Sun Mountain Womens Golf Bags

Sun Mountain Womens Golf Bags

Sun Mountain offers many different styles of golf bags for women. These golf bags are shorter than their men's counterparts, and provide a more feminine appeal. The range of women's golf bags includes stand bags like the 2.5+ and 3.5LS 14-way, as well as cart bags like the Diva, Sync, and Stellar.

Sun Mountain 2.5+ Golf Bag

The Men's 2.5+ is the same length. It features six pockets, including a velour-lined valuables pocket. There is also a two-way zippered ball pocket and water bottle pouch. The Women's 2.5+ is also available.

Sun Mountain 3.5LS Golf Bag

Sun Mountain has created a women's version of their popular 3.5LS backpack. Made of lightweight nylon fabric and high strength-to-weight plastic, the 3.5LS has a padded hip pad and thicker strap. The women's version is one inch shorter than the men's, and it has updated body styling and a new accessory pocket.

Sun Mountain Women's Golf Bags

This women's golf bag has a smaller footprint and the same height as the men's 2.5+ golf bag. The bag is designed to be comfortable to carry around but is still big enough to have everything you need. The 2.5LS has 14 club dividers and an oval top for easy access. It also has top-mounted leg mechanisms for extra stability.

The Sun Mountain Women's 2.5LS is the perfect size for women golfers. This bag has a lot of room for your golf balls, accessories, and clothing. You'll also find a number of pockets that are perfect for holding your other equipment. The bag also features a padded hip pad and a comfortable handle. It's made with lightweight nylon fabric and has a sturdy frame.