New Wilson Staff Model Golf Wedges

Wilson Staff Model Golf Wedges

Model golf wedges are an essential tool for any golfer. They're designed to provide the same control and feel of the original golf club, but in a smaller size. Some model golf clubs have a fixed length while others are adjustable. Whatever your preference, there is a wedge for you.

Cleveland CBX 2

Cleveland CBX2 wedges offer a new, hollow-cavity design that allows more forgiveness on mishits. They also offer the sharpest Tour Zip Grooves and Enhanced Feel Balancing Technology. The wedges are available in left- and right-handed models.

The CBX2 wedges are designed for mid-to-high handicappers. They feature a wide toe, an extended high toe section, and three sole grinds. This new design provides more forgiveness than traditional blade wedges.

Cleveland CBX2 wedges are available in a variety of lofts. For instance, the 46-degree model has a V-sole. That's a welcome addition for shots from tight lies.

Cleveland CBX2 wedges also have the same groove technology as the RTX-4 wedge line. These grooves have proprietary edge radii specifications. Using a multi-step process, they are milled to a precise grind. This helps to maximize spin and optimize turf interaction.

The CBX2 also has a larger head than the standard blade wedge. While the design is similar to the Cleveland wedge, the new model is easier to hit and maintains a sleek profile at address.

The new wedges are made from 8620 carbon steel, which gives them a soft touch and incredible feel around the greens. They are also constructed with a proprietary Dynamic Gold 115. Its weight is 115 grams and it offers a smooth transition from lighter irons.

Cleveland CBX2 wedges include a Getback TPU insert. The urethane material reduces vibration and dampens the sound of your ball hitting the club. This insert also has a matte black finish.

Finally, Cleveland CBX2 wedges feature the fourth generation Rotex Face Technology. This includes a micro-cavity in the hosel and a moisture channeling pattern. By adding friction between grooves, they improve spin and maximize performance.

Cobra Gap Wedge

If you are a golfer looking for a new gap wedge, then the Wilson Staff Model Cobra Gap Wedge may be just what you need. This golf club features a tour-inspired structure, along with game-enhancing and acoustic properties, resulting in a high-quality wedge.

The Cobra gap wedge features a satin nickel finish to reduce glare, and a chrome plating for added durability. It also has variable face roughness to help with wedge shots.

In addition to the standard features, the Cobra gap wedge features a high level of spin. This helps the ball to stop rapidly on contact.

The Cobra snake bite groove technology provides extra friction to optimize the spin rate of the wedge. It also increases the lifespan of the grooves, giving them the ability to last longer.

The wedge is designed for use on firm and soft turf conditions. It has a wide sole to keep the leading edge of the club from digging.

For higher handicap golfers, it can be difficult to find a wedge that delivers plenty of forgiveness. But, the Wilson Staff Model Cobra Gap Wedge has a great combination of forgiveness and spin.

The Wilson Staff Model Cobra Gap Wedge is designed to produce a controlled ball that strikes well on all shots. This is a good option for lower-handicap golfers.

With a 58-degree launch angle, the Wilson Staff Model Cobra Gap wedge is a solid choice for a variety of situations. And, its high-density pattern and machine-engraved score lines help the ball to spin at the optimal rate.

Aside from its tour-inspired features, the Wilson Staff Model Cobra GapWedge is also very forgiving. Its carbon steel construction and precision-milled face help to minimize drop-off.

Callaway Mack Daddy 5 Jaws

Callaway Mack Daddy 5 Jaws Wilson Staff Model Golf Wedges offer a modern twist to a traditional wedge design. While they still feature a Groove-In-Groove design, they are constructed with mild carbon steel for better feel and added spin.

The new groove-in-groove design stretches all the way across the face, providing a full 37-degree wall angle that promotes maximum spin. They also come with several sole grind options, making them an ideal choice for beginners and advanced players alike.

