TaylorMade Clubs

TaylorMade Clubs, produced by TaylorMade have been the leading brand for golf clubs for many years and remain number one with their fantastic range. For example they recently introduced a first, Moveable Weight Technology  in their golf clubs. This allows the user to tune their club for a specific type of shot they want to play. How cool is that?

And it doesn't stop there. TaylorMade continue to produce TaylorMade Clubs that help players of all skill levels to reach their potential and go beyond. TaylorMade are part of the Adidas group and together are one of the leading golf manufacturers providing high quality TaylorMade Clubs used by many top tour players.


Here at Aslan Golf, we provide a huge range of these products. The very best clubs combined with our competitve prices equals a deal you simply cannot ignore. Some examples of the high quality TaylorMade Clubs include:


The TaylorMade R11 S TP Driver


TaylorMade R11 S TP Driver


Taylormade RBZ RocketBallz Driver



Taylormade RBZ RocketBallz Driver


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