Lamkin Golf Grips Review

Lamkin Golf Grips

Choosing the right golf grips can make all the difference when it comes to your game. Lamkin has a range of grips available to suit every player, from the high performance to the casual golfer. From the UTX to the Crossline, you're sure to find the perfect grip to help you play your best.

Sonar+ Wrap

Using a proprietary hybrid compound, Lamkin has crafted a golf grip that is both comfortable and durable. In fact, the company's new SONAR+ Wrap embodies the latest in grip technology.

The best part is that the aforementioned grip is available in both the standard and midsize sizes. The standard variant is made of a proprietary hybrid rubber that's slightly softer than the traditional rubbers. The grip also boasts a slightly larger lower hand for enhanced feel and control. The company's signature tack and tidbits make the Sonar+ Wrap a great choice for any golfer looking for an improvement over the club he or she already has on hand.

While the Lamkin Sonar+ Wrap isn't exactly cheap, it offers golfers the comfort and convenience they crave without a hefty price tag. As for the performance, it's no secret that players who can grip a golf club with ease are happier with their game. The SONAR+ Wrap is made of patent-pending Genesis material that's sure to provide years of scuff-free play. The grip's signature tack and tidbits also deliver excellent performance in all conditions.

The aforementioned grip isn't the only new arrival from the Lamkin stable. The company has also introduced the new and improved SONAR+ Tour, a fusion of the proven technology of the previous incarnation with a slicker finish. The grip is also accompanied by an updated and improved design that's sure to please fans of the brand's flagship model. The new and improved SONAR+ Tour is also available in the more modest Standard and Standard+ variants. The grip has a tamer, less-tapered profile, and is more durable than its predecessor. The new model's features include an elongated butt that's a notch larger in size, a slicker finish, and a new profile designed for better players.


UTx Cord is Lamkin's innovative multi-layer cord golf grip. It features an exclusive finishing process and provides great feel and playability in any weather condition.

The ACE 3GEN compound offers unmatched vibration dampening. The patented ACE material also allows for additional torsion control, which helps to reduce torque and shot dispersion. The ACE foundation and outer layers help to increase surface tack, which makes the grip more responsive.

The firmer ACE 3GEN outer layer helps to improve shock absorption, while the middle layer wicks away moisture and enhances grip traction. The laminated fabric weave provides a tacky feel, while maintaining comfort.

The UTx grip also offers a superior feel in wet conditions. Traditionally, corded grips are rough on your hands, but Lamkin's UTx is comfortable and responsive. They're recommended for players in all kinds of weather conditions, and they're available in both standard and midsize models.

The UTx is made up of three functional layers, including a patented ACE material that absorbs sweat and other liquids. The outer and middle layers are firmer for reduced torque and shock absorption. The UTx is also slightly softer than traditional high-performance cord grips, but the tack and durability is still impressive.

The Lamkin UTX is also designed to give you feedback on the impact between your ball and club head. It reduces shot vibration, while providing precise feedback. It's ideal for delivering more consistent shots and adding traction to fast swings.

The UTx Cord is available in a variety of colour schemes, including black, grey, and blue. It has a hexagonal texture that is not abrasive, and it is available in standard and midsize sizes. The white ACE branding on the outer cord is visible on the black grip, but it's less apparent on the grey and blue.


Designed with the best of both worlds, the Crossline grip by Lamkin is one of the most popular golf grips of all time. It is known for delivering exceptional lateral traction as well as great feel and durability.

The Crossline is also available in a round model, which is perfect for those who like to hold their clubs in their hands. The firmer compound provides less torsional twisting at impact, while the raised section ensures a consistent grip. The company even includes a calibration reminder on the back of the grip.

The Lamkin Crossline is a great value. It is manufactured from a durable synthetic rubber compound and offers excellent lateral traction as well as a secure grip feel. It is also one of the most popular on the PGA Tour. It is also an ideal choice for players who prefer a classic design.

The Crossline has been around for over a decade. It is the most popular of the Lamkin family of grips and is one of the best selling off the Tour. Its high traction pattern and durable material ensures non-slip performance in wet weather. It is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

There are a number of other Lamkin golf grips to choose from. The ST and UTX series are ideal for higher swing speed players. They also provide better clubface control. Compared to the standard UTX, the ST series has a softer upper layer, which is a nice change from the firm rubber used in the UTX.

The CHAMPKEY Traction-X golf grip is another good option for players on a budget. It is a great golf grip, with three different textures. The firmer inner layer promotes great tack, while the outer layer is soft for comfort.

Sonar+ Tour

Whether you're an amateur or a PGA tour player, Lamkin Golf Grips have the perfect solution for your swing needs. Their lineup features 11 different models. They have a variety of grip sizes including a slimmer model for smaller hands. They're durable, lightweight and offer a secure feel to help you improve your game.

The Sonar+ Tour's omni-directional pattern provides great traction, while its micro-texture keeps your hands in place. This is all thanks to Lamkin's proprietary Fingerprint Technology, which is designed to interact with your hands to increase your clubface awareness and promote high levels of surface traction.

The SONAR Tour's FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY is a ground-breaking new material that delivers a superior feel over the traditional rubber based grip. It also features a tacky surface, a handy size gauge and 13 pre-cut tape strips. The aforementioned tacky surfaces are protected by a special finishing process.

The aforementioned FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY features highly detailed micro textures that are distributed throughout the entire surface of the grip. The aforementioned tacky material is also slightly firmer in the durometer department, providing greater shot feedback and torsion control. The aforementioned tacky materials are also enhanced by a unique finishing process, ensuring that these grips deliver the best tacky surface possible.

The aforementioned sexiest gimmick is a wrap style grip that boasts a number of features that are sure to impress. Among them is a reduced taper from top to bottom, which gives you a better chance to hold onto your golf club at impact. The aforementioned tacky surface is also kept in place by a subtle cord embedded into the upper section.

The aforementioned FINGERPRINT Technology is a big win for Lamkin Golf Grips, which continues to be an innovative leader in golf grips.

Fingerprint technology

Using Fingerprint technology, Lamkin Golf Grips help your hands to grip your club without applying a lot of pressure. This reduces slipping and increases the stability of your grip.

Fingerprint technology is available on Lamkin's Sonar Tour and Sonar Plus Grips. These grips offer a smooth and tacky surface for increased grip comfort. They also promote greater confidence in your swing and provide a firm grip that helps you produce consistent club face strikes.

The new Fingerprint Technology delivers high levels of surface traction that provides slip-free control on all weather conditions. It also distributes intricate patterns across the surface of the grip, ensuring a consistent micro-textured pattern that keeps your hands comfortable throughout your swing.

Lamkin's Fingerprint Technology features a raised ridge on the grip, which helps to promote more consistent clubface strike and improves hand placement. The grip also provides a tacky, non-slip surface that maintains the feel and durability of rubber, even in hot and cold weather.

The proprietary Genesis material that Lamkin uses for their Fingerprint Technology is a new hybrid compound that is softer than traditional rubbers. It creates a durable, comfortable surface that is also UV resistant. It is ideal for golfers with palm-to-shaft or claw grip styles, as well as split-hand putting grips.

The Fingerprint technology that is built into the Sonar Tour and Sonar Plus Grips increases the amount of surface traction, promoting a firm, omni-directional traction. The grip also features a unique rounded profile, which minimizes the tension in the grip and allows for lighter pressure.

In 2020, Lamkin will be introducing grips that use the Calibrate Technology. The new grips feature the most advanced reminder technology in 95 years of golf grip history.