Junior Golf Package Sets


An affordable and efficient way for beginners to start playing golf is with a package set, but selecting one with durable clubs that will last over time may prove challenging.

Go Golf Junior Package Sets

Golf package sets can help quickly get your child on the course quickly and efficiently. Typically, the best set are distinguished by high-quality clubs at reasonable prices, an attractive bag to match and an effective mobile cart system - making the package set an invaluable way to experience golf without incurring extra costs or signing membership fees. Our guide of the top golf package sets will assist in your search for one that meets all of these criteria while exceeding expectations!

The Go Junior Golf Package Set is an outstanding budget solution, ideal for budding golfers on a tight budget. This all-in-one golf solution includes everything from club set and bag to driver and iron sets; driver/iron hybrid sets; putters; hybrid sets as well as an instructional DVD and club fitting guide; this complete solution should be at the top of every budding golfer's wish list!

Head Golf Package Set

Package Sets can be an ideal way to begin playing golf, as they typically contain all of the essential clubs needed in a compact and affordable set. But finding one suitable can sometimes prove challenging; especially if you want something long-term.

2023 offers several excellent junior golf package sets that make learning the game easier, such as those available through clubs sized and weighted specifically to younger players' swing characteristics - making it easier for them to hit straight shots.

The Cleveland Junior Small Club Set is an excellent choice for young golfers. Featuring an easy to use, 460cc driver with an ample sweetspot that helps make longer and straighter shots, as well as fairway wood, cavity style iron and perimeter weighted putters; the set contains everything a budding golfer could possibly need!

This set includes a tee box, balls and stand bag to provide any junior golfer with an ideal start kit. Lightweight yet equipped with plenty of pockets and tee holder holders for optimal use on the course, this lightweight setup makes golf easy for everyone involved!

These clubs are made with cutting-edge technology to maximize your game. Their oversized perimeter weighted club heads boast large sweetspots for optimal shots while their composite shafts guarantee forgiving and easy use.

Your young golfer will also appreciate the headcovers included with this set, which provide complete protection from wind gusts or drops of the ball. Crafted from high-grade materials and stylishly designed, they make an attractive addition to their gear.

Overall, this set is well designed and easy to play with, yet does not enjoy widespread praise among golfers due to some imperfections. Notably, its putter does not feature milled face milling; thus making it unreliable when hit off-center.

If you're on a tight budget, this putter could save some cash; however, its performance doesn't match its price point. Instead, consider purchasing another cheaper brand putter to maximize your golf time on the greens.

Spalding's Beginner Golf Set features a Deluxe Cart Bag which is an essential feature for beginner golfers as it allows them to easily carry and transport their clubs on a trolley. In addition, this set also comes equipped with stainless steel 6-SW design iron heads which feature classic wing back and deep undercut cavity back designs for added comfort and transportability.

Wilson ProStaff Junior Package Set

Wilson ProStaff Junior Golf Package Set is an elite set of clubs designed specifically to help newcomers to golf get started or improve their game. Each club in this set has been specifically chosen for optimal distance, control and forgiveness for optimal playing performance.

This package comes complete with a driver, fairway wood hybrid irons (6-PW), sand wedge putter and golf bag and is one of the best available on the market for beginning golfers looking to start playing.

There are plenty of starter sets to choose from when it comes to finding one for yourself, so always factor in your budget when making a selection. While Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set offers great value for money, it does not perform as well due to having a 460cc driver with high MOI that cannot compete with more costly models from similar brands.

However, that does not preclude it as an excellent way for newcomers to the game on a tight budget to save some cash and get their golf game underway. Rental clubs provide excellent starter sets to get them going in style!

ProStaff SGI clubs are all specially crafted to offer maximum forgiveness, making them easier for players of any level to hit off the tee and launch long drives off the course. Their low centre of gravity makes launching shots easier while encouraging higher ball flights.

SGI range clubs feature an innovative large cavity back design to increase forgiveness and launch trajectory while remaining easy to hit, meaning less practice before becoming effective on the course.

Similar to its irons, this set features large cavity back designs to move weight outside the club head for increased forgiveness and high launch angles. Furthermore, there's also a 56o sand wedge included for chipping, pitching and bunker shots.

Wilson ProStaff SGI putters feature classic blade designs made to provide a soft feel when putting. Furthermore, these putters include heel-toe weighting and alignment aids to help increase putt success rates.

Wilson ProStaff SGI range is ideal for beginners or improvers looking to increase distance, control and forgiveness in their game. These clubs feature a 460cc driver designed by Wilson specifically to promote higher ball flight and help hit further.

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