These wedges are designed to provide tour-level spin and long-term reliability. Their soft-forged 8620 Carbon Steel heads and precision-milled faces produce superior friction and consistent contact at impact.

These wedges also feature a unique TPU Insert in the back cavity, which helps dampen vibration and enhances feel at impact. A matte black version of this insert is available, while a satin chrome version is also available.

Designed by Roger Cleveland, the Chief Wedge Designer at Callaway Golf, JAWS wedges provide an unrivaled combination of versatility and control. They offer a wide array of sole grind options, allowing you to find the perfect wedge for your game.

JAWS grooves are made of 8620 mild carbon steel and are precision milled to the tightest tolerances Callaway has ever achieved. Each of these grooves provides 84 distinct contact points for improved spin and control.

In addition to JAWS grooves, the lob and high-toe versions of this wedge include specialized C-Grinds. These features help position the center of gravity in line, creating a more controlled trajectory and improving the overall shot.

A low bounce W-Grind has a generous front-to-back camber and moderate heel relief, which works well with golfers with steep attack angles. These wedges are ideal for firmer course conditions.

Cleveland RTX Zip Core

Cleveland Golf has redesigned their flagship wedge, RTX Zipcore, to be more consistent and durable than ever. The new wedge features extra grooves, a v-shaped sole, and a new heat treatment process to improve durability and performance.

With a classic look and design, these wedges are ideal for players who want an easy to control, high spin golf club. They also feature a soft, quiet sound on every shot.

Featuring a low density core, these wedges are designed to maximize control, consistency, and distance. They are engineered for optimal performance on both firm and soft surfaces.

They are manufactured with 8620 carbon steel to provide the perfect feel around the green. Their precision-milled face delivers maximum spin. In addition, the wedges include machine-engraved score lines and a premium satin finish.

This new wedge was introduced in 2020. It comes with a standard True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner Tour Issue shaft. Like its predecessor, it offers extra bounce on the open face, stability on full shots, and more bite on the second bounce.

The Cleveland RTX Zipcore wedge is designed for players looking for unmatched consistency, spin, and durability. Thanks to a new heat treatment process, the wedge's grain structure is stronger and more uniform. The wedge's v-shaped sole and trailing edge relief are also designed for optimum spin.

For added control, the RTX ZipCore wedge uses ZipCore, a new core that moves the center of gravity (CG) toward the center of the face. The CG shifts from the lower hosel of the club to the center of the face, increasing the amount of spin you get from the ball.

The wedges' new grooves are more sharp, deeper, and closer together than their previous counterparts. This means more groove contact on every shot.


The new Wilson Staff Model Golf Wedges are made of soft-forged 8620 carbon steel for maximum control and maximum spin. They have machine-engraved score lines and precision milled faces to provide a solid, consistent feel. These wedges feature True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 shafts.

The Wilson Staff Model Wedge Tour Sole option is designed to optimize shot making versatility in both firmer and tighter lies. This grind offers increased spin and control on every shot. It also features a higher density pattern to ensure improved ball contact.

The SNAKEBITE groove design offers extra bite around the greens for optimal control and spin. A TPU Insert in the back cavity provides vibration dampening.

The Wilson Staff Model Wedges were designed with feedback from the World's best players. Their unique design offers superior performance and long term reliability.

In addition to the SNAKEBITE groove, the M Grind offers a faster touch through the turf. While the S and M grinds are great for different swings, the M is recommended for those with more of a sweeping style.

Another great feature is the Progressive Centre of Gravity. This innovative design improves trajectory control, resulting in a greater ball flight and improved distance.

The Tour Grind wedge is an excellent value for money wedge. It will deliver the maximum amount of spin and control on every shot. You can choose from three lofts, 58, 56, and 60 degrees.

With so many wedges to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your game. Fortunately, you can find the perfect wedge with the Wilson Staff Model Golf Wedges. Choose from a traditional wedge, the Hi-Toe wedge, or the Tour Grindsole model.