Golf Drivers

In the next two years the newest golf driver technology is going to be available for the professional golfer using High Launch and Low Spin. The driver shaft of a golf driver is the part of the club that allows you to send the ball flying. The shaft must be able to withstand the impact of the golf ball and the face of the club when it hits the ball. The face of a driver must also be made of metal so that it does not break easily. The shaft of a golf driver can be made from steel, titanium, or graphite. If you are a beginning golf player, you may want to consider getting a graphite golf driver. These golf driver shafts are stronger than steel ones. They also tend to wear out less quickly. A titanium golf driver shaft can cost more, but they will last longer and they are more durable than graphite shafts. Next, in the new year there will be a new type of driver called the mini-driver. This driver is not the same as a full driver or a putter driver. It is only used for golf courses within a park. The mini driver has a shorter grip than other types of drivers and a shorter blade. The main purpose of this golf driver is to help you get over that uphill hill that may be in your way. The driver shaft of this golf driver is going to be a lot shorter than other golf driver shafts.

The fourth driver in the new decade is the hybrid golf driver. This driver is a blend of the long iron and the short irons. A lot of professional golfers are switching to this driver because it is easier to use then either the long irons or the short irons. This driver is called a hybrid because it is a mix between an iron and a driver. The hybrid golf driver shaft is made of a steel core and a high density fiber glass material. The fifth driver on the list is the seven driver. This driver is referred to as the seven iron because it is only one club in the bag. This is not cheap clubs; however, because it has a great chance of hitting many different golf balls. The seven irons are called Drivers because of the seven heads that they have.

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The next driver on the list of the future is the twenty driver. Twenty drivers are great if you do not have a lot of practice time. This type of golf driver is referred to as the distance driver. The twenty driver usually uses a titanium wedge. They are a little faster than the seven irons but a lot more expensive then the seven woods. The last driver that is on the list is the forty driver. This is also known as the fat driver. The forty driver is going to hit the ball really far. You can use this driver for driving long or for putting. These drivers are called Pocket drivers. The pocket driver is going to help your putter to get up in the air.

The above drivers are only going to be used on the most expensive golf courses. The best drivers are going to be used on courses that are less expensive. The professionals tend to use the three irons, the driver, and the putter. The three irons are used for different golf courses. The driver is the one that is most often used in open golf courses while the putter is used the least at all other golf courses.