Sun Mountain H2NO Lite is a premium top priced golf bag. So is it worth the money?

Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Stand Bag Review

Sun Mountain has been quietly making waves in the past couple of years, and its popularity has been elevated with a number of top products. The H2NO Lite is among the top Sun Mountain golf bags and is certainly among the top golf bags that are waterproof that are available. I've tested the H2NO Lite through a number of rounds under various weather conditions. It's an extremely tough bag to criticize.

Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Stand Bag

In actuality and contrary to other equipment, it's easy to design bags for golf - they should be strong and spacious enough to hold the essentials and shouldn't cause any discomfort when you carry it around via straps that are uncomfortable or a burden. The appearance is essential, but many of the top golf bags are available in a variety of colours. Making a dream come true is the toughest aspect, however Sun Mountain has got its design and execution perfect by introducing The H2NO Lite.

Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Stand Bag - 2022

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I played with the bag in the spruce/black/aztec shade combination and I find it to be a fantastic design. It's bright and vibrant, but not over the top and has a unique design that's not easy to achieve in the face of the numerous golf bags that will be available in 2022. The construction quality is evident - it's made of a waterproof fabric coated with TPU which ensures that no rain gets into the interior. This is an important benefit no matter where you're anywhere in the world. Additionally, all seams are sealed and taped and the premium waterproof zippers from YKK further enhance security.

Sun Mountain H2NO Cart Bag

The first thing you'll will notice when you pick the bag is the weight in fact, it weighs at only 2.3kg that makes it lightweight to carry even when packed up to the brim. The six pockets offer plenty of space for your possessions, but If I had to pick I'd rather have a little more room in the biggest pocket , as I like to carry around things in one place. waterproof jacket and golf jumper In the bag. There's space for both but there's not much else. Some would be able to argue that there's no need to have anything else in the space.