Improve your golf with the new Wilson Staff Launch Pad 2 Driver

Wilson Staff Launch Pad 2 Driver

The Wilson Staff Launch Pad 2 Driver is a high performance hybrid that is designed for the average player. The LaunchPad fairway woods have light weight components, a moderate hosel offset, and a Carpenter Custom 465 face. These features promote a closed face at impact and neutralize fade bias. The fairway woods are designed with a lower center of gravity to reduce spin and maximize distance. These drivers are also great for players who are a little more forgiving than they are when it comes to hitting long shots.

The LaunchPad 2 driver has a redesigned face and a lower center of gravity. This driver is designed with an inherent draw bias, which helps create better contact and forgiveness. The launch pad 2 also has a new PKR face geometry that is tour proven, and it boasts a larger bulge radius than the original. The launch pad 2 has a lighter weight than its predecessor and has the same offset hosel transition as the current LaunchPad.

The LaunchPad 2 driver is the heaviest driver in the Wilson Staff Launch Pad series, but it is not the lightest. It only weighs 272 grams. A lighter club head creates more ball speed, and the variable face thickness helps protect the ball from side-spin on mishits. There are some disadvantages to the Launch Pad 2, however. We recommend you play with a heavier driver before you purchase it.

The LaunchPad is the lightest driver from Wilson Staff, weighing just 272 grams. This lightweight feel increases club speed, resulting in longer distances. It has Variable Face Technology to ensure a solid connection with the ball. The launch pad has 13 grams of heel weight, which creates a draw bias. It has a +2@ upright lie angle, which is designed to reduce sliced shots. In addition to its low weight, the LaunchPad is made for moderate swing speeds.

The Launch Pad driver is lightweight. Its EvenFlow shaft is lightweight, resulting in an easy swing. Despite its lightweight design, it offers a high launch angle and high ball speeds. The Wilson LaunchPad 2 driver is an ideal choice for people who want to hit their balls far and wide. Its affordable price of $299 makes it a great choice for golfers looking for a hybrid driver. You can buy it from any retailer.

The LaunchPad Driver is a high performance hybrid that is made for players who are slow to swing. The lightweight design and Variable Face technology provide consistent ball speeds and help prevent slice. The launchpad driver is also a great choice for players who aren't sure which golf club to buy. The Wilson Launch Pad is a perfect choice for players with slow swings. There is no need to sacrifice distance for speed.

The LaunchPad range of drivers and fairways is a perfect fit for golfers who are looking for more distance and forgiveness. The drivers and fairways are specifically designed for higher handicap golfers. The driver is designed for the average golfer who has a slice. Its draw bias is reduced by 0.5mph, which allows it to improve its distance and reduce the risk of sliced shots. The patented sole design also focuses on the softness of the clubface at impact.

The LaunchPad driver is designed for players who want to improve their game. The patented launch pad driver has a moderate hosel offset and 13 grams of heel weight. It is also designed to improve your game and help you hit the ball farther and straighter. You'll love the launch angle and distance of the Launch Pad Driver. You'll have more confidence in your game and enjoy playing golf. If you want a new driver, the Wilson Launchpad 2 Driver is the one to get. It will give you the performance you need.

The LaunchPad 2 driver has several game improvement features. Its upright lie angle and moderate hosel offset allow it to take your swing from the tee box to the green in a single swing. Its aggressive design is perfect for players who struggle to hit the ball straight, but wants to improve their game. The LaunchPad 2 also has a moderate hosel offset that keeps the ball in the sweet spot, while allowing you to hit the ball further.