TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver Review

Taylormade Stealth 2 Driver

The Taylormade Stealth 2 Driver is a great choice for golfers that are looking to find a reliable driver to use in the game. It is built with a carbon twist face and adjustable hosels to ensure that each golfer has the most accurate and consistent ball flight. In addition, it comes with a variety of other features, including an acoustic adjuster, speed pocket slot, and inverted cone technology.

Acoustic adjuster

There is a new gen of golf clubs in town, and one is the Taylormade Stealth 2 Driver. The new toy touts a few of the best features you'll find on the course. One is the aforementioned acoustic adjuster that makes the swoosh a tad more tolerable. Other perks include a nice bonus bag, and a nice welcome gift if you're lucky. With a name like Taylormade you can't help but be impressed. After all, they're the people a company that you're entrusting your tee time to. Of course, a hefty price tag, but you can't help but be impressed by the quality of craftsmanship they display. So, is it a good idea to invest your hard earned cash in one of their ilk? Hopefully, you'll enjoy your tee time to the fullest!

Speed pocket slot

The new Taylormade Stealth 2 Driver features a Speed Pocket slot. This allows the club to adjust its loft by two degrees in either direction. As a result, this driver can be played by a wider range of players. In addition to this, the weight can be moved to the rear of the clubhead for greater forgiveness.

Aside from the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket, the Stealth 2 Driver also features an ECHO Damping system. This technology works by combining different materials in the face of the club to help protect against vibrations. Additionally, this system uses a polyurethane cover to maximize distance in all weather conditions.

The 60X Carbon Twist Face on the Stealth driver increases ball speeds and enhances forgiveness. It also reduces the weight of the club and produces an ultra-fast face.

The Taylormade Stealth is an innovative, high-performance driver that incorporates game-changing technologies. It's designed to deliver the best combination of spin reduction and forgiveness. While it may not have the feel of a forged iron, it delivers up to 200-300 RPMs more of the former.

This is possible because of the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket. It helps absorb unwanted vibrations to increase face flexibility. Also, it improves the sound of the iron. With the added flexibility, the clubface can flex in a way that produces a larger sweet spot, increasing the distance and launch.

The 60X Carbon Twist face also creates a lower center of gravity, which leads to higher ball flight and more forgiveness. However, the new design also requires a stronger support structure to keep the clubface from flexing too much.

Overall, the Taylormade Stealth is a fantastic club that is sure to please golfers of all abilities. You can find it in one of three models: the Thru-Slot, the Sliding Weight Track, or the Stealth Plus+.

60X carbon twist face

With TaylorMade's introduction of their Stealth Driver Family, golfers have been given a new level of customization. Now, with the 60X Carbon Twist Face, they're also given a new level of performance.

The 60X Carbon Twist Face has been designed to maximize the speed of the ball in all areas. By amplifying friction between the clubface and the ball, the face helps to fine-tune launch, spin, and energy transfer. This, in turn, provides a more consistent ball flight and ball speed.

Another benefit of the 60X Carbon Twist Face is that it's extremely forgiving. It helps to prevent over-spining, so golfers can maintain control and generate a good shot.

The TaylorMade 60X Carbon Twist Face also offers a sliding weight track. This feature allows golfers to fine-tune their launch to get the desired distance. In addition, it also provides a more solid feel.

This new technology is also part of the reason that the Stealth drivers have become so popular. According to Brian Bazzel, the Vice President of Product Creation at TaylorMade, "The new nanotexture face coating gives the player a solid feel and provides optimal friction at impact for optimal launch."

Another innovative feature is the internal sound ribs. They help create a smooth and consistent ball flight, but they're not used on all models.

There are three different models in the Stealth family, including the Stealth HD and the Stealth Plus+. Both of these drivers have a 10g sliding weight track to adjust the mass on the sole to create the ball flight of your choosing.

Stealth HD is specifically designed for golfers who typically slice or hit the ball out of the upper center quadrants. The driver also has an Inertia Generator, which lays closer to the heel to optimize the flight of the ball.

Adjustable hosels

Adjustable hosels are a key feature of new Taylormade Stealth 2 Driver. They allow players to tinker with the clubface lie, backspin RPM and angle.

The adjustable hosel also allows players to increase or decrease the loft. This increases or decreases the amount of loft delivered at impact, which affects the distance of the ball. For example, a driver with a higher loft can be used to launch the ball farther. On the other hand, a lower loft can be used to produce a draw or fade.

Another benefit of an adjustable hosel is that it can be used to reduce the initial launch angle of the club. Too much upward angle of attack on a certain swing can cause the ball to spin out of the air, leading to a shot that rolls less after landing.

Other features of the Stealth Plus+ driver include a sliding weight track. It is located behind the speed pocket and is a channel that allows users to alter the mass of the driver. These adjustments alter the weight in the head to promote greater stability and forgiveness.

The new Stealth driver also has a redesigned face cover that is crafted with nanotexture. This coating increases friction at impact and optimizes the total distance of the golf ball in all conditions.

The Stealth is designed to strike a perfect balance between launch, spin and distance. Golfers with higher handicaps may appreciate the neutral flight bias of the driver, but it is still a solid choice for all skill levels.

The Taylormade Stealth Women's driver is the first driver in the women's line to feature CarbonWood Age technology. The technology incorporates 60 layers of carbon sheets to increase ball speed and improve energy transfer.

Inverted Cone Technology

The Taylormade Stealth driver is one of the most technologically advanced drivers on the market. It's been 20 years in the making. It was designed with one goal in mind: to create a new S-curve.

Its ultra-thin construction promotes fast ball speeds and forgiveness. This is achieved through a thinner 450 stainless steel face and the use of Progressive Inverted Cone Technology. A through-slot Speed Pocket is engineered into the sole, which protects against large ball-speed drops on low-striking shots.

In addition, a patented off-center ICT enhances the sweet spot, ensuring straighter shots and increased forgiveness. The Stealth also features a nanotexture coating to protect the underlying carbon fiber. Nanotexture is an ultra-thin coating with small grooves. It prevents the composite from contacting the ball and thereby creates a consistent spin.

The Stealth is designed to be lighter than titanium, which means less impact strain on the underlying material. It also features an asymmetric Inertia Generator, which creates a new threshold of performance and innovation.

As for the acoustic precision, the ECHO Damping System is fine-tuned for every iron. Multiple contact points are utilized on the face, from the heel to the toe, to keep the sound profile bright and consistent.

The 450 stainless steel face shrinks to 1.6 millimeters in the thinnest areas. It's a key part of the Inverted Cone Technology, which maximizes the COR zone and delivers explosive ball speeds.

While the Stealth's asymmetric Inertia Generator can deliver advanced aerodynamics at a critical swing phase, the HYBRAR compression damper filters unnecessary face vibrations. That means you can trust the club's stability, even on the course.

Overall, the Stealth driver is a product of a lot of hard work and research. It's expected to be the top selling driver in 2023.