Skycaddie GPS Golf Watch

Skycaddie GPS Golf Rangefinders is lightweight and small enough to fit in any pocket or sports kit. With an easy-to-use Skycaddie console on your handheld computer or personal digital assistant (PDA), you can get the data you need quickly and easily while out on the golf course. Skycaddie has been an industry leader in GPS device technology and personal digital assistants (PDAs) for many years. Skycaddie has continually improved its devices over the years and today offers some of the most innovative technology in the world for consumers who demand the best.

Skycaddie GPS Golf rangefinders are lightweight and portable. Slide the Skycaddie Watch on your wrist or purse for ultimate on-the-go, rangefinding convenience! This tough stainless belt clip has constant ten years of advancements built in. Compared to many other belt clips, this quick belt clip blow them away! This tough belt clip is a strong and a good choice for your golf rangefinder, especially when it comes to putting distance markers on your course.

A golf GPS device needs to be robust and waterproof. Skycaddie has designed their golf rangefinder to be water-resistant up to thirty minutes submersed under water. They also have an ionic infused glass that protects against scratches and bumps. The Skycaddie is not only an effective rangefinder but also can be turned into a GPS device with the help of its wireless remote control. Skycaddie golf rangefinders are equipped with a high quality digital display that allows you to see exactly where your shot is and if it will fall where you have aimed it. This is the main advantage of Skycaddie golf rangefinder watches over any other brand. You can also see the club face at the same time it is working with your hands at the other end of the club. Skycaddie also offers a side-by-side dual/spectrum rangefinder that is easy to read and a dual/light dual/spectrum that allows you to use both eyes to target the ball.

Skycaddie GPS golf rangefinder watches are offered in numerous colors and with many additional features. One of the most important features is the digital display, which is large, clear and easily readable. Another important feature is that the distance is measured in yards and not miles, as most rangefinder watches do. Finally, the price is affordable and it is worth shopping around to find the best rangefinder for your needs.

Skycaddie LX5 Golf Watch

Skycaddie LX5 GPS golf rangefinder watches can also be a good gift for golfers who are always out on the golf course. They make an excellent gift for an avid golfer who loves to shop and has no problem with technology and equipment. Skycaddie makes many different models of golf rangefinder watches that come in a variety of price ranges so you can choose the one that is right for you and your budget. Skycaddie GPS golf rangefinder watches are among the most popular golfing accessories available today. Skycaddie has become known as the top manufacturer and seller of golf rangefinder watches, as well as being one of the most recognizable names in golfing. The rangefinder is one of the most useful tools you can have when you play golf. It lets you easily measure the distance from your current location to your target, whether you are measuring distance on a putting green or on the fairway. With Skycaddie golf rangefinder watches, you will never again have to guess at the distance.

Skycaddie has continually been improving its rangefinder technology. In fact, the Skycaddie rangefinder watch was introduced as an upgrade to the Skycaddie rangefinder sunglasses. Skycaddie golf rangefinder watches use the HID projector technology that is so common in golf rangefinder sunglasses. In other words, the Skycaddie's sunglasses projects an image of the golf ball and the target so that it is easier to determine the distance between you and the golf ball. Skycaddie has received great reviews from golfing enthusiasts everywhere, making it a favorite among serious golfers.