Junior Golf Drivers

Junior Golf Drivers

If your junior has just taken up golf, now is the time to equip them with all of the equipment they'll need for success. Selecting proper clubs at an early age is crucial in terms of promoting proper swing mechanics, improving confidence levels and helping create their own game plan.

Dependent upon their size and strength, there are various sets of drivers suitable for children that could work for them. Here are a few top options.


PING G410 driver is a mid-handicap model designed to launch high and carry far with enough forgiveness, while looking more refined than its competitors due to a reduced offset and blade length (8% lower than G400).

This club uses a co-molded cavity badge constructed from aluminum and thermoplastic elastomer santoprene to dampen vibrations for an explosive feel, while its head is made from high-strength maraging steel that allows its face to be thinner and hotter for faster ball speeds and greater distance.

PING's Moveable Weight Technology makes this driver uniquely customizable by enabling the player to position a 16-gram tungsten weight along the skirt of the club head into one of three positions that allow you to shift its center of gravity and influence Draw, Neutral or Fade bias for up to 10 yards in correction between positions.

G410 Plus boasts internal Dragonfly Technology that redistributes weight saved from its thin crown to optimize CG location, distance and forgiveness. A unique forgiving process and heat treatment process of high strength T9S+ material create a thinner impact area which results in more ball speed across its entirety.

G410 Plus drivers boast updated Turbulators that reduce drag forces while simultaneously increasing clubhead and ball speed. Furthermore, its crown is more aerodynamic to help the club fly through the air more freely and thus boost driver performance overall.

PING offers several models of its G410 Plus driver to fit golfers of varying skill levels. The Plus model provides speed, distance and control to customize for your game while the SFT and LST models offer more fine-tuning of shots to meet individual player preferences.

Taylormade Sim Driver

The Taylormade Sim Driver is an ideal solution for golfers seeking to increase clubhead speed and enhance ball flight. Additionally, this device comes equipped with various adjustable settings and lofts designed to suit players of any ability level.

This club boasts an aerodynamic shape and includes an Inertia Generator to increase clubhead speed during swing. Furthermore, its multi-material composition - carbon and titanium materials - provides superior stability and low spin.

Taylormade's M6 driver offers an upgrade over its predecessors such as the M5, with sleeker and more aerodynamic head design to maximize impact performance upon impact.

TaylorMade's SIM driver was created with forgiving playability in mind, providing more chances for solid contact without mishits or misplaced swings. Furthermore, its low/rear center of gravity will give more control and distance gains.

The SIM is an ideal option for lower handicap players seeking an accurate yet low spin, mid launch driver that offers them additional carry and accuracy with each shot. Featuring adjustable settings and lofts that can be tailored specifically for any course, the SIM provides optimal shots every time!

For higher handicappers, the SIM Max is an excellent option as it will produce higher ball flights with plenty of forgiveness and has a slightly closed club face for better control and accuracy at address.

The SIM features an Inertia Generator and weight track that work together to help maximize ball speed and forgiveness using Speed Injected and Twist Face technologies, and has an adjustable sliding weight which enables draw or fade bias settings, with +/-20 yards of adjustment range available for optimal playback.

Callaway Epic 21

The Epic 21 driver line replaces Callaway's iconic Epic Flash driver and complements Mavrik's offering from last year, providing three distinct models aimed at junior golfers: Epic Speed, Epic Max LS (low spin) and Epic Max.

The Speed, the latest addition to the Epic family, is designed for speed. Utilising Jailbreak's next-generation Speed Frame technology to strengthen both vertically and horizontally to increase stability for better shots, the Speed's aim is to speed up playability for golfers of all skill levels.

Attaining this goal involves employing artificial intelligence and a new shape which extends Jailbreak Velocity Blades nearer the sole to improve stiffness in the face area and facilitate faster ball speeds across its entirety.

Combined with an SS21 Flash Face, this technology not only increases speed across the entire face but also offers forgiveness and spin robustness tailored specifically to each golfer. Built into a super strong heat treated TA-15 titanium body and triaxial carbon crown that saves up to 16 grams in weight over the previous MAVRIK design, all this benefits come together for increased speed across every area of impact.

There's also a new version of OptiFit Hosel available that allows for customization of loft, lie, shot shape bias and sliding perimeter weight adjustment to provide higher launch, more fade bias or neutral flight bias settings.

This forgiving, low spin driver is designed for lower handicappers who do not require the additional launch and speed provided by either the Speed or MAX drivers. Additionally, it may help those prone to excessive slicing achieve additional distance with greater control.

Titleist TSi1

If you're in search of a driver that will increase distance in your game, the Titleist TSi1 driver could be an ideal solution. Crafted for golfers with moderate swing speeds and featuring lightweight components designed to optimize club speed and ball flight.

This club includes various innovations unique to TSi drivers. These include an ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium face, enhanced Multi-Dimensional MOI and an adjustable SureFit Hosel that enables fine-tuning the TSi1 to suit your swing perfectly.

It also features a lightweight ARC 4.0 head that perfectly aligns its center of gravity and improves speed by reducing drag. Finally, with its high MOI properties and maximum off-center ball speed capabilities, the TSi1 ensures maximum off-center ball velocity for maximum off-center ball speeds.

Comparative to its predecessor TS model, the TSi1 driver weighs roughly 40 grams less. This reduction makes it suitable for players with moderate swing speeds that wish to increase distance.

The TSi1 was designed with deep center of gravity locations specifically tailored for moderate speed players in mind, offering optimal launch and spin for increased distance. Furthermore, the SureFit Hosel offers 16 independent loft/lie settings so you can fine-tune ball flight.

The TSi1 features an ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium clubface with more elasticity and strength than conventional titanium alloys, giving you faster swing speeds with tighter spin rates across its entirety. In addition, its Multi-Dimensional MOI optimizes forgiveness from heel to toe for reduced mishits and increased accuracy.

Cobra Tour Series

The Cobra Tour Series comprises three irons designed to meet the needs of better players, namely the King CB, MB and Tour irons which will be available at retail starting February 3rd for $1199 per seven-piece set.

Junior golfers looking to emulate some of the game's finest should consider these clubs, with five-step forging providing a soft feel and sleek cavity back technology adding performance while increasing forgiveness.

Cobra golf balls feature their exclusive variable feed rate milling to further improve ball flight by reducing glare and increasing surface roughness for increased spin. They come with eleven loft/bounce options to meet players' individual needs.

Cobra brand drivers have long been recognized for being distinct. Starting with their Baffler utility wood that can still be found in certain clubs today, Cobra have since implemented numerous innovations into their golf clubs to stay ahead of competition.

Cobra Golf was among the first US-based club manufacturers to introduce graphite shafts as standard options in their drivers, becoming immensely popular with older and slower swing speed golfers. Furthermore, their popularity among junior golfers increased as it helped reduce overall weight of their drivers and allow them to get the ball airborne more quickly.

Rickie Fowler may be best known for using Cobra equipment, but other top professionals including Lexi Thompson and Gary Woodland also utilize it.

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