Wilson Staff Triad Golf Balls

Wilson Staff Triad Golf Balls

Among the different golf balls on the market, Wilson Staff Triad Golf Balls stand out. They offer a great combination of performance and durability, which makes them the ideal choice for golfers of all skill levels. In addition to that, these balls come with a low spin rate and cover thickness that is designed to provide maximum control.


Unlike the Wilson Duo Soft+, which is a two-piece ball, the Triad is a three-piece ball. This makes the Triad's compression rating higher. In addition to being a mid-compression ball, the Triad also features a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) level.

The Triad is a good ball for golfers who aren't yet advanced in their game, but are making gains. The Triad golf ball will help you find more fairways and hold more greens. It also helps you get more putts in the hole. The Triad has an 85 compression rating, which is comparable to the Duo Soft+.

The Triad is made of a cast urethane cover that is ultra thin. This allows the cover to stay engaged with the club face for an extended period during impact. This allows for a higher spin rate and a more controlled flight. The ultra-thin cover also provides additional spin on shorter iron shots.

The Triad is also available in a raw uncoated version. The Triad's cover is thinner than the dimple thickness, which allows it to absorb more spin. This allows players to attack the pins with more confidence. The high friction cover also provides maximum greenside control.

The Triad golf ball is a little different from the Staff Model. It is priced at about £40 for a dozen. The Triad is a three-piece golf ball, whereas the Staff Model is a four-piece ball. This means that the Triad is a slightly lower compression ball than the Staff Model.

The Triad is priced at around the same as the Titleist Tour Speed, but with a lower compression rating. It is also 700 to 800 more expensive than the RXS. The Triad is designed for players who are looking for more distance and spin on their wedge shots. It also provides exceptional grip with grooves.

The Triad is also a great ball for players who like to use a driver. It offers great spin on drivers, but less spin on wedge shots. The low spin makes it good for distance, but not so good for stopping the ball on the green.

Cover thickness

Whether you are looking for a golf ball that can provide you with pinpoint accuracy or a ball that can help you putt more putts, the Wilson Triad golf ball can be a good choice. This golf ball has been designed for players who are looking for soft feel, but don't want to pay for an expensive golf ball. It is also a golf ball that is designed to provide the golfer with a consistent feel, and is able to roll like a single piece golf ball.

It is designed for golfers who want to add spin to their iron shots. Its thin cast urethane cover helps the ball deliver more spin and also allows the golfer to gain control over the ball's flight. It is also designed to grip the surface of the wedge, resulting in improved greenside spin.

The Triad golf ball is designed to give golfers an incredible feeling of control, while still producing great spin. This is because the golf ball features a low compression of 85. It is also a golf ball that has a patented Tri-Balanced construction, which means that the weight of the ball moves from the core to the outer layers. This design helps to increase ball speed and results in a straighter roll.

The Triad golf ball is also designed to increase speed on short approach shots, which will help the golfer to get more spin. The Triad golf ball also features a high MOI design, which means that the ball has a high density throughout. This allows the ball to generate more spin and produce a consistent flight. It is also a golf ball that boasts about its quality control.

The Triad golf ball also has a thin urethane cover, which provides golfers with a great feel. The Triad ball also has a very thin cover that is much thinner than the dimple thickness of the golf ball. This allows the golfer to adjust the spin of the ball more easily, which is essential for players who want to increase their spin.

Spin less

Earlier this year, Wilson Golf announced the release of their new Triad golf ball. It features three innovative technologies, and has been designed to provide players with the highest level of performance in a mid-priced golf ball. These include an ultra-thin cover, a patented tri-balanced construction, and perimeter weighting.

The Triad golf ball has a high-MOI design that helps redistribute weight from the core to the mantle and cover to provide a straighter and more stable ball flight. It also delivers high speed and more control through the ball flight.

The Triad has a urethane cover that weighs less than four grams. This thin cover provides a big boost of spin on mid-short iron shots. The cover is also thinner than the average dimple thickness, which speeds up spin adjustment. The thinner cover also helps to encourage spin on short approaches to the green.

The Triad has a lower spin rate than the Staff Model, but the Triad's higher MOI level provides the ball with a longer and straighter flight. This makes the Triad a potential contender for the best mid-priced golf ball of 2022.

The tri-balanced construction is also designed to help mid-level and reasonable club golfers hit more greens and more fairways. The design should also improve accuracy. This helps produce straighter green rolls and straighter putts.

The Triad golf ball is also more affordable than other Wilson models. A dozen of the Triad will cost PS39, roughly $10 less than a dozen of the Staff Model. This helps the Triad bridge the gap between the Tour-level Staff Model and the softer Duo Soft+.

The Triad golf ball also has a higher level of MOI than the Staff Model, and is manufactured using a patented Tri-Balanced construction. This technology provides a perfect balance between the core, mantle, and cover to produce a ball that provides consistent performance throughout. This should help the ball stay in the air longer, allowing golfers to attack more pins.

The Wilson Triad golf ball is designed for players that are looking to improve quickly. It helps improve ball flight stability, increases speed through the shot, and eliminates heavy spots.


Whether you're a top notch golfer or just a decent golfer, it's crucial to choose the right golf balls. Fortunately, Wilson has a variety of golf balls available. Each ball is made to meet different needs, ranging from low swing speed golfers to bridge players.

Among the golf balls available from Wilson are the Staff Model, the Duo, and the Duo Soft +. All three golf balls are made to help golfers increase distance. The Staff Model ball, in particular, is made to give golfers great performance. It's also built to last.

The Duo is a two-piece ball designed for low swing speed golfers. It has a rubberized core and a super-low compression rating of 29. It's a great ball for high handicap golfers with slow swing speeds. Besides its soft feel, it's also impact resistant. It's also one of the softest premium two-piece balls available. It also has a relatively stopping power on greens.

The Wilson Triad is a three-piece urethane ball that is designed to help golfers hit more fairways and hole more putts. It's aimed at golfers who want to break 80. It has a thin cover for better control and less spin. The ball also has a softer core, which should help golfers have better accuracy and lower spin.

Designed to help golfers score better, the Wilson Staff Triad golf ball is a great option for mid-level golfers. It's priced at £39 a dozen. It's the newest golf ball from Wilson and may be the company's best hope for success.

In fact, the Triad Staff Model golf ball is designed by the best players in the game for the best players. It's also one of the most appealing golf balls on the market. Its design is simple and looks classy. Its soft feel and great price make it an attractive choice for golfers.

While the Wilson Staff Model is a great ball, the Wilson triad R is a great choice as well. Its unpainted cover gives the ball an appealing look, but it can negatively affect performance.