Wilson Staff D9 Golf Clubs Price Crash at Aslan Golf

Wilson Staff D9 Golf Clubs Price Crash at Aslan Golf

The Wilson Staff D9 Golf Clubs are a new generation of irons that are designed for maximum distance. Their design is based on low center of gravity, high launch, and symmetrically positioned holes to maximize your shot distance. These clubs are currently on sale at Aslan Golf for a steep discount.

Wilson Staff D9 irons are designed for distance

The Wilson Staff D9 irons have a low center of gravity and a higher ball flight than other irons on the market. This allows the ball to have better control on greens and delivers better distance. The ultra-thin face also helps the golf ball maintain a straight line. The D9 irons are a great option for players who want more distance and forgiveness.

They have a low CG

The Wilson Staff D9 Golf Clubs feature a low center of gravity (CG), a feature that improves ball speed and enables players to hit high and long shots. The low CG also makes the irons easier to launch, especially when playing a target game. Compared to the D7, the D9's CG is 50/1000th of an inch lower, which helps players achieve greater distance and height.

They have a high launch

The Wilson Staff D9 Golf Clubs feature a high launch, which is ideal for golfers who are seeking maximum distance and forgiveness. With 120 computer simulations, the D9 irons are designed to deliver maximum forgiveness and high ball flights, as well as low impact landings on the greens. These irons also have a large head and a wide sole to promote forgiveness.

They have symmetrically positioned holes

The Wilson Staff D9 Golf Clubs have a unique design featuring Power Holes 2.0. These strategically positioned holes on the soles of the clubhead allow for more face flex at impact. This leads to a larger sweet spot and better performance when hitting the center of the face. These new golf irons are based on advanced golf analytics and extensive computer modeling. The resulting design optimizes a player's swing by matching the best clubs with his swing type.

They are perfect for the aspiring golfer

If you're looking for a new set of golf clubs for your game, look no further than the Wilson Staff D9 irons. These golf clubs are made from Urea and are aimed at mid-range players who prefer a smoother flight over high-speed ball speeds. This iron set also features a new, larger unsupported face and Wilson's exclusive Power Hole 2.0 Technology. This technology increases deflection and ensures that the energy transfer across the entire face.

They are designed for players with a decent game

The Wilson Staff D9 Golf Clubs are aimed at players with average game who are seeking more forgiveness, distance, and control on their swings. They feature 120 computer-designed facets that maximize forgiveness and distance while keeping the ball in a straight line. The golf club has a cavity-backed design and a gold and black insert for a modern look. It also features a laminated Genesis Crossline grip and MRC Tensei AV Silver shaft.