grain Flow Forging technology - which has earned Mizuno an unmatched feel-friendly brand status in golf.

Mizuno wedges are made from HD Boron at their iconic facility in Hiroshima, Japan since 1968 - this makes the wedges easier to handle in terms of spin control, helping ensure they keep their loft longer.

T22 wedges feature four sole grinds that can accommodate various techniques and conditions on the green, giving players plenty of customization options when customizing them to their particular swing and shot styles. This gives players complete freedom in tailoring the club to meet their own individual swing and shot requirements.

Mizuno's signature laser etched HydroFlow Micro Grooves provide additional moisture management benefits in wet conditions by dissipating moisture quickly. Furthermore, these grooves are cut into Boron-infused steel for extended durability.

T22 wedges feature an ultra-soft microlayer of copper beneath their nickel chrome finish that adds an additional millisecond of control at impact, providing more comfort for players who like to rake over their clubface.

T22 wedges come in Denim Copper, Satin Chrome and Raw finishes with four levels of sole grind to accommodate different techniques and shot types. However, be mindful that raw finishes may rust over time and won't offer the soft feel underlay as offered with satin chrome versions.

Overall, we were very impressed with the T22 wedges and would strongly suggest them for any player looking for new wedges. Their easy transition from an iron set to wedges provides excellent performance at all loft levels.

The T22 wedges were developed with input from one of the world's premier short game players, Luke Donald, and feature a modified teardrop profile with bevelled top edges to give an appearance of thinner weighting at address. Their footprint and footprint size is also reduced when compared with their predecessor T20 but offer outstanding performance.

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