Nike Victory G LIte Golf Shoes

Nike Air Max 90 G Low to the Ground - Review. One of the lightest and most comfortable golfing shoes developed by Nike, this version of the Nike Air Max is constructed of lightweight materials resulting in maximum comfort and durability. The Nike Air Max line up features a wide range of footwear for golf, including training and competition footwear. Nike Air Max Low to the Ground was released for the second time as the all-new Nike Air Max 95 G Low to be used for golf, providing superior performance in lightweight and fully function sock liner. Here's a look at the Nike Air Max Low to the Ground review and what people said.

Nike Air Max 90 G Low to the Ground Review. Nike Air Max 90 G Low to the Ground Review is built on Nike's innovative combination of technology, design and cushioning to deliver one of the lightest and most comfortable golfing shoes ever designed by Nike. With the most advanced lightweight mesh upper in the Nike Air Max line-up, Nike Air Max 90 G Low offers maximum durability in a lightweight design. Nike's Air max technology delivers Nike's legendary cushioning system that allows the foot to feel light and flexible with optimal control, minimizing the risk of injury while protecting the most sensitive muscles of the feet. Nike Air Max Low to the Ground also features Nike's patented rubber midsole, which is lightweight and durable and highly impact resistant.

Nike Air Max Low to the Ground Review. The Nike Air Max line-up boasts the most technologically advanced cushioning and lightweight materials available in any golf shoe. Nike has incorporated their Air technology into every single pair of shoes Nike has made, from running shoes to golf shoes. Nike Air Max is one of the lightest and most comfortable golf shoes available in today's market. Nike Air Max uses the same materials as Nike Air but is made of a much lighter material. This allows Nike Air Max to utilize every ounce of breath-ability, it offers, while maintaining the rigidity and durability that define all Air sports shoes.

Nike Air Max 90 Golf Shoes

Nike Victory G Lite Review. There is not one single aspect about the Nike Victory G Lite golf shoe that we love. However, there are many things we love about the Nike Victory G Lite - from the comfortable leather upper to the lightweight mesh upper. Here are some of the positives and negatives, we have to say about the Nike Victory G Lite.

Positives. The Nike Victory G Lite has all the elements we love about Nike Air Max - lightweight traction pattern, durable construction, great cushioning and breathable design. We also love the way Nike has integrated the Performanceflex into the Nike Victory G Lite. This combination of lightweight traction pattern with Nike Air means the Victory G Lite is the most aerodynamic golf shoe to ever be released. When you add the best lightweight traction pattern with the fact that Nike has used recycled materials in the uppers, you have all the ingredients for a great package. When compared to Nike Air, these Victory G Lites weighs about 20 percent less and is about five times lighter for the maximum set of footprints.

Negatives. While the Nike Victory G Lite offers an excellent lightweight feel and good overall grip, it does seem to be missing one key thing. The Victory G Lite has no outsole, which leaves it vulnerable to wear in the harshest golf conditions. In addition, this outsole also doesn't offer the protection of Nike Air Max, although it does feel better when using it. In terms of the other colours available, they do look rather dull, which may make them unsuitable for more adventurous golfers looking to stand out from the crowd.

Positives. Despite the negatives, there are many positives with these golfing shoes. First of all, they feel great on the golf course. They're lightweight and light, and grip well despite their lightweight construction, so they don't slip on wet grass or muddy ground. Nike has improved on their design when it comes to creating the Nike Air Max fit, and these are still very lightweight but more moulded, which improves their grip.

The best thing about these shoes is that they feel great when played too. Playing in Nike Air Zoom Crazy or Nike Air Max+ shoes can make any golfer's day, and depending on your style of play, it could be your favourite, especially if you prefer a more firm grip on your clubs. Nike Victory G Lite's lightweight construction also means that they are great for beginners and intermediates, who wouldn't normally consider buying golfing shoes. However, if you're an experienced golfer looking to step up to something a bit more firm, then you might want to go with one of the Nike Air Max+ or Nike Air Zoom Tour shoes instead.

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