Mizuno MP Irons

About Mizuno MP Irons


Mizuno have been producing sporting equipment for over 100 years. From what started out being a small family sporting business in 1906 to the current date, Mizuno have become worldwidely known for producing exquisite products. Stand out products include the Mizuno MP Irons, which are very frequently used by golfing professionals.


The Mizuno MP Irons, produced by Mizuno, are the latest and new generation of golfing technology. There is precise control of vibration frequencies in the irons, which ensures that MP's players cavity design delivers the ultimate in soft, solid, and consistent feel. Mizuno produce incredible irons that are used worldwide.


If you decide to purchase one of the Mizuno MP Irons, you will be purchasing a truely magnificent creation that will enhance your golfing game above the rest. If you’re looking for the ultimate in shot making ability, look no further than the Mizuno JPX Irons.


Mizuno JPX 900 Irons

 The clubs also offer a touch of forgiveness – but at the same time delivering exceptional feel. If you consider yourself to be one of the better players, the Mizuno MP Irons will definitely suit your needs.


The Mizuno MP Irons are just some of the must-have irons that Mizuno produce. To view more products just click on the word Mizuno.