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Eyeline Golf - Target Circles

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Eyeline Golf Metronome Tour Edition

Find your most comfortable tempo, and return to it day after day.

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Eyeline Golf Metronome Tour Edition

According to Dr. Craig Farnsworth, "consistent tempo is the only way to consistent ball striking, whether it is a putt or a drive." Improve your tempo with the lightweight, convenient metronome that we reinvented for golf. The EyeLine Golf Metronome Pro has adjustable volume so you can work on your game without disturbing other players. Your selected tempo is shown on the digital screen.

You have an ideal tempo to your putting, your swing, and even your setup to the ball.

Keeping it exactly the same is the challenge. The Golf Metronome Tour Edition will put you in your perfect tempo every day - regardless of stress, energy, or caffeine.

Use the new Tap feature to find and set YOUR tempo. Adjust the volume or plug in your earphones. Maybe the flashing light will best jive with your senses. Perfect tempo lets you play your best... right now.


Adjustable tempo

Clip design - easy to clip to your shirt or hat.

Stereo earphone jack

"Tap Function" enables you to find your personal tempo to build a consistent stroke (putting only).

Adjustable volume

LED light for visual tempo

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