Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls 3 For 2 Deal Now on at Aslan Golf

Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls 3 for 2 Deal Now on at Aslan Golf

The Wilson Staff Duo golf ball is the world's softest two-piece ball and provides mid-high launch and low spin. Wilson's target market consists of golfers with a difficult time hitting iron shots in the air. As such, the Wilson Duo is designed to help these players improve their game.

Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls are mid-high launch and low spin

The Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls are mid high launch, low spin golf balls that produce low spin off the driver. Their firm mantle and reduced density core have a consistent density and provide a low spin rate. The Wilson Staff Duo is a versatile golf ball that provides mid-high launch, low spin, and a medium feel.

The Wilson Staff Duo golf ball was the Gold winner in Golf Digest's Hotlist awards in 2018, and they recently released seven new matte ball colors. This golf ball features a compression rating of 29 and is one of the softest balls on the market. The Duo is a great choice for players who play golf slowly. It also provides good distance, durability, and feel on the tee.

The Duo Golf Ball comes in a variety of colors and is made of a soft dimpled ionomer cover. The Duo is soft enough for players who don't need high launch and high spin. However, it is also harder than the Wilson Duo. Callaway invests a lot of research into its product range.

They are the world's softest 2-piece ball

The Wilson Staff Duo golf ball has a two-piece construction and is known for being the world's softest 2-piece ball. It is designed for distance players and features a low compression rating of 29. This ball also has a large rubber-rich core that creates an increased ball speed and distance.

Soft things are fine sometimes. You may think of Charmin or a kitten. But the soft things in life sometimes get a bad rap. The softness of a golf ball has taken a beating the past few years, but Wilson Staff has listened to the critics and revamped their popular DUO line with the new 2020 DUO Soft+.

The DUO Soft+ golf ball uses a new core technology called VELOCITICOR(tm). The core is made of new advanced materials which translate into maximum energy transfer into the ball. The core contains different forms of polybutadiene. It also has Zinc Pentachlorothiophenol for extra "oomph."

They are the world's longest

The Wilson Staff DUO golf balls are the longest golf balls on the market. The Duo's spongy, soft core provides excellent feel and exceptional distance. The Duo also comes in bold, matte colours that will make your shots pop. The Duo is available at RRP of 30 euros per dozen.

The Duo golf ball is composed of advanced materials and technology for enhanced distance and consistency. The Duo Soft+ golf ball is also the longest premium two-piece ball. Its VelocitiCOR core technology amplifies the power of your swing for increased distance.