Wilson Staff Triad Golf Ball Review

The Wilson Staff Triad golf ball was created to help moderate golfers discover more fairways as well as hit more greens and putt more holes. The goal is to make the goal of breaking the age of 80 a reality.

Wilson Staff Triad Golf Balls

Imagine a golf ball which was sold on the basis of finding three fairways more as well as five greens, and hoisting three putts more each round. It's difficult to believe that such balls could ever be created and, it's because golf balls have been sold before on the basis of being faster and longer, more spinny or soft.

If a ball can help you get three fairways in with five more greens and putt three more holes per round , would you consider trying one? If you realized these traits led to a lot of golfers at clubs switching from shooting 90 to breaking the 80 mark.

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The mysterious 79 is an emotional number in golf because it's not just better than 82 or 83but it's also considered in many circles as the mark of good golfers. Wilson's latest Triad ball one of the first balls that promise to help golfers of reasonable ability get to 80, is close to drawing the attention of thousands of fair-playing golfers all over all over the world.

Wilson Staff Triad R Golf Balls 

Wilson believe that three fairways, five greens, and three more holed putts formed the basis of their ideas as their golf ball coated with a lab experts set about creating the Triad.

It's a 3-piece covered with urethane, that is offered on the market from a distinct angle, because it's not designed to help golfers to hit faster, further or better, but rather helping golfers with reasonable clubs to get better scores.


Wilson have been achieving success in the market of irons designed for bridge' players (reasonable golfers who like the style of the look of a Wilson Staff Model steel blade, yet require the brand's D9 Forged) who are in between the players' Distance and Mid-Handicap iron categories.

In light of this shift in demand from consumers, Wilson's management believes it is the right time to unveil a ball made specifically for bridge golfers that fills a gap between all of the Wilson golf ball range.

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The brand's tour-quality Staff Model (four-piece) ball is designed for good single-figure handicappers and tour players on one side of the spectrum The duo of two pieces Duo Soft + targets club golfers who want a super soft feel, as well as outstanding distance and straightness on the other side. Also, in the middle, is a good-sized Triad gap.

Wilson Says there's not yet any ball that is dominant in this market, even though the competition is intense with the likes of TaylorMade Tour Response, Callaway Chrome Soft and ERC Soft, Titleist AVX and Tour Speed, Srixon Q-Star Tour and Bridgestone RX and RXS already battling for market share within this category.

The ultimate goal of Triad is to be the standard golf ball for decent golfers who want to surpass 80.

Information Description: the Wilson staff triad golf ball

RRP: £39

The construction: 3-piece with ultra-thin covered with urethane paint

Compression: 85

Information: Wilson Staff Triad R golf ball

RRP: £39

Structure: 3-piece with ultra-thin raw (unpainted) cover

Compression: 85

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What can you think the Wilson Staff Triad help you to hit more fairways?

MOI is discussed frequently with regard to drivers or irons however it's not given an acknowledgement in the context of golf balls. But Wilson's genius Golf ball designer Frank Simonutti along with his crew has developed the concept of increasing the MOI of the Triad so that golfers can have more fairways to hit.

The idea of shifting the weight from the center of the ball towards the outside might sound like a simple concept, but once you consider that a perfectly shaped golf ball isn't able to be heavier than 45.93g as well as the premium three-piece ball is comprised of three different substances and the details of optimizing the MOI of a ball are anything but straightforward.

Wilson claim that the center of the golf ball is the largest part. Therefore, taking it off and moving it towards its outside will yield significant gains in MOI, much as designing a driver that is more forgiving or iron.

A standard premium three-piece golf ball is made up of an 36.3g core, which amounts to 79.1 percent of the ball's weight. An additional 5.8g is used to make the mantle layer (the part between the core and the cover) along with another 3.8g allocated towards the cover. Thus, by removing just one kilogram from the core of the Triad and cover, the weight distribution modified by 2%, with the remainder being allocated to the core.

It may sound like a small amount however Wilson claim that this switch, when paired with less spin in the driver can result in several yards of accuracy improvements and is sufficient to let golfers of reasonable ability to make use of a few fairways each round.

Wilson are also of the opinion that the Triad is a ball for golfers who are content with the distance they can get the ball to instead of those who want to increase distance. The Triad comes with an 85 compression that Wilson describe as medium firmness. It's comparable to that of the AVX by Titleist as well as the Tour Speed. If you want a super soft feel looking for, you should definitely be considering Duo Soft +. Duo Soft + ball instead.

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Simonutti and his team have specifically reduced the backspin of the driver using the Triad because less spin increases the accuracy off on the green. Triad spins at a lower speed of 100 RPM when playing with drivers (and 300 % less when using an iron, but only 400 RPM lower with wedge) over the brand's tour-level staff model ball.

Wilson Staff Model R Golf Balls

Naturally, Wilson's own tests have demonstrated that the Triad to be both fast and long (fastest in the class actually) and this can be attributed to the more firm compression which is softer than the competition in the category, but at the lower end of tours-level urethane balls like the Titleist Pro V1.

What can this Wilson Staff Triad help you get more greens?

In essence, it's about Spin Tailoring. Low spin can be great with the driver, Wilson had to increase it using the irons, and so shots end on the dance floor.

Simonutti was aware that the smaller the Triad's cover thickness, the faster it was possible to dial the spin back up, and he pushed an iron's surface to be more in contact with the ball. 7-iron's the sand wedge.

Triad features an ultra-thin urethane cover that isn't as thick as half the dimple's depth, which means it can promote spin on short approach shots to greens.

Wilson's comparative test looked at spin rates across 7-iron 9-iron, the 56deg wedge. the Triad was the top performer in the class (the Callaway Chrome Soft was close behind). While the Triad can help you hit the fairway off the tee, it also can be used to hit the ball with more precision, especially on hard greens due to the additional spin control that comes from its ultra-thin , slender cover, according to Wilson.

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How can Wilson Staff Triad help you? Wilson Staff Triad help you make more putts?

There was probably some intense tension at the Wilson's Chicago headquarters but it ultimately boils down to density balance and the focusing of the core.

There's been lots of debate about the off-centre nature of golf ball cores in the past couple of years and now that we understand the core is the largest part of the golf ball, it's not taking the mental power of Einstein to realize that an off-centre center can cause significant issues with accuracy, whether using an iron, driver or putter.


Triad is the sole ball in its class which aims to help golfers make more putts, therefore Wilson sought beyond a simple guarantee that their quality control procedures make sure that every core of every ball is located in the middle.

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The idea they came up with was a density balancer. While a typical three-piece urethane ball's core, mantle , and cover have different density The Triad is made up of three layers that are matched to each their respective layers. This eliminates spots that are heavy for better accuracy, and behaves like a single-piece golf ball that will never be out of balance and will aid in reducing the number of putts that fall.

There's an unpainted raw Triad R as well.

Wilson showed off raw golf balls in the launch of The staff model R in the year 2020. The three coats of color are applied to the outside of traditional balls due to the fact that golfers love playing with the white golf ball.

But, the paint may be unevenly applied and may it can pool and cover up to 30% of the dimple's diameter, which can detract in aerodynamics from the performance of the ball, and results in inconsistent precision.

Therefore, if you wish to have the highest quality and most reliable golf ball, it needs been painted. Be aware that they may change color in a small amount when playing, however Wilson says that this doesn't hinder from performance. That's precisely why you can find an unpainted, raw Triad R in the line-up.