Taylormade Milled Grind3 Wedges

The Latest Taylormade MG3 Wedges

The Taylormade Milled Grind Wedge's new design is built to work for all golfers. This wedge incorporates the latest technology and is designed to work with all skill levels. This wedge is free from any plating and grooves. It allows for precise geometry which maximizes spin and feel.

These wedges have been contoured to help distribute "control" from the swing. It creates "backspin" when you need. This directly impacts your accuracy and golf ball control. Raised micro-ribs are placed in full grooves to give the face texture. They're designed to improve your performance on shots around a green. The new technology is found in the wedge's "milled grinds". Milled Grin soles assure precision where it counts most. The milling process improves consistency, while maintaining high tolerance levels that are difficult to reproduce by humans. This is a simple, precise way to boost your confidence.

ZTP Raw Groove Design

One feature of the new technology is "ZTP Raw Groove Design", a component that has been incorporated into the club. The cutting plane allows golfers to hit the ball consistently at an angle. Your success as a golfer is dependent on your consistency. Consistency is key to your ability to play well and also to choosing the right clubs. Taylormade offers new technology and the MG3 comes with the right fitting.

This produces more sharp, deeper, narrower and more spin-efficient greenside spin. The Milled Grind Edge's most distinctive part is the forged heads. This has made the Milled Grind Wedge very popular with all levels of golfers. The blade is specifically designed to increase feel and spin, even in wet conditions. This is important for experienced golfers to understand and control. Most golfers have trouble consistently hitting the hole. Taylormade's new milled grinder 3 wedges will help to eliminate these problems. Players will be able to have greater control over their clubs because they are made with top-quality materials.

A professional golfer can demonstrate that they are capable of handling every shot. They have perfect technique, and they execute every shot with precision. This is what players do all the time when they are playing golf. However, when you ask the same players about their hardest shot, they will tell you that it is the one they make it to the green. These players will also tell you that they love the Taylormade MG3 wedge's performance and recommend it to other golfers.

Taylormade's Milled Grind wedges, which are brand new, is designed to keep accuracy no matter what the weather may bring. No golfer is surprised by how much wind blows on any given course. This is why Taylormade's new Golf Wedge has been engineered to withstand wind and will not become worn down as quickly as other rounds. Taylormade's Milled Grind wedges are now designed with a smoother, more controllable top. It's also available in Satin RAW Chrome (or Satin RAW Black).

Taylormade's new wedges also have an advantage in terms of the number of customizable grips. New grips optimize the club impact for maximum feel. This means more energy transfer down your shaft, which in turn results in greater distance control. Most golfers are comfortable enough with their hands to determine where their grip should go on the club. Taylormade grips are more efficient than ever and enhance the feel of your shot.

The Taylormade Milled Grind Wedge 3 could be the right choice for you if your goal is to find a new and better golf club that can take everything you throw at it. Its performance statistics have been a surprise to all who have used it. It is the most talked of new product at the moment. It ranks as the number one golf wedge in Golf Digest. For more information on the wedges by Taylormade, please click here.