TaylorMade Golf Wedges

TaylorMade Golf Wedges


TaylorMade golf wedges offer both high spin and low spin options to meet any golfer's swing or course conditions. There's sure to be one perfect for you here! Available with various loft and bounce configurations to find what best fits.

The MG3 wedge series boasts "Raised Micro Ribs" between full face grooves to add friction and spin around the greens. Furthermore, their face material (raw steel without plating) rusts naturally over time to maintain spin properties over their entire playing lifespan.

Hi-Toe 3 Wedge

TaylorMade's Hi-Toe 3 wedge offers golfers unparalleled versatility. Boasting an elevated toe area and added weight pad, these wedges have been engineered for maximum spin from every lie.

These TaylorMade golf wedges are also designed to optimize launch and spin for all swing types, featuring soft 8620 carbon steel with Milled Grind soles to ensure precision where it matters most. TaylorMade ensures this by manufacturing each wedge to tolerances difficult for humans to replicate - guaranteeing maximum performance from each Hi-Toe 3 wedge.

These wedges come with lofts ranging from 50-60 degrees and offer three bounce options - standard, low, and high - with standard being optimal for most golfers while the latter two options may suit players who take less of a divot when swinging their club or those playing on firmer turf conditions.

TaylorMade's MyHi-Toe 3 program offers users the opportunity to personalize this wedge by selecting their finish, grip, shaft length, text personalization and paint fill for just £50 more - these must be ordered directly through TaylorMade's website.

I tested both sand and lob wedges and was pleased to find they proved very versatile. The full face grooves on a 54-degree sand wedge give off-toe shots more spin, while when the green becomes long their four-way cambered sole allows you to open up club face for lofted lob shots without worrying about leading edges coming too high.

As I practiced with these TaylorMade Golf wedges, they felt extremely smooth and sharp when struck center-strike. A slight "click" could also be heard with each strike; their carbon steel construction and textured surface made a lovely feel in my hands.

TaylorMade Golf Wedges have just welcomed another addition: the Hi-Toe 3 wedge is part of TaylorMade's Hi-Toe 3 range - joining Milled Grind 3 line and Tiger Woods Wedge already available from them. Additionally, its retail price starts from just PS139 per standard loft model!

As such, this wedge should be explored if you are searching for a new wedge for your bag. With its variety of uses in short game play and versatility to meet different conditions in any bag - it makes an excellent addition.

With so many wedges on the market, it is essential that you find one that meets your individual needs and game. By doing so, you will enjoy it for many years to come!

TaylorMade's Milled Grind 3 wedges offer an ideal alternative to their Hi-Toe 3. These traditional wedges have angles and grooves designed to maximize loft and angle of attack, while Hi-Toe 3s have more modern aesthetics and may not provide as many options for players' different loft and angle of attack profiles. While neither may provide you with optimal performance all around, both can make great additions to any golfer's collection of clubs.

Milled Grind 3 Wedge

The TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedge has been designed to assist golfers in creating more spin and control when striking wedge shots from either the fairway or around the green. There is an assortment of loft and bounce options, so that you can find one suitable to your individual style of play.

TaylorMade's new range of MG3 wedges is tailored to accommodate players of all skill levels, with both low-loft and higher loft options available. Crafted using an advanced surface milling process that ensures each wedge sole has the proper grind shape resulting in consistent ball flight and crisp feel.

MG3 boasts RAW Face technology that reduces friction and spin through plating-free clubface design, helping maintain spin properties while keeping its classic Tour look. Many golfers appreciate this aspect.

The MG3 comes equipped with new ZTP Raw Grooves that are deeper, sharper and narrower than previous models - designed to produce more greenside spin and enhance performance under wet conditions. Furthermore, raised micro-ribs between full grooves provide additional texture for more spin.

It's the combination of these innovative technologies that makes the Milled Grind wedge such a standout in its category. Wedge golf clubs can be invaluable tools, which is why so many tour professionals rely on them as part of their equipment arsenal.

As our testing demonstrated, Milled Grind wedges can offer tremendous value to players of all skill levels. Their versatile loft and bounce options make them suitable for use by low to mid handicap players while their precise design and great feel make using them truly enjoyable.

These wedges are highly adjustable, so it is worth exploring your options to determine the loft and bounce that are best suited to you. Lower bounce options should work better for low to mid handicappers who play on firmer surfaces with shallow angles of attack while higher bounce options might suit those seeking greater distance off the tee.

As with other TaylorMade golf wedges, the Milled Grind 3 was designed to meet the needs of various golfers. With three sole grind options and bounce settings to select from, this wedge can meet virtually every golfer's specifications.

Milled Grind 3 wedges come in multiple loft options and standard-bounce versions are available in Satin Chrome and Satin Black finishes for your convenience. Though not cheap, these wedges offer great performance at an exceptional value.

MG3 Tiger Woods Wedge

The TaylorMade MG3 Tiger Woods Wedge is the latest wedge in its portfolio and offers several key upgrades that should appeal to golfers looking for greater spin and control around the greens. Utilizing TaylorMade's Raw Face Technology that removes plating from face grooves for more surface area to contact with ball, thus producing greater spin. Furthermore, this wedge features various loft/bounce options that should meet all types of player preferences.

Unlike previous MG2 wedges, which come in various grinds, the MG3 Tiger Woods wedge comes only in two options - 56 degrees and 60 degrees. Both options feature dual soles with heavy heel relief; 56 offers dual sole with moderate heel relief while 60 features an extremely high bounce on its leading edge and a shaved heel to open up for flop shots while still offering relief to improve performance from tight lies.

TaylorMade wedges feature the Milled Grind 3 technology found on other clubs from TaylorMade, with raised Micro-Ribs placed between full grooves on their faces for increased spin on shots. These raised ribs add texture to their faces for additional spin creation when hitting shots with spin.

Though the MG3 wedge doesn't boast any special features like its counterpart, the XFT wedge, it still includes TaylorMade's Milled Sole technology to ensure every sole is precisely milled to meet precise measurements for turf interaction. This process makes production much more precise than previous methods used, guaranteeing each club is constructed exactly to TaylorMade specifications.

TaylorMade made an important change with its MG3 Tiger Woods wedge when selecting its casting material: instead of opting for soft forged designs that wear down over time, 8620 steel was chosen because of its superior durability and soft feel, plus its more affordable price point.

TaylorMade forged wedges are an indispensable component of its product lineup, yet they do present certain drawbacks. Most notably, these wedges lack forgiving natures and typically lose spin rates upon impact with the ground.

So for those seeking to improve their ball striking and spin, the MG3 Tiger Woods wedge may be their go-to solution. Designed by Tiger himself himself, its range of loft/bounce options should meet most players' needs.

As well as offering standard loft/bounce combinations for its MG2 wedges, TaylorMade will now offer its MG3 Tiger Woods wedge with low, mid, and high bounce options - as well as Tiger Grind finishes - on each loft/bounce combination for its Tiger Woods wedge. Not every finish may be available across every loft/bounce combination so if unsure which loft and bounce best suit your game please reach out to a TaylorMade fitter before ordering a wedge from them.

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