Top 5 Electric Golf Trolleys

Flat Cat Electric Golf Cart

For anyone looking to buy an electric golf cart, there are a few things that you need to know before you decide. First, you have to choose between electric and push. Second, you have to think about the size of the cart, as well as whether you want a cart that is designed for play or one that is built to be used more for storage.

Push or electric?

If you are in the market for a new golf cart, you may want to consider an electric golf trolley. They offer a variety of features that can be incorporated into your game plan. Aside from the obvious braking system, these devices come with some nifty tricks. Among other things, they can help you keep track of your golf bag and your scorecard, which are two of the most important items in your golf bag.

To get the most out of your purchase, take into consideration the best features for your budget, as well as your play style. Whether you're a golfer who walks, or drives, or both, an electric cart is a great option. For example, if you play a lot of holes on your way to the club, an electric golf trolley can get you from the first tee to the last tee, a trip that could take you more than three hours by foot. It's also worth noting that electric golf carts are more durable than their push-button counterparts, and manufacturers often offer free replacement parts and repair services.

The most reputable companies will even tell you which models offer the best combination of features, a factor of ubiquity. If you aren't looking for a high-priced model, consider buying a used unit from a reputable retailer. This will ensure that you can spend less on a brand name machine, and more on a quality set of wheels.

While you're at it, don't forget to buy a GPS to keep you on course. Even if you're not an avid gamer, a GPS can help you find your way around the course and help you find your way back to the clubhouse.


The Powakaddy CT8 GPS is the world's smallest ultra-compact golf trolley. It features a 3.5-inch full-colour touchscreen display and a fully integrated GPS system.

It's a great way to get accurate yardages to greens, hazards and even the location of the pin. It also has a handy tee holder and a step counter. In addition to the GPS, it comes with a Bluetooth connected app that allows you to track your score and receive notifications from your smartphone.

The GPS has a wide stance that provides good rear stability. Also, the handle has a soft touch handle height adjustment feature. When you are finished, you can easily store the unit in the boot of your car. This makes it easy to transport from course to course.

Another feature is the Auto Distance Function. Using this function, you can send the trolley ahead to avoid tee shots and send it back to where you want it to be. You can also set it to stop and slow down on steep inclines.

With a built-in battery pack that can last up to 12-15 hours of operation, the CT8 will take you on a round of golf with comfort and ease. When you are done, you can easily recharge the battery. To do so, simply plug it into an outlet.

The PowaKaddy CT8 GPS has a full-colour touchscreen display and a user-friendly interface. The device is easy to navigate through, and it also includes a step counter, distance measurement to any pin position, and stroke index information.

The battery is the thinnest in the industry, and has an easy-to-reach on/off switch. The self-sensing Electronic Braking System also slows the trolley down on steep inclines.


The Motocaddy M5 GPS Electric Golf Trolley offers a great combination of price and performance. It features a battery pack that can be recharged in minutes when plugged into an outlet. This is an ideal solution for people with limited boot space. Using this battery pack, the trolley can travel up to 10 miles.

The M5 features an ultra-responsive 3.5-inch touchscreen LCD that provides the user with a wide range of information. It can be used to navigate the course, track scores, and see the distance to greens, hazards, and bunkers.

The cart also features a powerful downhill braking system that can help keep the trolley stable in a variety of situations. Whether you're traveling downhill or tackling bumpy terrain, the M5 can handle it.

In addition to its built-in GPS, the cart has a smart connectivity feature that allows it to connect to a host of smartphone apps. Users can customize their cart's speed, view a map of the course, and even get notifications on their phone.

Motocaddy's M5 GPS-trolley offers the latest technology. The compact, sleek design is part of the brand's redesigned M-Series. With the ability to invert the wheels, the trolley is 11% smaller than other models.

Another key feature is a patented USB charging port that allows users to charge their phone without worrying about damage. Moreover, the M5's screen is large enough to easily read all the information.

Assembling the cart is simple, thanks to a "+" button that lets you go forward and a big red "stop" button that stops the cart immediately. It's easy to drive, too. You don't need to worry about a rattling club, either.

MGI Zip Navigator

The MGI Zip Navigator is an innovative remote control electric caddy that is designed to navigate a golf course without having to use a manual push cart. It combines a patented gyroscope guiding technology with an advanced battery system to keep the golfer upright and moving.

This electric golf caddy will hold all of your golf clubs and accessories, and features a sleek, all-weather design. When the batteries are charged, it will take you around the course for a full day of fun.

In addition to the standard, dual 230-watt motors, the Zip Navigator also comes with an impressive full directional remote control. This remote controls the cart's many functions, from speed to navigation.

The full directional controller is easy to use, and will keep you on track regardless of the terrain. The Zip Navigator also includes a full-color interactive screen that shows the time, distance traveled, battery status and the number of holes you've played.

While the MGI Zip Navigator is not the cheapest electric caddy on the market, it does come with a couple of noteworthy features that make it a worthwhile investment. You'll also get a two-year warranty and a US-based factory service team.

Another cool feature is the included USB cord that can be used to charge your smartphone, or your remote control. The included holder can be used for a variety of items, including a drink holder, umbrella holder, or a GPS or SmartPhone holder.

The MGI Zip Navigator's biggest draw is the innovative remote control. Unlike other carts on the market, the Zip Navigator actually works well. The controller keeps you from falling off course, and the patented gyro technology automatically activates when you're using the controller.

Motocaddy S1

The Motocaddy S1 is one of the fastest selling powered golf carts in the UK. This affordable trolley has many great features that golfers will love. It is also easy to use and is ideal for those who want an electric trolley but cannot afford to pay premium prices.

This lightweight model has a low profile folding system that is quick and easy to set up. An adjustable handle adapts to your body size. And the EASILOCK(tm) system allows you to lock your bag onto the caddy without the lower strap.

When you are finished playing, you can easily pack the motorized caddy away in less than three seconds. It has a strong frame made from anodized aluminum. It is also fitted with rustproof stainless steel screws.

With the help of a USB port, you can charge your mobile phone. You can also receive a variety of smartphone notifications.

The Motocaddy S1 DHC has a mirrored LCD display that shows information about the battery and speed. In addition, it has an automatic hill start, downhill braking, and a distance-step automatik.

As well as a patented USB charging port, the M-Series has a next-generation 28V high power system for enhanced handle stability. These features are combined with a powerful 230W motor and an oversize tubing to ensure ultimate handle strength.

A soft touch ergonomic handle, an automatic speed control and a continuously variable speed controller are other features of the new flat cat. Also, the battery is extremely compact and thin, making it easy to carry.

The battery can be charged while the trolley is folded. Once the trolley is in the folded position, the battery automatically disconnects.