Motocaddy M3 GPS Electric Golf Trolley

Motocaddy have recently revealed another revolutionary new innovation with the release of their new world s first mobile enabled trolleys. The new models form a major part of Motocaddy's all new compact-folding folding electric trolley range for this season. This new folding trolley is an extremely versatile piece of equipment which can be folded in half to be used as an umbrella holder. There is also space for carrying larger items such as golf bags and can easily be folded up once again to become a standalone instrument. This innovation has been developed for use on golf courses around the world.

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The new motocaddy m3 is dhc is equipped with the innovative downhill control system which allows you to effortlessly steer the trolley in either direction depending on the speed of the wearer. You can also easily shift from walking mode to cart driving mode just by shifting your hands from up to down or vice versa. This sophisticated feature makes your round the course mobility easy and effortless.

The trolley is designed for heavy users and comes with two bucket seats, a large storage bin for your golf clubs, and a robust carrying handle height. The all-weather tires are supplemented with an aluminum frame for maximum strength and protection. The all weather tires are capable of coping with the harsh conditions of golf courses wherever you may find yourself.

The all weather tires of Motocaddy M3 GPS Electric Golf Trolley offers unparalleled flexibility and comfort for golfers. They offer downhill braking as well as constant speed performance. The special single motor controller offers consistent speed regardless of whether you are in walking mode or cart mode. The electronic parking brake is specially designed to be user friendly and offers two different modes namely; constant speed or parking. The electronic parking brake offers the golfer with constant speed control in spite of the changing direction of the trolley.

The all-weather tires of Motocaddy M3 GPS Electric Golf Trolley are enhanced with cutting-edge technology that enables you to use them even in rain, sleet or snow. The real time ride-by foot interface with the smartphones permits you to see your trolley and the golfer behind you in real time. The smartphone uses a high-resolution camera for facial recognition to read the driver's face. You can adjust the speed settings to your preference according to your personal speed range. The special single motor drive system of Motocaddy M3 GPS Electric Golf Trolley ensures that the trolley always rolls to the area where you need it most.

Motocaddy M3 GPS Electric Golf Trolley features including push button start up, push-button ignition and dual zone climate control. The all weather tires enable golfers to maintain their perfect mobility even in extreme climatic conditions. This is achieved through the use of premium All Terrain tires specifically designed for this vehicle. The powerful onboard engine offers you with an easy, smooth ride. It includes a powerful diesel engine and is capable of achieving speeds of more than 50mph. The comprehensive warranty and extensive after sales support of Motocaddy M3 GPS Electric Golf Trolley enables you to take your vehicle on a journey around your neighbourhood.

These all weather electric trolleys come in a variety of colors including Graphite Grey. The sleek styling of Motocaddy M3 GPS Electric Golf Trolley is coupled with state-of-the-art technology which allows golfers to enjoy their ride. The all weather tires feature built-in suspension system to ensure smooth driving. The front shock absorbers are designed in a way so as to absorb the jerks and bumps experienced while driving in severe weather conditions. Other advanced features include powerful engines that run on batteries.

Motocaddy M3 GPS Electric Golf Trolley comes with foldable-flat-bed design which is ideal for storage. The compact-folding electric golf trolleys features an all weather, compact-folding stainless steel body with front bumper grill and stainless steelneau. It has front and rear bumpers for enhanced safety. The trolley has two unique features which make it different from other golf caddies i.e., dual zone climate control and the push button start up. The compact folding electric golf trolley also includes supercharger kit that significantly boosts the speed of the trolley.

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