Ping G430 Golf Driver

Ping G430 Golf DRiver

If you're looking for a golf club that provides a great blend of distance and forgiveness, then the Ping G430 Golf Driver may be for you. The new golf club features a custom full-set option, a Carbon composite cap, and MOI improvements.

Three models will launch

Ping Golf has announced the release of the G430 family of golf clubs in North America, Europe and South America today. The new line of clubs will feature improved technology designed to help players increase their ball speed and get more distance.

Among the innovations are a rounded lead edge and a new face design that is thinner, faster, and more flexable. A modified roll profile also helps normalize spin and increase ball speed.

Ping's new driver lineup is comprised of three models, each with their own set of features. They include a high-flying model for those with a fast swing, a low-spin option for players who struggle with slice or fade, and a model that delivers the highest forgiveness.

The most forgiving of the new G430 models is the G430 MAX. It's the largest of the G430 series and comes with a 460cc head and adjustable backweight. Designed for 90 to 105mph swing speeds, the model is able to offer players five different settings to accommodate their preferred launch angle and swing weight.

Ping also offers a hybrid model for players who play slower. With a stock shaft, the Alta CB Black 70 can be purchased in S, R, and SR builds.

The other model in the G430 family is the LST. This is a compact head that produces more than seven yards of shot bending in draw and draw+ settings. In addition to a new carbon fiber wrap around the crown, the LST is designed to help fast swingers maximize ball speed and minimize spin.

As with all of the new models in the G430 line, Ping has incorporated engineering and R&D learnings into each new driver. For example, the SFT offers a 22-gram moveable tungsten backweight that helps deliver 13 yards of right-to-left bend in the draw setting.

Carbon composite cap

The G430 driver family uses an ultra-thin carbon composite cap to boost the moment of inertia and lower the centre of gravity. This increases the speed of the ball and is important for high swing speeds.

PING engineers have modified the design of the face and roll profile to achieve this. In addition, they used an innovative heat-treating technique to make the club more stout.

The G430 LST driver has been redesigned to include a new carbon crown. These changes have improved the feel and sound of the club. Combined with the thinner, VFT forged face, it delivers higher ball speeds and increased launch.

Another new innovation is the PurFlex badge. It is a seven-zone structure that helps the ball accelerate and bend through the air. Each zone is designed to enhance a different part of the face, helping to produce a more consistent and solid impact experience.

In addition to the PURFLEX badge, the G430 LST has also been fitted with a carbon-fiber wrap that wraps around the heel and toe of the clubhead. This lightweight material improves the sound and ball speed while allowing for less spin.

There are three models to choose from in the G430 driver family. Each is designed to meet the needs of different types of players. From higher swing speeds to slower ones, there is a model to suit your game.

While PING does not offer a carbon-fiber crown for its drivers, they do have a very lightweight, ultra-thin composite wrap. This replaces the metal on the crown, the toe, and the front section of the crown.

By replacing the metal with a composite wrap, PING has reduced the weight by over 10 grams. The lower center of gravity and enhanced launch mean increased distance and stability.

MOI improvements

PING has added a new family of G430 drivers. Each has a different face design to target a variety of swing speeds.

Compared to the G425 drivers, the new G430s have improved speed, distance and forgiveness. In addition to the new Titanium crown, the new drivers feature a Carbonfly wrap.

The Carbonfly wrap lowers the CG, allowing for greater ball speeds. It wraps around the rear and sides of the driver head, keeping the center of gravity closer to the force line. Traditionally, the center of gravity is located high in a driver's body, which can result in slower speed.

Another improvement is the shorter hosel, which helps the club launch higher. It also provides more stability at impact, which makes it easier for players to hit solid shots low on the face.

Another change is the Dragonfly Crown design, which helps reduce aerodynamic drag. Also, the new drivers have a more compact face, which reduces overall height.

Forgiveness remains a priority for PING. A moveable tungsten back weight helps to position the CG for draw or fade bias. This allows fitters to customize the shot-shape and ball flight.

PING engineers used simulation to analyze the impact of making face curvature adjustments. Using data from thousands of swings, they were able to create a mathematical model that predicts a driver's performance.

Another change is the carbon fiber wrap, which replaces metal on the toe and heel. This material keeps the CG closer to the force line, which translates to less spin and more distance.

The new PING G430 family is targeted for mid to high handicap golfers. They'll offer straight flight, low spin and maximum forgiveness.

Draw and Draw+ options

The new PING G430 family is now available for pre-order in the U.S., and features three basic models. Each model offers an alternative playing style. For example, the G430 SFT is a draw-biased driver, while the G430 Max is a neutral option.

With the release of the G430 family, PING is aiming to create more distance and forgiveness with its improved clubheads. These include updated internal rib structures, thinner face designs, and moveable weights. They also feature Spinsistency technology. This helps reduce energy lost to deflection and increases consistency and spin.

Ping's G430 driver family is built around a 22-gram moveable tungsten backweight. Depending on the setting, this weight can position the CG for a draw-plus, fade-plus, or neutral shot. In the draw setting, the backweight delivers 13 yards of right-to-left shot bending. Plus, the club can increase this to 20 yards with the Draw+ setting.

PING has also updated the roll profile of the G430 head. The new roll design increases speed, normalizes spin, and reduces loft on the lower portion of the face.

The head's design features a shallower VFT forged face that provides added flex. It also includes aerodynamic-enhancing Turbulators on the crown.

As part of the redesign, PING also reduced the total face height. The face design also does not sacrifice mishit protection. Instead, it allows for greater distance by lowering the weight and providing more aggressive roll at the bottom of the clubhead.

Aside from the three basic models, the G430 family also includes the SFT and LST. The SFT is a draw-bias driver, while the LST is a faster, less spinny option. Both drivers offer plenty of adjustability, including a hosel that accommodates two positions.