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Information about Mizuno UK - Season 2018


Mizuno are one of the largest golfing brands in the world. They are a Japanese sports brand founded in 1906 who in recent years have become one of the leading golfing manufacturers there is out there. Many of their products, such as Mizuno Irons, are used by golfing professionals, such as Tiger Woods after he turned pro in 1996. Mizuno UK provide the golfers of Great Britain with essential high quality products, the main one being the Mizuno Irons. These irons incorporate the latest technology and improve your game dramatically. If you choose to purchase from Mizuno UK, we at Aslan Golf ensure that as well as purchasing a truely magnificent product, you will also be getting it at a great price.

The Mizuno MP Irons and the Mizuno JPX Irons are some of the latest products from Mizuno UK that feature stunning technology.

Mizuno UK products are a force to be reckoned with. Mizuno continue to produce incredible equipment to this very day and are still a leading brand. If you are interested in purchasing products then feel free to browse around the site for more of our great products. The two images below are some of the brand's top creations. As you can tell by their stunning finish, their performance is excellent. 

The Mizuno range for 2017 has added the new JPX EZ range designed to target all golfers who wish to aim, hit and enjoy. Finished in Black Nickel they look a little different to the usual Mizuno range usually finished in chrome. The orange finish gives the impression of a hot club and using the Harmonic Impact Technology makes the club sound solid at impact.

There are two styles of Mizuno JPX EZ. The JPX EZ and the JPX EZ Forged irons which impart Grain Flow Forging as standard. As most of Mizuno's club players know that Grain Flow Forging is at the heart of Mizuno's excellence in product development.

In the MP Range there are two new additions for the 2017 armory. The MP-5 and the MP-25. The MP-4 Irons replace the MP-69 Irons and are the new bladed Grain Flow Forged addition to the Mizuno Family of Irons. The MP-25 Irons are the cavity back Grain Flow Boron Forged option for people who want that little bit more forgiveness. Both finished in mizuno's patented chrome and looking jaw droppingly beautiful at address as all MP Irons do.

Another club added to the Mizuno family is the New Mizuno JPX Fli-HI with even more forgiveness to the utility range of hybrids. Get rid of the never used 3 and 4 irons and replace them with the soft landing and high flying Fli Hi.

All the irons come with Custom Fit options as standard at Aslan Golf, so customise your way to a new set of Mizuno with us and start improving your game right now.

The Mizuno JPX 900 Irons and the Mizuno MP T7 Wedges


                          Mizuno JPX 900 Irons


Mizuno MP T7 Wedges


If you'd like to view more of this brand's products, then please visit Mizuno.