Odyssey White Hot Versa Golf Putters

Odyssey White Hot Versa Golf Putters

One of Odyssey's most distinctive putter lines, the Versa line of 2013 was a smash hit because it helped golfers aim their strokes. The bold black-white-black alternating stripes helped align the face angle throughout the putting stroke.

Now, in 2023, Odyssey is bringing back the Versa alignment scheme with a few upgrades. These include updated Odyssey design components and a reintroduction of the White Hot insert.

Stroke Lab Shafts

Stroke Lab is a new putter line from Odyssey that challenges the norms of how a putter is weighted, improving stroke consistency through a change in the shaft. This innovative shaft combines steel and graphite to improve the physical dynamics of the stroke.

The line includes ten head shapes ranging from the classic toe and heel weighted blade to the stubbier and more forgiving face balanced mallet. Each of the ten has its own unique set of features that make it different from the rest.

In the One putter, for example, the stubbier body and flowing curved back bumpers help create a slightly sturdier feel than Ping's Anser or Scotty Cameron's Newport. The cranked neck on the One also helps to reduce the amount of toe hang, so this model is ideal for slight arc putting strokes.

Another example is the Seven S, which is a high MOI mallet that delivers incredible alignment with a face balanced design. The striking silver PVD finish and fine milling on this premium creation makes it an impressive look that's also extremely forgiving.

To get a handle on how well this new technology works, we tested both Stroke Lab and multi-material putter shafts against a group of golfers in a traditional putting test. The results were encouraging, with the Stroke Lab putters performing significantly better than their steel-shafted counterparts from 5 feet to 10 feet.

On the mallet side, meanwhile, both the Triple Track 2 Ball and the White Hot OG #1 Stroke Lab performed much better than their steel-shafted equivalents from 20 feet. This is a significant difference, especially when you consider the fact that a degree of off-line could be the difference between a hole in one and a missed putt at ten feet.

It's no secret that alignment is critical to putting, but it's a variable that can often be overlooked. The Versa technology that's featured on Odyssey's new White Hot Versa putters is based on an easy-to-use system that's designed to make this variable as simple as black and white. This is a great way to make sure you're in the right position on every putt and to avoid any missteps that can result in missed putts.

The One

If you're looking for a putter that combines the softest feel with the easiest alignment setup, look no further than Odyssey White Hot Versa Golf Putters. They combine the proven, major-winning Versa technology played on Tour all over the world with an iconic White Hot insert to bring you a combination of performance and feel like no other.

The high contrast black and white alignment system in the Versa line helps you align at address and through your stroke. It highlights the proper face angle and improves concentration to help you make more putts and drain more putts!

In addition to the Versa alignment technology, the White Hot Versa putters also feature the original White Hot formulation that creates incredible feel, sound and performance in one exceptional two-part urethane insert. They are paired with the newest generation of Stroke Lab shafts that are more stiff and stable than ever before, improving consistency in your backswing time, face-angle at impact, ball speed and ball direction.

Continuing Odyssey's 2022 weight-forward design philosophy, the White Hot Versa puts forward the center of gravity to improve roll and consistency. They have a shortened steel section that reduces the weight by seven grams over previous generation models, which helps to redistribute weight to the head and grip.

They offer a variety of putter head shapes including blades and mallets that allow you to customize your look. All of these putters are available in both the white-black and black-white color schemes for a traditional look that never goes out of style!

Another feature of the Versa putters is that they are equipped with Odyssey's Stroke Lab shafts. These are the same shafts that have been used by PGA Tour players and winning putting instructors for years.

The Stroke Lab shafts are more than 40 grams lighter than conventional shafts, which allows the center of gravity to move closer to the putter head. This helps to redistribute weight, which in turn improves backswing time, face-angle at the impact, ball speed and ball direction.

These putters also feature a non-taper grip to eliminate added pressure in the wrists and forearms, which can lead to swing fatigue and sluggish strokes. This is especially important for those who want to develop a pendulum putting stroke and enhance their concentration.

The Twelve

Versa putters have been long time favourites of tour players and golfers alike, thanks to their classic two-part urethane insert. The newest generation of the multi-material Stroke Lab shaft is even better with a shortened steel section and a reduced weight (seven grams less than the previous generation) for more stability and stroke consistency.

Using the original White Hot formulation, the Versa line-up combines incredible feel and sound with excellent performance in one exceptional two-part urethane insert. It delivers solid feel and feedback on every putt.

The high contrast alignment system helps players with their alignment at address and through the stroke, highlighting the proper face angle for consistent strikes. This allows the player to maintain their face angle and concentration, helping them make more putts.

This technology is proven on Tour and with the consumer, and Odyssey has made it a key part of their 2023 lineup. The new line-up features five different models, each with a contrasting paint scheme to help the player align their putter properly at address and throughout the stroke.

Each model includes the Versa alignment scheme that highlights the proper face angle from address to impact and helps the player focus on making more putts. This is a great option for anyone who struggles with their putting and would like to improve their putting technique.

A popular choice for PGA Tour winners like Phil Mickelson, the high-contrast Versa alignment system is easy to understand and effective at assisting golfers in their putting stroke. It also makes it easier for the player to find their intended ball location and hit the ball accurately from there.

Depending on your putting style, each model in the Versa line-up can be fitted with the right shaft for you. The Seven is a double bend mallet putter that's best suited for strokes with minimal face rotation and arc. The Twelve is a crowned winged mallet putter that's best matched to neutral or slight arc.

Each model of the Versa line-up has a Stroke Lab shaft. This is the newest generation of Callaway's Stroke Lab shaft with a shortened steel section that reduces weight by seven grams over the previous version and provides more stability and stroke consistency.

The Seven S

A decade after Odyssey introduced its iconic Versa putter line, the company is back with an updated design and some of their latest technologies. The Versa Seven S is a classic fan shape mallet now with the renowned high contrast Versa alignment technology that helps golfers align their putter at address and throughout the stroke, leading to more putts in the hole.

The Versa's black-white-black aiming lines help golfers align the putter to their target line, and they even come with a small center sight line for added precision. It's a subtle detail, but it can have a real impact on your putting game.

According to Odyssey research, one degree of misalignment on a 10 foot putt can be the difference between a make and a miss. Having the right face angle at address and ensuring your putter is square to your target line before you hit the ball can make all the difference in the world, but it can be difficult to determine the proper angle on most putters.

Thankfully, the Versa's black-white-black high contrast aiming line is easy to see and can help you align your putter in the proper direction. It can also help you ensure your putter is square to the path of your stroke as well, giving you more confidence on putts down the line.

This is a good thing because it means the Versa's aiming arrow is not just a flashy novelty. It's a reliable way to improve your putting and it will pay dividends on the course for years to come.

In fact, it's the hottest selling putter on the PGA TOUR in 2021, and it's still going strong in 2023. So it's only fitting that Odyssey would revisit this iconic putting technology again to help more people aim better and make more putts on the course.

In addition to the high contrast aiming line, the Versa Seven S is fitted with the new Stroke Lab shaft that uses a blend of graphite and steel in the tip section to improve consistency in your stroke and impact location. Those two technologies combined with the mighty Versa's aiming arrow make this putter a must-have for your arsenal.