Motocaddy Golf Push Carts

Motocaddy Golf Push Carts

Motocaddy Golf Push Carts 2023

Motocaddy's CUBE push cart is 40% smaller than traditional trolleys but still packs plenty of golfing features into a compact size. Easily folded in two steps with friction-free wheels and other game-enhancing elements included, Motocaddy's CUBE can easily meet all of your golfing needs!

Motocaddy was established in 2004 with a focus on consumer research and leading the charge towards lithium batteries for electric caddies. Today, Motocaddy is widely adopted among golfers around the globe as one of its flagship brands.

Cube Z1

The Cube Z1 push cart is an extremely lightweight and user-friendly push cart featuring numerous storage solutions for you to keep all of your essentials organized and safe. Additionally, its foot brake provides added control when not in motion, while large wheels mean that this trolley can navigate uneven course terrains easily. Plus, with Motocaddy bags via Easilock connection system and three height settings on its handle.

Motocaddy recently unveiled their compact CUBE push cart. Folding down 40% smaller than traditional golf push carts, the CUBE provides practicality and storage features such as drink holders, scorecard & ball compartments as well as umbrella holders - as well as adjustable handle height and foot parking brake for additional stability.

Motocaddy's sleek and stylish Easilock Bag Connection System with its graphite frame exudes both durability and premium appeal, featuring various trim colors and the option of full or mid size bags to meet all your needs. A quick release wheel system makes switching between them quick and simple while Motocaddy's Easilock bag connection system ensures secure bag attachment via an upper bag lock feature.

Motocaddy's remote control system is user-friendly and quick to become second nature. The M7 Remote has nine speed settings with automatic downhill control to maintain your desired settings, plus features such as pause/resume and handset lockout functionality.

If you are in search of an exceptional push cart that's also affordable, the Motocaddy X4R should be at the top of your list. Designed from high-quality materials and offering easy assembly/folding features, this cart provides plenty of luxury while remaining easy for everyday use. With its convenient carry bag included for added convenience this premium push trolley makes a fantastic addition to any golfers' bag!


UK-based golf cart manufacturer Club Car's M7 Golf Cart features a twin motor design and advanced remote control system, making it a standout. Its ergonomic remote features tactile buttons to display battery charge levels on an anti-glare LCD screen - easy left/right controls are provided on its new anti-glare LCD screen as are full direction controls with left, right forward/rewind and pause features. Plus its SlimFold mechanism minimises folded footprint for storage convenience!

With its two year warranty and 36 holes of range on one charge, the P1 trolley represents high quality at a highly affordable price. Easily folded up in just two steps with quick-release wheels for even easier removal, this compact push cart reigns supreme when it comes to golf push carts. Oversize wheels with maintenance free rubber tires enable it to adapt well to various course conditions; its foot parking brake can provide added peace of mind.

The P1 stands out from its competition thanks to its remote controlled operation that enables you to navigate it from a distance while keeping both hands free for club, ball and accessory use. Battery capacity stands at 200W which makes this model comparable with many top electric golf carts currently on the market. Additional nice touches include automatic downhill speed control to prevent your cart running away from you, kickback wheel that ensures it doesn't tip when going up hills and an onboard battery status indicator on its remote control unit.

Like its sister carts, the P1 offers an impressive assortment of accessories, such as umbrella and drink holders, scorecard holders and storage compartments. While more costly than its cousins, this model still delivers top quality engineering designed in Britain - along with various color options to complement any golf bag! If you are curious to try one out yourself or would simply like some advice in finding your ideal push cart model then please reach out and contact us right away - our staff would love to assist in finding you one.


If you're searching for an electric push cart to make getting around the golf course simpler and faster, Motocaddy's model should be at the top of your list. Equipped with two 190W EcoDrive motors for optimal performance efficiency and a battery that lasts for 36 holes of playback; its rear anti-tip wheel makes traversing hillsides much simpler!

Motocaddy offers an easy yet stylish solution with their two-step folding system and lightweight construction, perfect for transport in and out of your car. In addition, Motocaddy's model also has features like an adjustable handle height and large storage compartments to store golf balls and gear safely and conveniently.

Motocaddy offers a selection of push carts to meet the needs of its customers, with budget-conscious options and more luxurious choices alike available for you to select. Color options allow you to find the cart best suited to your style. If unsure which brand is the right one for you, read reviews online and consult local golfers about what their experience has been with it.

Not everyone agrees on whether or not to purchase a push cart, but most golfers agree it makes their game more enjoyable. Not only can it relieve strain from back and leg muscles, but it gives more time for focussing on swinging more efficiently without worrying about gear or distance between holes.

Noteworthy is the fact that some push carts connect with GPS for easier shot planning. Some even come equipped with space for a cooler - perfect for golfers who enjoy taking snacks and beverages onto the course!


This motorized golf cart is an excellent option for golfers looking to maximize their round. Its stability, ease of operation and lightweight nature makes it a smart buy when considering all its premium features. Unfortunately, though it lacks seating capabilities this cart remains an excellent way of saving time and energy while golfing.

Motocaddy is one of the world's premier electric caddy brands, known for their product excellence and market-leading customer support. Their Zip Series Navigator range is tailored specifically for American terrain, featuring colors and accessories to reflect any club's aesthetic and an ergonomic rechargeable remote control with anti-glare screen that displays battery charge level information; conveniently attached to their frame for easy access with tactile buttons for forward, left, right, reverse pause/resume functions for effortless driving experience.

The Stewart Golf Q Follow is another top-rated electric cart that features an innovative "follow mode", making it easy for people with difficulty pushing or steering to use hands-free. Steer your cart using its remote control, and rely on its 6 axis gyroscope for stability on uneven terrain - perfect for people who struggle with pushing regular push carts!

When purchasing an electric caddy, it's essential to carefully consider its number of motors. A single motor may be cumbersome and difficult to navigate on uneven ground, while two motors offer much easier handling and better balance compared to their single-motor counterparts. Furthermore, two-motor carts tend to last longer between charges, meaning less frequent charging will be needed over time.

If you are in the market for a push cart, look for these features:

Most golf carts feature bag-compatible designs that allow them to securely hold your bag during play, and many even feature special slots for putting clubs so that it is easy to swap out clubs as needed. By choosing a bag that works well with the trolley, the transition from walking golfing to motorized golf will be smooth and stress-free.

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